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Megohmmeters 5kv
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Megohmmeters 5kV. C.A 6545 / C.A 6547. SALES PRODUCT INFORMATION Electrical testing and safety Cécile Le Goué. The Experts in insulation at 5kV. Measurements. Functional specifications. Other specifications. A special built-for-the-field design.

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Megohmmeters 5kV

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Megohmmeters 5kv

Megohmmeters 5kV

C.A 6545 / C.A 6547


Electrical testing and safety

Cécile Le Goué

Megohmmeters 5kv

The Experts in insulation at 5kV



Functional specifications

Functional specifications

Other specifications

Other specifications

A special built for the field design

A special built-for-the-field design

Clamps and plugs are perfectly insulated and measurement leads are 3m long.

A 3m guard lead is also supplied for high-insulation measurements.

A tool-bag containing all accessories

A site-adapted hard casing, IP 67 when closed and IP 53 when opened

A studied ergonomic design

A studied ergonomic design

Measurement and function selection by pressing on a push-button

  • Test voltage selection by rotary switch:

  • 4 pre-determined test voltages: 500 V

  • 1000V

  • 2500V

  • 5000V

  • 1 programmable test voltage position: 40 to 5100V in 10V or 100V steps

A giant backlit LCD screen with digital display + bargraph

Megohmmeters 5kv

For an excellent quantitative analysis...

ØINSULATION measurement to 10 TW

ØVOLTAGE measurement to 5100 V

ØCAPACITANCEmeasurement of the tested circuit


and qualitative analysis...

Øautomatic calculation of DAR, PI and DD ratios

ØR(t) graph plotting

Megohmmeters 5kv


Insulation resistance measurement qualifies the degree of insulation in installations or equipment. It also serves as a basis for preventive maintenance.

Insulation measurement is very sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity. While testing, measurement is also initially influenced by unwanted currents.

So, it is best to carry out :

äquantitative measurementof long duration: provided bymode "Time-controlled testing"

and R(t) graph plotting

ä a qualitative analysis with calculation of DAR, PI and DD ratios.

Megohmmeters 5kv


* DAR, PI ?

A qualitative analysis can turn out to be more clever and reliable than a simple quantitative analysis: the calculation of DAR and PI ratios enable the user to ignore climatic conditions and unwanted currents liable to invalidate measurement results.

reminder : DAR = R 1mn / R 30s&PI = R 10mn / R 1mn

* DD ?

This test is especially suited for measurement on heterogeneous and multi-layer insulation, for it can reveal a defective layer among layers with high resistance. We recommend charging the insulator with 500V for 30 minutes.

DD =I1mn(current measured after 1mn (mA))

Test voltage (Volt) x Capacitance measured (Farad)

* R(t) graph plotting :

when a time-controlled test begins, measured insulation samples are automatically memorized. It is possible to follow insulation evolution in function to the test voltage's application duration. Then R(t) graph can then be plotted out either by hand or directly on a PC screen using the MégohmView software.

Megohmmeters 5kv

To order

C.A 6545…………………………………………P01.1397.01

C.A 6547…………………………………………P01.1397.02

delivered complete with tool-bag containing accessories :

- 2 x 3 m safety leads with HV plug and HV crocodile clip


- 1 x 3 m safety guard lead with HV rear pick up plug and HV

crocodile clip (black)

- 1 x 0.35 m rear pick up lead (blue)

- 1 x 2 m mains supply lead

- 1 user's manual in 5 languages code 689 439 A00

- 5 plastic-coated, two-sided condensed user's manual

Megohmmeters 5kv

Accessories & replacement parts

8 m HV blue crocodile clip leadP01.2952.14

8 m HV red crocodile clip leadP01.2952.15 8 m HV black crocodile clip rear pick up leadP01.2952.16

15 m HV blue crocodile clip lead P01.2952.17

15m HV red crocodile clip lead P01.2952.18 15 m HV black crocodile clip rear pick up lead P01.2952.19

PC Software for C.A 6547P01.1019.38A

Serial printerP01.1029.03

Serial-to-parallel adapterP01.1019.41

3 x 3m HV crocodile clip leads (blue / red / guarded black)P01.2952.20

0.35 m rear pick up lead (blue)P01.2952.21


2 m mains supply leadP01.2951.74

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