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GURU KRIPA. JAI GURUDEV SAI NITHYANANDA RAMESHWAR !. Om Sri Sachidananda Sat Guru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai ! Om Baghavan Nithyanand Maharaj ki Jai! Om Kundalini Baba Ramesh Chauhan Maharaj ki Jai!. Om Baghavan Nithyanand Maharaj Ki Jai!. Om Kundalini Baba

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guru kripa





Om Sri Sachidananda Sat Guru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai !

Om Baghavan Nithyanand Maharaj ki Jai!

Om Kundalini Baba Ramesh Chauhan Maharaj ki Jai!


Om Kundalini Baba

Sachidananda Ramesh Chauhan Maharaj Ki Jai!


Humbly and with whole hearted love, we dedicate this work to OUR GURU MAI, the most loving mother on this planet earth, the holy mother of our dearest holy gurudev, who has given the holy birth of such a wonderful holiness. Our kodi pranam to the loving MAI. MAI you are always with in us. We love you always !



Guruji says

"Jai Gurudev Sawmi Nityanandaya Namah

I am not a Baba nor I can be, nor I am a Maharaj. I am just a simple person like you; who loves to do selfless Seva and teaching of divine path to gain happiness in our life. So as a mark of respect you are allow to call me “Guruji”, but please don’t think me “Baba” or  “Maharaj”.

As I retired from my business after departure of my beloved father in 1998, I devoted myself completely towards spirituality which through media of meditation which I use to follow in from my early age of 10. All because of my parents (my father & mother). I was 26 years old when I left (retired). From my running business. My dream was to become business tycoon, but today my dreams is to make all my dikshit student a tycoon, a most successful & humble divine, loving human beings. By the grace of my beloved father Shri B.T. Chauhan and Baba Swami Nityanand, I was having 5 factories and 10 different businesses when I retired from business. But today I run only charity trust. In my trust “SIDD SHAKTI KUNDALINI MEDITATION (Intl)”. I don’t allow donation in my trust. I have 33000 (Thirty three thousand) plus dikshit students and few lacs family follows this path of Kundalini Meditation. I organise free mass healing and is all grace of our Baba Nityananda and my Shirdi Sai Baba.

By his might grace I activated the Kundalini SHAKTI through meditation. I thank all my Gurus & Babas, who I use to do seva from my early age, as I love to do so.“




Oh! My Lord Vigneswar I humbly bow to you! Please be kind enough to bless us to keep this work going. I sincerely offer my prayer to Lord Siva to full fill my mission of my life, I offer my self to my Gurudev’s holy lotus feet and I beg for his mercy to make me fit to complete this humble dream. I bow to Lord Krishna, he was always with my beloved father and now he is with me, with my family and it gives me the courage. Once again I wish to offer flowers and sugar candy to my Ganeshji and then I offer my namaskar to Lord Brahma, the creator of living beings on the earth. Then I offer “shayan pradakshin” to Goddess Mookambika and humbly pray for her to bless me with knowledge and sat- budhi.

Finally I bow to Goddess Earth, she is carrying us by giving shelter, by giving her holy place and I wish to thank her for the same

Now I remember! what a wonderful coincidence! , I completed reading a book on Sad Guru Baghavan Nithyanand , written by Mr.P.V.Ravindran of Kerala. The book was gifted to me two months earlier by the administrator at the Nithaynanda Ashram, Kanchangad, in Kasargod district of Kerala State, while I was lucky to be with my Gurudev during his holy visit at the Baghavan’s ashram.

Today 30th Aug 2006 with the blessing of my Gurudev, I was able to start this work, in fact I am unfit to complete this work, but it is my Gurudev, it is the Divya Shakthi, who is pushing me to execute this writing. In fact after attending last Gurupurnima, my mind was telling me to be at the holy lotus feet of my Gurudev for his blessing to feature “Guru Smaranakal”. I felt it will be a great opportunity for me to have this work, I plead to my holiness to bless this work, so that many devotees can take refuge at the holy feet of my Gurudev. Then I came to Bahrain, one week went, then I wished to start the work on 1st of August and it became tomorrow, then on and on. One month was about to get over and I couldn’t do any progress even in my business and I was totally helpless. The climate was very hot and unable to go out . Yesterday morning I was delighted to receive the blessing SMS message on my mobile from Gurudev and instructing me to call my Holiness.


I tried three times at home and then I failed. Then I reached the office and I prayed to Gurudev, and dialed. Immediately my Holiness answered. He enquired me about the family, the business and other things which he was planning for his children’s in Pune. Holiness gave his amrita vani : you have to be self content with in 5 years, ( after meeting my holiness two years had passed and only three year has left for me, to be self content) . Then you should be with your family in India and have a blissful spiritual life. I was so delighted by his sweet nectar, Gurudev spoke almost 20 minutes. I felt fresh and gained abundance of spiritual energy. I bow to his holy feet and thank him for being kind with me. While sleeping on the night I was feeling peaceful, being at his holy feet.

