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To the victor goes the spoils the presidency of jackson
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“To the victor goes the spoils” The Presidency of Jackson. Sasso US I. Jackson’s Government. The United States is changing pretty rapidly during Jackson’s administration- socially, politically, economically

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“To the victor goes the spoils” The Presidency of Jackson

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To the victor goes the spoils the presidency of jackson

“To the victor goes the spoils”The Presidency of Jackson



Jackson s government

Jackson’s Government

  • The United States is changing pretty rapidly during Jackson’s administration- socially, politically, economically

  • The Spoils System becomes a big part of Jackson’s government- “to the victor goes the spoils”

  • Spoils System- appointing people to government positions on the basis of party loyalty

  • Not a new development, but Jackson is the first president to remove officials and replace them with his own

  • Jackson figures that the president should have more power than anyone else in the government, so he just planned on doing whatever he wanted

  • Also develops his “Kitchen Cabinet” of advisors

Veto power

Veto Power

  • One method of doing whatever he pleased was by exercising his veto power

  • Used more vetoes (12) than the first six presidents COMBINED

  • Many of his vetoes are used on bills proposed by Henry Clay

  • This is one way for Jackson to get back at his political enemies

Veto power1

Veto Power

  • One example would be his veto on the Maysville Road Bill

  • Since Jackson is a nationalist, many felt this would be approved

  • This Bill would extend the Cumberland National Road inside the state of Kentucky

  • Jackson vetoed this because the Constitution does not allow the federal government to spend $ on local transportation

  • Since this improvement would only help Kentucky, the federal government would not pay for it

  • Where is Henry Clay from? Kentucky

  • What does Jackson do next? Approves a bill that will build a new National Road to and through Tennessee

  • Where is Jackson from? Tennessee

Jackson and calhoun

Jackson and Calhoun

  • An unlikely pairing

  • Had a bit of a troubled history together

  • Calhoun had been a nationalist

  • Helped create the American system with Clay

  • However, by the 1820’s, South Carolina is struggling economically

  • Part of it’s struggles come from the high tariffs that Calhoun helped create (Tariff of 1816)

  • A new tax- the Tariff of 1828

  • Many people in South Carolina begin to talk of secession

  • Calhoun starts to think more along sectional lines

The nullification crisis

The Nullification Crisis

  • Calhoun’s political future truly depends on how he can help fix things for SC

  • He is well aware that secession is very dangerous

  • Tariff of 1828 becomes known in the South as the “Tariff of Abominations”

  • Calhoun decides to propose the concept of Nullification

  • Anonymously writes the South Carolina Exposition and Protest

  • Has to keep it anonymous because he is still VP and he knows that this will go against Jackson’s beliefs

  • Not completely his idea- had been developed by TJ and Madison

  • The idea says that states have a final decision on federal law

  • If a state does not agree with a federal law, they can decide to make it null and void in their borders

  • This could potentially lead to the break up of the United States

Tariff of 1832

Tariff of 1832

  • Proposed Tariffs in 1832 will decrease taxes on certain products, but increase them on others

  • Jackson: “Our federal Union it must be preserved”

  • Calhoun: “The Union: Next to our liberties most dear”

  • South Carolina will nullify the tariff

Henry clay to the rescue

Henry Clay to the rescue

  • “Compromise Tariff” of 1833

  • Will reduce taxes over the next several years

  • Should keep both sides happy

  • Jackson will recommend a “force bill” be included in the language

  • SC will accept the tariff, but nullify the Force Bill

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