Healthcare Personnel:
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Healthcare Personnel: or Who are all those people? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthcare Personnel: or Who are all those people?. rev 140923 D McMahon. Qualification Standards for Healthcare Workers Certification: Determination that you have met predetermined educational standards and passed an exam. Registration:

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Healthcare Personnel: or Who are all those people?

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Healthcare Personnel:


Who are all those people?

rev 140923 D McMahon

Qualification Standards for Healthcare Workers


Determination that you have met predetermined

educational standards and passed an exam.


Education, observed experience, an exam, and

placement on a state registry.


All of the above, plus permissionto perform

certain functions.

There is a lot of cross-over and ambiguity in these terms

as applied to healthcare professionals.

The Players:


physician (MD, DO)

physician’s assistant (PA)


dentist (DDS, DMD)

dental hygienist (LMD)

dental assistant (CDA)


nurse practitioner (ARNP)

registered nurse (RN)

licensed practical nurse (LPN)

nursing care assistant (CNA)

nursing station clerk

(or other titles)

Occupational Therapy:

occupational therapist (OTR)

occupational therapy ass’t (COTR)

Physical Therapy:

physical therapist (PT)

physical therapy ass’t (PTA)

Respiratory Therapy:

respiratory therapist (RRT) (CRT)

respiratory therapy aide

Materials Management:

central services technician (CRCST)

More Players:

Cardiac Metrics:

cardiologist (MD)

cardiovascular technologist

ECG technician

Health Information:

health information admin (RHIA)

health information tech (RHIT)

medical transcriptionist (MT)

coding specialist (CCS)


surgeon (MD)

surgical physician ass’t (PA)

anesthesiologist (MD)

anesthetist (CRNA)

surgical tech (CST)

anesthesia tech (CerAT)(CerATT)


pharmacist (RPh)

pharmacy technician

Vision Care:

ophthalmologist (MD)

optometrist (OD)


ophthalmic technician

ophthalmic lab technician

Still More Players:


radiologist (MD)

radiologic tech (RT)

ultrasound tech (RDMS, etc)

vascular technologist (RVT)

CAT tech

MRI tech

PET tech

Clinical Laboratory:

pathologist (MD)

medical lab technologist (MT)

laboratory tech

laboratory ass’t

phlebotomist (CPT)

Essential Qualities


Healthcare Workers:

1) Put patient care first.

2) Be dependable.

3) Work well with others.

4) Be flexible.

5) Be willing to continue learning.

6) Be cost-conscious.

Allied Technical Support

in Healthcare Facilities



Info Systems




Interaction of the four major support groups in medical centers

Facilities Engineering -

Concerned with maintaining an efficient and safe physical environment in any healthcare facility.

Typically staffed by a variety of professionals at several skill levels: plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, carpenters, painters, etc.

General systems of responsibility:


> water supply

> steam

> grey water & sewage

> electrical

> fire alarms

> vacuum

> medical gases

Others, depending on setting:

> beds, tables, etc

> O.R. tables

> surgical overhead lights

> large autoclaves

> patient televisions


Many clinical engineering departments assume responsibility for some of these groups, and others.

Certified Healthcare Facility Manager


> Certification administered by AHA and ASHE

> Covers the federal and international standards for safety and efficiency in

maintaining the physical plant of hospitals and clinics

> Includes oversight of maintenance, repairs, improvement projects,

compliance with codes, infection control, and budgetary issues

> Any medium to large facility has a CHFM

Emergency electrical circuits

Fed by the in-house generators when the external power fails.

Feed every third ceiling light and all egress signs, and all service in critical care departments (ED, ICU, OB, OR)

Receptacles and switches are red.

Emergency power must activate

within 10 seconds of a failure of

the power grid.

Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s) are required in “wet locations”

and within 6 feet of any sink.

Testing receptacles - Facilities Engineers or Clinical Engineering ??

Fire alarm and sprinkler systems

Vacuum systems –

Bulk medical gas supply

Cylinder medical gas supply

Information Systems (IS) -

Sometimes called Clinical Information Systems (CIS)

Responsible for the transfer of the administrative, financial and clinical information in a medical center. Includes paper-based information processing as well as desk-tops, laptops, servers, and their interconnection.

Major role in data security and patient privacy.

Also includes archiving of diagnostic images (PACS).

Increasing interaction between IS and Clinical Engineering in the past five years, as patient care equipment is more commonly networked and archived.

HL7 - a nationally and internationally accepted computer protocol that allows healthcare applications to share clinical data with each another.

IEC 80001 - an application of risk management to hospital networks that incorporate medical devices. Deals with the risks of corrupted data and unauthorized access to data in healthcare networks.

Telecommunications -

Responsible for all modes of voice and data communication within the facility: telephones, pagers, cell phones, wireless hands-free pagers, etc.


And finally:

Vendor representatives and contract technical personnel are now commonly credentialed before allowed into the facility.

Typical credentialing agencies:

Vendor Credentialing Service



There are a lot of people on board…

Get to know what they do.

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