Today I was restless and I was helpless, was not able to do any thing. I went home, had a bath and prayed to my Gurudev, that I must start writing this “smaranakal” today it self. In fact a business client was supposed to be at the office at 8 pm for a meeting. The client called me around 7.50pm and told me to postpone it for tomorrow. I was so delighted and I decided to give a start of my work by offering my self at the holy feet of my Gurudev.

By praying from the bottom of my heart to at the holy feet of Maharaja Sai Nath, my beloved Baghavan Nithyanand and to my Gurudev Maharaj Rameshji Chauhan, Oh my dearest Gurudev, please be kind enough to bless me, so that I can recollect my sweet and divine memories of my holiness and welcome you all in to his nectar of love, care and protection of divine energy.


chapter 1

I remember it was in Aug 2004, I met Mr.Sushil Kumar Vohra (Vohraji), who was working as a Financial Controller in one company in Bahrain. He is a strong devotee of Baghavan Sathya Sai of Puttaparthi. While I was working in a hotel group, my boss was taken in to Police custody in some bribe case. We tried all the way to get him released, but went in vain. It was Mr. Alex who told me that there is a Guruji coming to Bahrain who may be able to help us to easiness the situation and Vohraji can help to mediate Guruji.

I met Vohraji, and he gave me Guruji’s contact number in Muscat, as he was on a holy visit over there to meet his devotees. I tried to get Guruji on line, but was failed. Finally one devotee gave a number to contact. Then the line was answered, I said I want to talk to Guruji, the answer came I am Guruji, I was shocked, wondered that Guruji answered the phone directly.

I offered my namaskar to Guruji and explained the problem. He told me to scan the photograph of my boss and send by email. Evening when I called again Guruji said, “I am coming to Bahrain and wait for me”. I felt it is like a command to me, as I felt that I know Gurudev long time.

Then the much awaited day arrived. My self and Vohraji offered flowers while welcoming Gurudev at the Airport. He asked me “ Nambiar, did you pray to Shirdi Sai Baba” that you want a living guru? Then he said I am your guru and I came this time here only for you”. I was delighted, my throat was chocked, and tears came to my eyes. I remembered , it was just a month before , once while driving my car I prayed to Sai Nath and talked as if he is listening and sitting next to me . “ dear Sai, you are so busy and you have many children’s to take care, you hardly get times to be with us when ever we call. Why don’t you give a guru, a living form, where I can feel, share and experience and guide me in y life”. This I said in a desperate situation, as it was almost one year since I lost my father and I was feeling sad.

When Guruji gave his sweet nectar, I knew it was Sai who send Guruji to me, he is not only the Guruji, infact he is the blissful form of Maharaja Sai. That time the holiness was staying in Juffair. Every day I used to gather special golden white flowers (francipani ) from the near by area and used to place at his photo in the sitting room where he was staying.


I start feeling an inner attachment with the Holiness. He was looking very young and handsome with blissful form. Holiness used to shower his nectar of love till early morning 3 pm, he never felt tired, and we use to massage his holy feet. There I met Mr.Vinay Pandit (Panditji) and met many other devotees. There I taken my family and first time in my life, I was blessed by the Holiness to perform ‘Padapooja’ along with Vohraji. There were many devotees. As a blessing to all devotees, Gurudev showered Guru Mantra. In the night Gurudev, memorized and shared his divine experience ever since from his child hood to us. It was so touching the heart, Gurudev blessed us by sweet nectar, how he had divine experience with Maharaja Sai and then with Baghavan Nithyanand.

That night I was so delighted, I never felt tired, I came back to my home in Zinj and slept as if placing my head at the holy lotus feet of my beloved Gurudev.

Next day the Holiness expressed his wish to visit around Bahrain! Holiness blessed me to be with him during the visit to Bahrain Saudi Cause Way. On the way once again he showered his mercy to us and visited our house in Zinj. We humbly offered tender coconut and was accepted by the Holiness, my self and my family was so delighted to have Holiness lotus feet in our house. Gurudev, immediately went to "trans, the deep state of meditation", suddenly I also felt like sitting for mediation, which I never even heard about. That was the time I really felt, that the holiness is being kind to me, by blessing me to step in his divine family. My full body was under total vibration as if I am being offered a new divine life; even today I feel that divine touch by the grace of Holiness. Gurudev, said that he will head the mediation at our house it self for the next two days. I was further delighted by the kindness of Gurudev.

Next day myself and my wife, kept the place neat and clean to welcome the divine presence. Gurudev was so kind and he had blessed many devotees by giving a new divine initiation, a new life. The session was started 7pm and it was over only 2pm. But Gurudev was so kind, that he allowed me and Vohraji to be at his lotus feet till 3am. Every day Holiness used to head the conversation and it used to continue till early morning.

