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MSIT. Master of Science in Information Technology. MSIT - Requirements. Transition Courses IT 5101 Intro to Data Management IT 5102 Intro to Security IT 5201 Intro to Networks IT 5202 Into to Platforms & Operating Systems IT 5301 Introduction to Programming

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Master of Science in Information Technology

Msit requirements l.jpg

MSIT - Requirements

  • Transition Courses

    • IT 5101 Intro to Data Management

    • IT 5102 Intro to Security

    • IT 5201 Intro to Networks

    • IT 5202 Into to Platforms & Operating Systems

    • IT 5301 Introduction to Programming

    • IT 5302 Introduction to Web Programming

Transition courses l.jpg

Transition Courses

  • What are transition courses?

    • These are courses that you may be told you need to take because you don’t have either an undergraduate course in the area, or extensive work experience in the area

  • How do I know I have to take any?

    • During orientation we will let you know which transition courses you’ll be required to take

Transition courses cont l.jpg

Transition Courses Cont.

  • What if I think I don’t have to take a particular course?

    • After being told which transition courses you need to take, you’ll be given the opportunity to let the advisor know of any work experience that you believe may count for waiving a transition course

    • Fill out the “request to waive transition courses” form

    • An exam may be given to assess your knowledge

    • Documentation MUST be provided for work experience

Required courses l.jpg

Required Courses

  • IT 6203 IT Design Studio

  • IT 6423 IT Systems Acquisition and Integration

  • IT 6413 IT Service Delivery

  • IT 6823 Information Security Concepts and Administration

  • IT 7833 IT Policy, Strategy and Governance

Required courses6 l.jpg

Required Courses

  • You need to take all required courses – no exceptions – no waivers

Required electives l.jpg

Required Electives

  • Choose one course from the following:

  • IT 6723 Managing Operating and Network Systems

  • IT 6733 Database Administration

  • IT 6753 Advanced Web Development

  • IT 6873 Information Security Seminar

Electives l.jpg


  • Choose six courses from the following:

  • IT 6103 IT and the Law

  • IT6403 Windows Application Development

  • IT6473 Multimedia Applications

  • IT6553 Business Continuity Risk Assessment

  • IT6563 Business Continuity Planning

More electives l.jpg

More Electives

  • IT6573 Business Continuity Implementation

  • IT6643 Issues in Information Management

  • IT6663 Data Center Management

  • IT6683 Management of IT

  • IT6723 Managing Operating and Network System

More electives10 l.jpg

More Electives

  • IT6733 Database Administration

  • IT6753 Advanced Web Concepts & Applications

  • IT6763 Electronic Commerce

  • IT6833 Wireless Security

  • IT6843 Ethical Hacking

More electives11 l.jpg

More Electives

  • IT6853 Computer Forensics

  • IT6863 Database Security and Auditing

  • IT6873 Information Security Seminar

  • IT6103 IT and the Law

  • IT6903 Special Topics in IT

  • IT7803 Masters Thesis (Taken for at least 6 credits over 2 terms)

Msit faculty l.jpg

MSIT Faculty

  • Dr. Andy Wang, Department Chair

  • Dr. Han Reichgelt, Dean CSE

  • Dr. Becky Rutherfoord, MSIT Coordinator

  • Dr. Svetlana Peltsverger

  • Dr. Rich Halstead-Nussloch

  • Dr. Chi Zhang

  • Prof. Bob Brown

  • Prof. Susan Vandeven

Msit support staff l.jpg

MSIT Support Staff

  • Mrs. Marilee McClure, Administrative Assistant

  • Mrs. Beth Haynie, Academic Advisor

  • Mr. Ray Walker, Lab Manager

  • Mr. Micah Rowland, Lab Supervisor

  • Ms. Paula Stadnicki, Dean’s Administrative Assistant

Msit labs l.jpg


  • Main CSE Lab J263

  • Other CSE labs on 2nd floor of “J”

  • You get a lab account from the main lab each term you are registered

  • Mr. Ray Walker, Lab Manager

  • Mr. Micah Rowland, Assit. Lab Manager

  • There are student jobs available here

Registration l.jpg


  • First – check to see what courses are being offered:


    • Click on Student Services

    • Click on Registration

    • Click on Schedule of Classes

    • Click on correct term

    • Click on Information Technology or other major area for courses (such as CS, SWE)

Registration continued l.jpg

Registration continued

  • As you find a course you want – write down the 4-digit number (course record number) – first number in the list

  • Courses may be two nights, one night (hybrid) or online

  • Now you’ll open another window to actually register:

Registration continued17 l.jpg

Registration continued

  • Log in with your student ID and password

  • Type in your Course record numbers of the courses you want

  • If there is a problem, the system will let you know

    • Closed section

    • Prerequisite problem

  • Make any changes to your schedule

Registration problems l.jpg

Registration Problems

  • You may get a “pre-requisite and test score” error when you try to register

    • This may be caused by not having taken the proper pre-requisite course, or may be an error in the system

    • Contact Dr. Rutherfoord for help in registering for these problems

Additional information l.jpg

Additional Information

  • Graduate Assistantships

    • Look for signs to apply each term

    • This pays tuition (or part of tuition) plus a stipend for the term

  • Student Assistant

    • You can apply to work as a student assistant in our office (J393) or in the lab (J263)

Information continued l.jpg

Information continued

  • Alternate PINs

    • During the first term you will be required to fill out a 2-year plan of study and submit it to the graduate coordinator

    • The 2-year plan template may be found on Dr. Rutherfoord’s website:

    • After filling out the plan, you will be sent an alternate PIN – so you can register for classes for the next term

    • If you don’t submit the plan, you can’t register

Information continued21 l.jpg

Information continued

  • Textbooks

    • Buy your textbooks in the bookstore located in our Student Center, or across the street at the Engineer’s bookstore, or online

    • Check with your professor for the ISBN numbers of textbooks for the classes they are teaching

Mode of delivery l.jpg

Mode of Delivery

  • The MSIT program can be delivered to you in 3 ways:

    • Completely on campus – 2 nights per week for each course

    • Hybrid – 1 night per week for each course plus ½ of the course is online

    • Completely online – all work is done online


Advising l.jpg


  • Dr. Becky Rutherfoord is the coordinator for the MSIT program and thus will be the advisor as well

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Haynie, our full-time advisor may also be able to help you with certain questions

  • Dr. Andy Wang, Dept. chair and Mrs. McClure (Adm Assist) may also help

Questions l.jpg


  • Contact Dr. Rutherfoord

    • Email:

    • Phone: 678+915-7400

    • Room: J363

  • Contact Mrs. Haynie

    • Email:

    • Phone: 678+915-3572

    • Room: J375

Other contacts l.jpg

Other Contacts

  • Dr. Andy Wang, Dept. Chair IT

    • Email:

    • Phone: 678+915-3718

    • Room: J393

  • Mrs. Marilee McClure, Adm. Assistant

    • Email:

    • Phone: 678-915-4292

    • Room: J393

Other contacts26 l.jpg

Other Contacts

  • Dr. Han Reichgelt, Dean CSE

    • Email:

    • Phone: 678-915-7399

    • Room: J330

  • Ms. Paula Stadnicki, Dean’s Secretary

    • Email:

    • Phone: 678+915-5572

    • Room: J330

Website l.jpg


  • Please go to the following websites for additional information



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