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Culture. Challenge: One uniquely and complete American Cultural Phenomenon . You received a slip of paper as you walked in. It is either a vocabulary word or a definition. Look at it.

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  • Challenge: One uniquely and complete American Cultural Phenomenon

  • You received a slip of paper as you walked in. It is either a vocabulary word or a definition.

  • Look at it.

  • Now find your “match”. ( You may use a textbook, but remember they all must be back on the cart before anyone leaves.)

What is culture?

Culture is the total of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors shared by and passed on by the members of a specific group.

  • Culture involves the following factors:

    • Food/ shelter

    • Religion

    • Relationships to family and others

    • Language

    • Education

    • Security/protection

    • Political and social organization

    • Creative expression

    • What reasons might explain why there are so many different cultures in the United States?

The Elements of Culture


  • The frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes characteristic of a group of people.

This is a common practice in almost the whole of Asia, from modern Japan to Southern India, regardless of what sort of home you go to – a luxurious bungalow or a shack in the slums. Asians remove their shoes at home, to keep the floor clean and as a form of courtesy. They also feel more comfortable without shoes and socks, especially being in the comfort of their own home.

An example of a cultural custom

Another example of a cultural custom. A family in Senegal eats their lunch. A meal in Senegal is often served in a deep enamel bowl, large enough for several people to share. Food is retrieved from the bowl using three fingers of the right hand.


  • A repetitive act performed by an individual

  • What is the difference between a habit and a custom?

Cultural Change & Exchange

What is Innovation?

  • Taking existing technology and resources & creating something new to meet a need.

  • What if a society stopped having innovations?

What If?

What is diffusion?

  • The spread of ideas, inventions, or patterns of behavior.

  • The spread of ideas, inventions, or patterns of behavior.

Examples: TV, internet, rock music, religion

What is cultural diffusion?

When does acculturation happens?

  • When a society accepts or adopts an innovation.

  • When a society changes because it accepts or adopts an innovation.

  • Examples: wearing jeans instead of traditional garments or dancing to rock music in another country.

What is acculturation?

  • Folk culture (traditional) refers to a culture traditionally practiced by a small, homogeneous, rural group living in relative isolation from other groups.

Folk Culture

Analyze why folk culture would be found in geographically isolated places?

The Amish are an example of folk culture in America

  • Popular culture is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images and other phenomena that are preferredby the mainstream of a given culture, especially Western culture . Pop culture is typical of large heterogeneous groups.

Popular Culture

  • Diffusion of popular housing, clothing, & food

    • Popular housing styles

    • Rapid diffusion of clothing styles

    • Popular food customs

  • Television and diffusion of popular culture

    • Diffusion of television

    • Diffusion of the internet

    • Government control of television

Wide Dispersion of Popular Culture

Typically popular culture experience frequent changes, analyze why this is so?

U.S. fast-food chains have diffused to other countries, including China. Corporate logos enable customers to instantly identify the establishment regardless of whether they know the language.

South Bronx, considered the birthplace of hip hop. Hip Hop is an Americanmusical genre in which rhythmic and rhyming speech is chanted to musical accompaniment.

Hip Hop music

World’s most developed countries

English Speaking Countries

Fig. 5-1: English is an official language in 50 countries, including some in which it is not the most widely spoken language. It is also used and understood in many others.

Romance Branch of Indo-European

Fig. 5-8: The Romance branch includes three of the world’s 12 most widely spoken languages (Spanish, French, and Portuguese), as well as a number of smaller languages and dialects.

  • A taboo is a restriction on behavior imposed by social custom


Hog Production & Food Cultures

Fig. 4-6: Annual hog production is influenced by religious taboos against pork consumption in Islam and other religions. The highest production is in China, which is largely Buddhist.

Alcohol Preferences in the U.S.

Fig. 4-12: Per capita consumption of Canadian whiskey (left) and tequila (right) show different source areas and histories of diffusion.

Diffusion of TV1954 - 2003

Fig. 4-14: Television has diffused widely since the 1950s, but some areas still have low numbers of TVs per population.

TV Distribution, 1954

TV Distribution, 1970

TV Distribution, 2003

Liz Lewis:


Fig. 4-15: Internet users per 1000 population. Diffusion of internet service is following the pattern of TV diffusion in the 20th century, but at a much faster rate.

Distribution of Internet Users, 1995 - 2003

Internet Users, 1995 per 1000 population

Internet Users, 2004 per 1000 population

Internet shop, India

Internet Use by Food Seller in China

  • Threats to folk culture

    • Loss of traditional values

    • Foreign media dominance

  • Environmental impacts of popular culture

    • Modifying nature

    • Uniform landscapes

    • Negative environmental impact

Impacts of the Globalization of Popular Culture

  • Choose either an element of culture, innovation, diffusion, or acculturation and relate it to one of the five themes of geography and write this on your “Exit Ticket”. Turn in by the end of the period.

Exit Ticket

  • Regular Geo: Pick example of an elements of culture, written 1-3 sentences defining it and provide a visual, it may be drawn or printed out. Pre AP pick two. This will be due TOMORROW at the beginning of class.


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