Through the divine initiation of kundalini, which is the divine life force energy, the Holiness blessed all devotees by absorbing all their past karmic factors, and advised and highlighted us importance of practicing kundalini mediation.


His nectar was so sweet, “be self content with in next five years and then retire from the life. Life is for enjoyment, health and wealth and prosperity are the birth right of every one. While living on the planet earth, you have to make your own stamp (recognition) on the plant earth, then to attain the ultimate aim of life’ Moksh’. Before attaining Moksh we must satisfy all our desires, and then walk like a free man at the entrance of Moksh”. His nectar like a sword went deep in to my mind & soul, and inner feeling was flashing in me, that I am entering my real life path along with my loving family, thanks to my Holiness.

Next three days I was able to excuse from my hotel job, and was lucky to be at the holy feet of my Gurudev! All days Gurudev’s sweet nectar went on till 2 to 3 am and on our way back my self and Vohraji used to share our delightful experience with the Holiness.

The day came, the departing day for Holiness back to Pune. We all went to the airport. Tears were all in us. As soon as I reached home, my inner was whispering me, the Holiness is not only our Kudalini Guru, he is our Baba, “Kundalinibaba”. Immediately I sent a ‘sms’ (by mobile phone) to Holiness in Pune, that you are not only my Gurudev, you are my Kudalinibaba. After sending ‘sms” a question came to my mind, what I am doing? What will the holiness may feel? What made me to call Gurudev so! Then I was convinced that , Baba Sai only sent the Holiness here, infact the Holiness him self is the baba, so it is perfectly appropriate to call the Holiness as “Kundalinibaba’ .

Today while doing prayer every loving devotee address him so and I felt my life was blessed by the holiness first to address as “Kundalinibaba” . I bow myself at his holy lotus feet, for being kind to me. Jai mere Gurudev, Jai mere Sai, Jai mere Nithyanand! Jai mere Kundalinibaba!




1st January 2005

While doing the Kundalini Dhyan, at the end I felt the presence of Baba Sai, Baghavan Nithyanand and Gurudev, is heading a divine ‘mela’ and blessing me. Then I felt an inner feeling, an inner call, like an instruction from the holiness, prepare the ‘mantra’ and ‘aarathi’ on the holiness.

Next day while on the phone, the holiness said “all you have is mine and I am yours”. I was really moved by his loving nectar, tears came in my eyes. That was so much touching the heart, how kind Gurudev is to us.

3rd January 2005.

Once again I called the Holiness and humbly expressed my desire to prepare the Divine Mantra and Holy Aarathi. I was so much delighted when Gurudev, granted me the green signal. I felt, it is a kind of gift from Gurudev, infact the holiness only prepare us to serve him. We are only an instrument. My humble bow to my Gurudev!

Next week, my son Vinayak was not keeping well. I send a ‘sms’ to the holiness. Gurudev blessed my son with an immediate reply “our boy will become alright, take care “. What a lovely words, my entire family was moved by his sweet nectar and blessing, in hours my son was in total health.

8th January 2005

While sitting at Vohraji’s house, around 12.40mid night, I felt the presence of Baghavan Nithyanand, and an inner feeling, like a message; do baba’s aarathi’. I told Vohraji to perform Baba’ aarathi , we together performed the same. Infact, the inner call was from Gurudev only; truly he only made us to do the aarathi.

10th January 2005

I was blessed by Holiness and was in line with Gurudev for fourteen minutes. Holiness enlightened the concept of “followers and disables “. ‘Disables’ get the fast growth and joins the foundation, where as the ‘followers’ performs dhyan up to two hours daily and then enjoy the life.


13th January 2005

While sitting for mediation I felt the presence of Holiness, I also had a vision, Gurudev\'s holy feet decorated with a bell necklace. The vision was exactly similar to Lord Krishna’s feet. After meditation when I saw the original portrait of Lord Krishna on the wall, my vision was so clear. The Holiness him self is non other than Lord Krishna. What a wonderful vision? I was really moved by the kindness of Gurudev. Love you so much my dearest Gurudev! love you my “Kundalinibaba”, love you my dearest Lord Sri Krishna.

15th January 2005

Once again I was blessed by the holiness; I mentioned that my ‘siddha mala’ was broken. Holiness showered his nectar “each of your hairs are my commitment, not to worry, I am there for you’. What wonderful words, like a thunder it flashed in to my head.

Meanwhile the aarathi on the holiness was being ready, infact he only made me to do so, by being kind to me. I went to the house of a devotee and a well known singer Mr.Gopi and discussed with him, how to compose the aarathi. Next day I went with Mr.Gopi to compose the aarathi, but I felt sad as the day become unsuccessful, as the key board player never turned up. Then the recording was postponed to 18th January.

18th January 2005.

