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Race walking
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RACE WALKING. Race walking is a form of walking which is one of the most difficult Olympic sports. Race walking is about walking fast ... … very fas t. It is a way of walking and also a competitive sport. I t allows you to develop an ability to walk faster than many people run.

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Race walking


Race walking

Race walking is a form of walkingwhich is one of the most difficult Olympicsports.

Race walking

Race walking is about walking fast ...

…very fast.

Race walking

It is a way of walking and also a competitivesport. It allows you to develop an ability to walk faster than many people run.

Race walking

Race walking also helps you understand a very important lesson in life. Life has rules. When you run, you can run as fast as you can and…

…ANY WAY you can. There are no rules. When you race walk, however, you can only walk as fast as you LEGALLY can because there are rules.

Race walking

Race walking has only two rules :

1.You must keep one foot on the ground at all times. Breaking this rule is called "lifting."

2. The leading leg must be straight at the knee when the foot touches the ground. Breakingthisruleiscall "creeping."

Race walking

Judges are positioned around a course to ensure that competitors comply with the rules.If racewalker break the rules , the judge is displaying a yellow paddle.If a walker gets three disqualification cards - each from a different judge, they show the walker a red baton, which is the disqualification sign.

Race walking

Race walkers beside that they cannot keep their knee bent, they also cannot fly if they want to. Observing the two rules, the fastest race walkers cannot go as fast as the fastest runners, and they must find other ways to go fast. The best race walkers usually have natural talent, have good coaches, and train intensely.

Race walking

Robert Korzeniowski– isa Polishracewalker. He specializes in 50km walk. He has won fourgoldmedalsattheSummerOlympics and threeatworldchampionships.

Race walking

A walker should:

  • posture: stand tall but not rigid

  • head: hold head up; use eyes to look down at the road

  • shoulders: keep shoulders relaxed and down…

Race walking

  • knees: straighten knees just before heel contact

  • feet: hold toes up on/after heel contact

  • speed: increase speed by using a quicker steps

Race walking





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