Ignatius of loyola the jesuits
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Ignatius of Loyola & the Jesuits PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ignatius of Loyola & the Jesuits. Kayla, Grace, and Andrew. What happened?. •Most instrumental reform group in the Counter-Reformation [Jesuits] •Organized by Ignatius of Loyola in 1530 •Ignatius was a courtier and caballero as he grew up

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Ignatius of Loyola & the Jesuits

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Ignatius of Loyola & the Jesuits

Kayla, Grace, and Andrew

What happened?

  • •Most instrumental reform group in the Counter-Reformation [Jesuits]

  • •Organized by Ignatius of Loyola in 1530

  • •Ignatius was a courtier and caballero as he grew up

  • •In 1521 he started to become religious after he was wounded in battle

  • • He was impressed with the saints and their self-sacrifice and ways to get over mental anguish, that he decided to be a soldier of Christ as well

  • •The Spiritual Exercises were religious and moral self-discipline rules that Ignatius came up with while he was recuperating

What happened?

  • Designed to teach one to be able to reach total self-mastery, physically and mentally

  • •Most protestants saw Jesuits going against the church, but the exercises were to teach the catholics to submit to the church

  • •The simplicity of these statements won over many protestants back to Christianity (Austria and Germany)

Ignatius of Loyola

  • 1491-1556

  • Originally a courtier (advised King)

  • 1512- began spiritual pilgrimage when he wounded his legs during a battle with France

  • While recovering he studied Christian classics

  • Became a soldier of Christ because he was inspired by the self-sacrifice of the Chrurch’s saints

  • Believed and made the Spiritual Exercises

  • 1530s-founded the Society of Jesus

The Jesuits

  • They are the members of the Society of Jesus

  • Believed that Protestants were disobedient to church authority and religious innovation

  • Turned to Ignatius’s exercises to teach good Catholics to respect Church authority and spiritual direction

Symbol for the society of Jesus today

How the Jesuits showed weakened religion?

  • The Jesuits helped create new reforms for the church during the counter reformation.

  • Their preaching weakened protestants in southern Germany and the area around it.

  • This shows disunity because the church was falling apart and the Jesuits were trying to rebuild it, by suggesting reforms and stemming the growth of protestants

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