Went for the trial composition. Infact I took Mr.Gopi as if he can give the audition. But when all the frame work started, an inner call felt, as if ‘why don’t you use your voice for audition. I expressed my desire to Mr.Gopi and also to the music troop. They made me to do a trial, finally it went very well. What a wonder, with the grace of Holiness, audition was completed with in less than two hours. Love you mere Gurudev, Jai mere Gurudev!

Next day I had two more vision, one was on Holiness\'s “ holy chair and the flag of the ashram’ as if I was instructed to do it. The chair came in shape with a leaf design for the back rest, and the flag with a golden line and the mantra “aum” in it. But some reason, I was unable to perform both! After some months, I was in Ashram I saw both were placed already. I felt deeply sad, why I didn’t take immediate attention on such a divine vision. I prayed to Gurudev to forgive me for my failure and inability to perform.



19th January 2005

I remember it very well; I had also taken a note in my diary. That was the day I planned for Mumbai from Bahrain After noon Gurudev’s sms came to call him immediately. I called the holiness; he asked me; what time I will reach Mumbai? I said; 2.30 early morning. The holiness gave me instructions to send a message to his cell phone, once I lands in Mumbai airport.

The night, the plane was delayed by 45 minutes and I got in by 11pm. At 11.51 pm the flight started shaking, an unusual turbulence, the crew members who were serving the food was told to rush to their seat by the captain. The captain said it will take another 25 to 30 minutes to clear the turbulence.

All of a sudden I had felt that the plane is going to crash in to two. Some force came in me, all of a sudden I started playing the healing music, and did the “shankumudhra “to get in touch with my Gurudev which was taught by my Holiness to use in emergency situation. In one minutes the plane become normal , every one had a great relax. I immediately remembered the wording of my Gurudev and I was fully aware that Gurudev only blessed to ease the tensed situation. The time I landed in Mumbai I sent the message to Holiness phone. That evening when I reached Holiness ashram in Pune, and when I narrated the incident, the Holiness started laughing. What a wonderful leela, that moment I thought of Lord Krishna, and how the holiness averted the incident, and saves the devotees. Jai mere Gurudev! Jai Bhaghavan Nithyanand!

On the day Guruji came from Pune to Mumbai, there were some people from Far East, and later Gurudev drove us back to Pune. In the evening the holiness instructed me to take the visitors back to Mumbai.

Next day I got up 10am, I went to holiness mother’s residence in Mumbai to offer my ‘namaskar’. From there I felt like going to Ganeshpuri first and then to the holiness ashram in Pune. I tried for some taxis, but just for paying extra 200 rupees, I wasted my time and then decided to visit Ganeshpuri some other time.


Then I decided to go Pune directly. While walking on the street in search of bus, I suddenly felt some one calling from behind. When I looked back, where my eyes went straight, I saw a beautiful portrait of ‘ Shirdi Sai’ glazing at me in one of the street boy’s sell point on the opposite side of the road. I felt it was baba only who called me, otherwise there is no reason for me look back exactly on baba’s beautiful face. Immediately I went and got the photo by paying its value.

Then I reached Pune, as soon as the Holiness gave his darshan, he told me ‘ I want you to visit Ganeshpuri and then come here’. I was brocken, tears came in my eyes. What a fool I am, just for 200 bugs I abandoned my visit to Ganeshpuri. I begged for the mercy and prayed Holiness to pardon me. Holiness said: don’t worry. Then only I felt little comfort.

Then I offered the aarathi cassette at his lotus feet, and prayed for his blessing. The holiness played it twice. He instructed me to add my given name on the label. He said normally I don’t allow any one to make such work. Since you had made with devotion and bhakthi I can’t say no to you. I was so happy as Holiness was deeply moved by its divinity.

January 22, 2005

The Holiness explained about Ramayan & Mahabharat and its holy concept. Gurudev said “we are Shiva; it is love”. The comparison of “Om Shiva” to any one is equivalent to “rode of a transport to get in to the concept of honest and content; winself “.

The Holiness blessed saying that “kundalini sidh margh” is the best in life and after that you don’t need a guru because you will attain Moksh. After that if any reborn is only as pure people like, Bachan, Baghavan Nityanand, Sai Nath Maharaj.

The Holiness said, in sidh margh once you are in then the target is moksh.

When Gurudev’s holy session was over, it was 8.20pm. The holiness was unhappy on the delay in serving lunch in that day. I felt sad, when Gurudev indirectly apologized for that. I was in deep sad thought, as the holiness is alone in the ashram and how much care he blesses on devotees. (Kodi pranam to my loving Gurudev!)

After two days by taking the Holiness blessing I was back to Bahrain



3rd March 2005, Bahrain was blessed by the Holiness lotus feet. The Holiness blessed our residence in Zinj, by being kind to stay in our residence.

