technology as the bending stick
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Technology as the Bending Stick

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Technology as the Bending Stick - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology as the Bending Stick. By Justin Elsey. Domestication by Humans. Throughout history, humans have domesticated nearly everything we could get our hands on. Dependency on Technology.

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domestication by humans
Domestication by Humans
  • Throughout history, humans have domesticated nearly everything we could get our hands on.
dependency on technology
Dependency on Technology
  • Technology introduces new ways to find information and view the world, yet unfortunately it numbs the connection with it.
misconceptions of technology
Misconceptions of Technology
  • Forms of technology are not limited to merely electronic devices as often misconstrued today.
the introduction to technology
The Introduction to Technology
  • Technology such as cells phones are being introduced as younger and younger ages.
the grasp of technology
The Grasp of Technology
  • Technology lures us into its grasp with promises of productivity and innovation, yet it is mostly used in unproductive actions.
effects on the environment
Effects on the Environment
  • Dependency on technology is the root of most environmental issues.
transformation from dependent to independent
Transformation from Dependent to Independent
  • We must use our gift of intelligence to use technology appropriately.
causes of dependency
Causes of Dependency
  • Humans have a tendency to take the path of least resistance, Human Behaviour and the Principle of Least Effort: An Introduction to Human Ecology, by George Kingsley Zipf.
the natural laziness
The Natural Laziness
  • Laziness is a natural adaptation by us to conserve as much energy as possible.
taking tech for granted
Taking Tech for Granted
  • Our generation tends to forget about the time where technology we have today did not exist.
  • We should learn how to appreciate the resources we take for granted.
foreseeable future
Foreseeable Future
  • Without changing our mentality, the future could hold circumstances that become increasingly uninhabitable
it s our responsibility
It’s Our Responsibility
  • We only get one world, so we should do our best to preserve it.
technology as tools
Technology as Tools
  • The technology should be used as tools, not the overused walking sticks.
let it be
Let It Be
  • Our species needs to change our mentality of the world and stop domestication at our current exponential rate.
independence is the ultimate goal
Independence is the Ultimate Goal
  • Achieving true independence from all that holds us back will be harder than it seems.
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