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Wild Ennerdale –Seeing Nature in Charge

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Wild Ennerdale –Seeing Nature in Charge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wild Ennerdale is very grateful for the funding and support of English Nature. Wild Ennerdale –Seeing Nature in Charge. Beginnings. NT and FC discussions about working together in 2000 Needed a shared Vision if going to work together

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Wild Ennerdale is very grateful for the funding and support of English Nature

Wild Ennerdale –Seeing Nature in Charge



  • NT and FC discussions about working together in 2000
  • Needed a shared Vision if going to work together
  • Spent 3 years brainstorming with local people and invited guests
  • Wild concept came out of brainstorming and trying to understand the character of the valley.
  • Recognition of Ennerdale Water as important characteristic so invited UU to join
  • Partnership formalised in September 2003 through Memorandum of Agreement
  • Applies to combined UU, FC & NT land ownership - 4300ha

FC Involvement

  • England Forestry Strategy – timber a by product of managing land not sole purpose
  • Champions - Local staff interest and enthusiasm, support & involvement of senior managers
  • Declining Economics of Timber Production
  • Change and development in FC organisational culture
  • Established Forest Design Plan
  • process
  • Positive NT approach
  • and UU enthusiasm


“ To allow the evolution of Ennerdale as a wild valley for the benefit of people relying more on natural processes to shape its landscape and ecology”


The Partnership today

  • NT, UU & FC working together in day to day and longer term plans
  • Partner meetings every 6 to 8 weeks as required to update progress and scope new work
  • Principally 4 People making decisions
  • Project Officer, acts as co-ordinator and first line of contact
  • Funded by partners & English Nature
  • English Nature a big supporter
  • Advisory group of 15-20 experts
  • Liason group,neighbours.
  • community, NGO’s

The Partnership today

  • Partners divide up workload according to individual skills
  • Not actively targeted media, more word of mouth, first press release in 5 yrs yesterday
  • Website prime form of communication
  • Public events and liaison group meetings when something to consult on
  • Specific meetings for specific
  • groups eg farming community,
  • Government agencies
  • Still very much in development
  • No finish date
  • No defined end point

What Next - Stewardship Plan

  • Describing the valley and its special qualities, the partnership and how we propose to allow the valley to develop.
  • About reducing mans impact to a level where natural process are free to shape the future look and feel of the valley.
  • Promoting positive features that contribute to an increasing sense of wildness
  • Removing/reducing negative detracting features.
  • Changing the future path of the valleys landscape will require an initial phase of intervention
  • Principal partnership document
  • Published soon

Sustainability Issues

  • Bridging the Gap – International Conference
  • A great opportunity to spend time thinking about the issues which hinder the development of Wild Ennerdale (WE)
  • June 2006 Workshop
  • Partners Discussion
  • Advisory group discussion
  • Final Paper – 6 Separate Issues
  • Management Scale
  • Nature Conservation
  • Social & Cultural
  • Economic
  • Farming & Forestry
  • Value of Wild Land

Wild Mountain,

Wild Water,

Wild Forest

Wild Ennerdale

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