Evening the holiness padapooja was conducted at Vohraji’s residence in Manama. During the pooja Gurudev blessed all. Photo was taken on the occasion. When the photo was developed, Baghavan Nithyanandji’s feet were in the frame at the place of Holiness. What a wonderful leela of Holiness and Baghavan Nithyanand . Every one was delighted by the divine presence of holiness. That was the first real revelation to us on divine power our beloved Gurudev.


During the visit, Holiness blessed devotees by giving Shakthipath Diksha and Navagraha Diksha. We all love you Gurudev for your kindness. Next day Holiness blessed Rajagopalji’ house by placing his holy lotus feet. Second day the Holiness blessed Meenaji, being kind to conduct special pooja.

7th March 2005, the holiness blessed Vaidyaji , by being at his residence in Gafool. There Gurudev was very kind and blessed all by teaching us the method on ‘how to reduce the weights’. Evening the Holiness was very busy; still he was kind to us, by blessing my car. He prepared special yanthra to make the carriage “sidha”. Once any carriage blessed by Gurudev as sidha it is free from all kind of accidents.

Before his departure to UAE, the Holiness gave permission to do the padapooja; it was really a loving and divine moments. First his lotus feet were washed in pure water. Then milk, sugar, curd, honey and gee was applied on his holy feet. Once this process was over his feet was shampooed by sandal paste and then kukum was applied. Then flowers were offered at his lotus feet 108 times by chanting the mantra “Om Kundalini Babae Namah!” Finally the aarathi was performed & offered to the holiness. The Holiness blessed all by lifting his both hands. We all felt at the time the Holiness was really looking like the incarnation of lord.

Time came, all hearts was sad, while Gurudev was in to the airport. He smiled to all, it was a loving moments, and the smile was same as how Lord Krishna used to smile at his devotees. The holiness kept on smiling. Tears came to all of our eyes. The Holiness left, by leaving sweet divine memories in all of our heart. Love you our Gurudev. Jai Gurudev. Jai Baghavan Nithyanand!

21st morning every one was delighted, as we got a message from the holiness, as he will be back in Bahrain just for a day. We all went to airport to welcome the Holiness. There I met an old friend Mr.Tariq a Bahraini national, he allowed me with Vohraji, to enter inside the airport, near the customs area. We were there with beautiful roses to welcome the divine Holiness. After his arrival we were lucky to offer traditional welcome once again in our residence in Zinj. Gurudev was very happy to see the new “shiva lingh “ in the altar. He took “ma mookambika statue and lakshmi photo and activated with special pooja. Evening the holiness visited the office and headed special mediation. By 8.30 the holiness departed for Pune, once again he blessed us by giving an opportunity to being at his holy lotus feet.


23rd March 2005. Some changes were made on aarathi on holiness as instructed by Holiness, the new mantra “Om Namo Sidhaguru Rameshwarae Namaha ! was added as per the instruction from the holiness. I was so delighted as the work was blessed by the holiness by his divine touch. Love you so much our dearest Gurudev!

05th April 2005. Was blessed my Gurudev. I informed the holiness that my body is feeling hot. The holiness said, because ‘Guruji is hot every one close will feel the same. I was really moved by his divine words. The holiness was really in a loving mood. He was very kind by blessing all.

Evening while doing mediation a vision came “ to prepare Silver Paduka’ for Holiness. That moment I experienced the same feeling, when one devotee of Shirdi Sai had, when he had the same vision. I felt the Holiness is none nother than Baba Sai.

14th April 2005, it was “vishu’ a celebration for Keralites for the new year. I sent one message to the Holiness. Reply came immediately “fly with love “. What a wonderful movements, it was so much loving& touching the heart. Love you our dear holiness.




Gurupurnima Visit- July 2005

July 2005, it was really a remarkable month in my life. I had heard from books only on the importance of Gurupurnima and how it used to get celebrated. With baba’s blessing I was able to read Sai Sat Charithra many times, and one of the chapters was high lightened with the details of Gurupurnima celebrations that was held in Shirdi at the divine presence of Shirdi Sai.

Myself and Vohraji, reached ashram three days before the celebration. We were very much happy to see the Holiness sitting in the hall of his ashram. We bowed our self at his holy lotus feet. Next day we were so delighted, as the Holiness was very kind and blessed us by taking us to Shirdi, there we stayed over night. The DGP of Nasik is a close devotee of Gurudev, and he arranged special pass for us. It was really wonderful experience to see the Holiness with Baba Sai. I was lucky and I prayed to Baba Sai, for tiding me at the Holiness lotus feet. There the Holiness sat for mediation in the “dhwaraka mai” and later on by 10am we started back to Pune.

On the early Gurupurnima day, the Holiness once again blessed us and he drove us to Ganeshpuri. We reached around 2am at Ganeshpuri and we were in Baba’s Temple by 3.30am. With the grace of Baba , we were in front. There the Holiness told me not to take any photograph.

