Words and meanings
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Words and meanings. Hannah Shih . Welcome to the world of “word and meaning” . Let’s play Monopoly! choose one small magnet. Everyone dice and go forward according to the number. Finish the task in every blank. Generalization and Specialization.

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Words and meanings

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Words and meanings

Words and meanings

Hannah Shih

Welcome to the world of word and meaning

Welcome to the world of “word and meaning”

  • Let’s play Monopoly!

  • choose one small magnet.

  • Everyone dice and go forward according to the number.

  • Finish the task in every blank.

Generalization and specialization

Generalization and Specialization

  • The meaning of some words can be generalized(extended; widened) and can be specialized(restricted; narrowed).



  • Tail – hairy caudal appendage, as of a horse.

  • Mill- a place for making things by the process of grinding.



  • Deer- used to mean simply “animal”

    →Adding something particular “the family Cervidae”

  • Hound- used to mean “dog”

    → Adding the idea of hunting.

Taboo and euphemism

Taboo and Euphemism

  • Euphemism- replacement for taboo terms.

  • Die- pass away; go on a journey.

  • Taboo and euphemism are mostly culture- specific.

Pejoration and amelioration

Pejoration and Amelioration

“A word may go downhill or it may rise in the world.”

Pejoration-The downgrading or depreciation of

a word's meaning, as when a word with a

positive sense develops a negative one.



  • In early Middle English (around 1200), sely (as the word was then spelled) meant 'happy, blissful, blessed, fortunate,' Late 1500s, the word's use declined to its present-day meaning of 'lacking good sense, empty-headed, senseless, foolish.

Words and meanings


"The meaning of nice when it first appeared in Middle English (about 1300) was ‘ foolish, silly, simple; ignorant, senseless, absurd.'"The movement toward amelioration reached its apex in the 1800s with such meanings as 'kind and considerate, friendly.'"

New words

New words



  • http://media.openonline.com.cn/media_file/rm/dongshi2004/yyyyxgl/CHAPTER8/chapter8-5.htm

  • The origins and development of the english language.

  • http://grammar.about.com/od/ab/g/amelioraterm.htm

Key points that i want to express through my expression

Key points that I want to express through my expression.

  • Can express or guest the meaning of the new words.

  • Know what is Generalization and Specialization in words.

  • Know what is Pejoration and Amelioration.

  • Know what is Taboo and Euphemism.

  • Key ideas that I learn from others’ presentation.

Key ideas i learn from others presentations

Key ideas I learn from others’ presentations

  • The powerful word ”OK”

  • The interesting new words

  • The history of the typography(printer)

  • The evolving process of dirty words



  • Actually, I am very interested in the words and meanings, so I want to share with my classmates. I found there are lot of material and information about that. To trigger the classmates’ motive to know new words and word meaning, I decided to use Monopoly to start the presentation. However, it’s pity thay I didn’t set up more rules and more lectures to deliver my ideas clearly.

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