But unfortunately the ‘dur budhi’ got in to my mind, I was sitting in front, facing Baba’s loving moorthi. I took my video and started shooting the event by knowing it was not permitted. In minutes the trustees of the ashram came and caught me. They told me to be out from the hall, however they kept me on the side entrance of hall instead of taking me outside. They took the film role and destroyed. I realized my mistake and took that punishment as baba’s blessing. I stood almost 10 minutes and later they allowed me to sit there.

Holiness did the abhisheka of Baghavan Nithyanand with tender coconut, Vohraji also was allowed to do the same, but I was denied since I committed the mistake there. Gurudev was still loving, he smiled and said come for the abhishek but the trustee still didn’t allowed me. Later I took the parikrama of Baghavan, and placed my head under his feet and I begged for his pardon.


The Holiness was next to me and he told me it is all baba’s wish. I also prayed to Gurudev to pardon me for my mistakes. After the darshan Gurudev had his breakfast and he blessed me by allowing me to host the feast for all devotees who had accompanied the Holiness. On the way back the tire of the car was punctured. After repairing it we were back to Pune ashram by 1pm

Gurupurnima Celebrations at the Ashram

The celebrations at ashram started around 6pm. Holiness god ready with shining silk saree and shall. He was sitting on the sofa before leaving for the holy blessing. Glow was coming from his face; all of a sudden I felt the presence of Baba, Baghavan Nithyanand in place of Holiness. The Holiness was really appearing as incarnation of god with his blissful form.

Holiness along with his loving Gurumai sat on the specially prepared stage. Bhajan was on full swing on the back ground with people swinging and dancing along with bhajans on Gurudev


While bhajan was going on, he blessed some devotees to perform the holy pada pooja. Vohraji and myself started the padapooja, some close devotees also was allowed to perform the padapooja. After the padapooja, with the grace of Gurudev, with his kindness, I was blessed to perform aarathi at his lotus feet.

After the aarathi, the Holiness started his blessing speech, rain started coming, the roof of the temporary hall was not water proofed. When the water started falling on devotees, he was kind to all and told every one to close the eyes. In seconds the rain was stopped. The same was repeated for a second time and again the holiness was kind to us by stopping the same. Gurudev started the speech, once again the rain started like showering flowers. But it became so heavy, all devotees were in water. The Holiness said, this time I will stop, but it is against the nature. Since it was for a good cause, for the devotees, he made every one to close their eyes. What a wonder, in seconds, the heavy down pour was stopped in that area. Every one was so excited, what a wonderful leela of Gurudev! Our loving holiness, we all love you so much, you are extremely kindness to us. Jai Gurudev! Jai Kundalini Baba.

The Holiness headed the mass healing – the divine kundalini dhyan for thirty minutes and then he continued his divine holy speech.

After the speech the Holiness blessed thousands of devotees who came to take refuge at his holy lotus feet. Devotees were there to share their happiness, sorrows, difficulties. The holiness was so kind by taking special care by attending each devotee personally and blessing all with sweets.

The event lasted for another two hours as there were so many devotees in long line to see their loving Gurudev, close to them.

Once the stage program was over, the Holiness was very kind, a big “Bandar “ was arranged for all devotees as a prasadam, a lovely sweet dinner to all ; thanks to Gurudev!




Next day of Gurupurnima, we were in ashram and on the second day we drove to Mumbai and from there we boarded a plain to Mangalore as we were on our way to the famous Devi Temple “Kollur Mookambika”, located 140km from Mangalore on the coastal side, 32km from the Bynthur highway junction.

In Mangalore our vehicle was ready and Gurudev was in front seat. On the way it was raining all of a sudden. Gurudev said these rain drops are showers from Maa Mookambika . We reached Kollur around 7.30pm and by 8 we were in temple. Gurudev was welcomed by the main trustee. It was a lovely darshan of Maa Mookambika.

After the darashan “ the holiness was given a darshan in the “ Shankaracharya peed”. The peed used to be a divine place where Gurudev Adi Shankaracharya used to do the divine dhyan. Before sitting for divine dhyan, Gurudev placed his “beautiful moorthi of Lord Ganeshji on the peed, the moment he kept it on the peed the moorthi got jumped, approximately 8 inches. It was a total astonishment to all of us who were present in side the hut. Later Gurudev smiled to us and said “it is an acknowledgement from the Holy Shankaracharya”. What a lovely and proud statement from Gurudev.

Next day morning Gurudev was in the sree kovil to have the darshan of Maa Mookambika. There he was given special welcome by the chief priest. Later Gurudev joined the Ganapathi Havan. After the dhyan again at the Shankara peed , along with the Holiness we proceeded to Kanchangad where Baghavan Nithyanand used to there during his early days.

On the way holiness expressed his desire to visit Uuppi , where he had darshan of Lord Krishna of Uduppi.

In the evening we reached the Baghavan’s ashram at Kanchangad, there the holiness attended the aarathi of Baghavan. Then the Holiness headed a mass healing where several devotees of Baghavan from the near area were attended. Holiness was very keen to spend the night in Baba’s ashram. . Next day morning Gurudev visited Guruvan, a place deep inside the forest in Nileswar where Baba Nithyanand used to perform deep mediation. Holiness took a bath in holy divine water flow which was flowing high from the hill.


From there the Holiness accompanied by this dasan and Vohraji proceeded to Kannur. There with the blessing of Holiness I had arranged a mass healing at the famous Chovva Shiva Temple, 1 km near to our house. We reached our residence by 5pm and by 6pm we reached the temple.

At the temple holiness was given warm welcome with poorna kumbha, children carrying the holy plate with flowers and oil lamp, special musical instrument was played by the traditional music troop. The fireworks had added its own charming to the holy welcome.

The holiness started the mass healing with the divine mantra of Baghavan Nithyanand”

Nithyanandam Brammanandam

Brahmaswaroopam Neelavarnam

Triloka Ghayane Sadgurudevam

Om Namo Nithyanandam!

The mantra stated above is the powerful mantra of Baghavan Nithyanand and where ever it’s played with devotion and bhakthi, will bring the positive energy with diving presence of Baghavan Nithyanand.

Then the holiness gave memorable speech, I was blessed by holiness by granting permission to act as a translator. Where I stands, I am only a servant at his holy lotus feet and every thing happens only as per the wish of holiness. Jai mere Gurudev! After the speech Holiness headed the divine dhyan and the mass healing.


After the divine dhayan many devotees rushed to take the darshan of Gurudev and his blessings. There was one lady in her early 50’s prayed to Gurudev and she said, she was trying to get her kundalini activated for the past many years, but failed. The holiness was so kind at that time because of her deep devotion and blessed her by placing his holy palm on her head. I felt a current wave passing through the holiness hand and entering the devotee. What a wonderful mercy by the holiness to that devotee. I felt like there might be some past connections!

That night the holiness blessed our residence in Chovva my taking rest in our hut. Our house was not so big and not arranged well as only my mother, grand mother and sister was staying. Still the holiness was kind to us. In the morning we were blessed to do a small padapooja. We offered traditional breakfast to the loving Holiness . The holiness said he loved the food. While he was leaving every one was in tears! Jai Mere Gurudev!

Holiness blessing the mother of this author. Kerala




January 9, 2006

By the grace of holiness it was a great day for devotees in Bahrain! It was Monday and the Holiness arrived morning 9am. Normally the Holiness used to bless this dasan by placing his lotus feet, at our residence in Zinj where the centre is functioning. But this time the Holiness refused to stay and he insisted that he will stay outside. Earlier I used to get sad because of this, but later I realized that the Holiness must have his own reason and I am only instrument who acts as per his wish and I was convinced with the same reason.

Every one welcomed Holiness. This time Holiness stayed in Juffair; a strong devotee of Holiness, Mr.Vinayak Pandit arranged the accommodation and the needful. After Gurudev’s arrival, the sacred padapooja was performed followed by aarathi.

After the aarathi, the holiness highlighted the importance of 2006, he said year 2006 will be tough for every one, but 99.9% chances are there for dikshit’s to over come. Miracle also will be there in 2006.

Now I remember, before Gurudev’s arrival I had an inner feeling that the Holiness will be arriving this time in Lord Krishna form. The moment I saw Holiness entering the hall I was shocked and my throat was chocked, as the Holiness was in the blissful form of Lord Krishna only. He was having long curly hairs and smile purely reminding of Lord Krishna.

Once the aarathi was over, every one left, only this Dasan and Vohraji was along with Holiness. The Holiness emphasized on “Krishna Bakthi” and at that time the Holiness was glowing like Lord Krishna. The Holiness said Krishna Bakthi, it is just you and me and what reason I came. I felt the presence of Lord Krishna & Radha . Holiness also told about Ram!

January 13, 2006

It was a Friday. Morning the Holiness blessed Chinmaya Centre at Manama. There he gave a wonderful speech before starting the mediation. There also he was focused on Lord Krishna. While doing mediation he made lot of devotees to experience Lord Krishna in their heart. All devotees were very delightful and they thanked Holiness for placing his lotus feet at the centre.


January 15, 2006

Holiness was so kind to bless the devotees with Ganesh Kriya and Para Shivalingh Kriya

Ganesh Kriya is a wonderful sidha kriya to remove the obstacles in life and also to clear pithrudosh. It was a great experience for devotees who had not done their kriya for ancestors. It was a total change for all who had taken this diskha from Holiness by his grace. Love u so much Gurudev for blessing your children. Jai Gurudev!

Next day the holiness headed for Dubai.




Preparation of Holy Paduka

Once the Holiness left I was on my usual mediation. I had an inner feeling at this time to prepare the “paduka” for Holiness and to get it blessed by the Holiness during Gurupurnima. I didn’t discuss this with any one till the last moment. I prayed the Holiness to bless this dasan for fulfilling my wish, my dream.

Before I had red in Sai Charithra how, baba’s paduka was arranged and placed under the "neem tree". Similarly I had a clear vision how to install the paduka.

Close to Gurupurnima, when I was blessed by the Holiness on the phone, I mentioned to the Holiness that I am having a wish and prayed for his blessing. He was so kind and blessed me for the same.

Initially my wish was to prepare the paduka in gold, but I was unfit or rather my Gurudev doesn’t want me to spend, I took a decision to make it in silver and its stem toped in gold.

Then I started doing the arrangements for paduka. Soon I was lucky to meet a carpenter whose profession was to do traditional wood work of temples and religious centre.

I met the carpenter gave the order; luckily I was having a measurement of Holiness feet. This was taken casually with curiosity as once I was just holding his wooden paduka at the Holiness ashram, in Pune. I gave the drawing and got ready the wooden structure in two weeks.

Then I kept it in altar and performed special pooja and shampooed with special athar “the essence saturated from flowers”.

Sharadbhai a close devotee of Holiness was also helpful to get the paduka prepared. He helped to find a silver smith. I explained my idea to the smith. He was little confused as how to do the golden toping of the stem on the silver base. That was solved by suggesting to use a golden spring wire and to the rotation on the stem. That was accepted and paduka was ready in a week.

The paduka I brought home and did some special pooja and placed inside the altar and to carry while traveling to Pune for Gurupurnima.



Gurupurnima Celebrations 2006

By the grace of Holiness we were well blessed to reach the ashram early this time for the Gurupurnima celebrations.

The day of Gurupurnima, the much awaited day of happiness and celebration, the sky was quite shining and the ashram and the area was quite calm.

The holiness gave darshan by 5am as he came out. Gurudev went to the Hanuman Temple. There he taught us how to do seva ‘by cleaning the mandir and the front area by him self. Vohraji and all others were along with Gurudev.

I was unable to attend the event, as I was performing paduka pooja at the ashram as previous night I was blessed with Gurudev’s permission to carry out the pooja. I performed the pooja with the mantra of “Om Kundalinibabae Namaha! for 10008 times.


At 6.30 Holiness and Gurumai was at the ashram hall to carry out Maha Abishekh and guru pooja on Baghavan Nithyanand. The abishekh was done with ganga water and pure cow milk.. Abhishekha with the milk was carried out by Gurudev and Gurumai

Then the abhishekh on Baghavan Nithyananda’s beautiful statue was carried out by Gurudev. The Holiness blessed us by allowing us to take part in the abhishekh. Baghavan was offered new shall and after the abishekh, Baghavan face was glowing. Then the wonderful and memorable aarathi was performed by Holiness.

The main event of the Gurupurnima started at 11.30am. Gurudev dressed in Sandal colour traditional saree along with blessed mother came to the hall down stairs. There they had offered prayer to all the divine mahatma’s and goddesses. From there holiness proceeded to the specially made stage where thousands of devotees where eagerly waiting to have a close look on Holiness. Holiness waved hands to all with a smiling blessed face.

As soon as the Holiness arrived Vohraji started the arrangements for the special pooja. Padapooja program started and it continued for more than 3 hours. Devotees were in long line to perform the holy padapooja. It is the intense faith of each devotee , that ones they performs the most auspicious padapooja, their sins will get washed away and their all family will be blessed with good health, wealth and prosperity for life long. After pada pooja, once we drink the holy theerth, the theerth it self is a divine medicine which cures all our diseases, for the real devotees it’s like rain to the chatak bird.

After the padapooja before performing the aarathi of holiness , Holiness was ready to perform the aarathi of Baghavan Nithyanand. It was always a great lesson and we have to learn a lot more from this act of Holiness. Before any action that we do , we should whole heartedly do our offering to our guru first. For our beloved Holiness, his Gurudev, Baghavan Nithyanand was always first, and he offer all what he has to his beloved Gurudev. He never takes any credit. He leaves all at the holy feet of Baghavan Nithyanand. Similarly before what ever we do, we should remember our beloved Holiness, we should offer the same at their holy lotus feet. Once we prove that we are nothing, we are part of our beloved holiness, we are only instrumental then our life aim will get fulfilled, because in such cases our beloved Holiness will do the planning of each and every moment of our life. Infact he start residing with in us.


Gurumai headed the aarathi of Baghavan Nithyanand , once the aarathi was performed Holiness was kind to allow the devotees to continue their pooja. Holiness lotus feet was completely shampooed in fresh sandal paste and then beautifully decorated with kukum. Then his feet were placed on the holy divine paduka. The silver paduka topped with pure gold was glowing in presence of holy lotus feet of our beloved Holiness. I, whole heartedly remember that it was same lotus feet of Sai that I red in Sai Charithra, it was the same lotus feet our beloved Baghavan Nithyanand . It was the most wonderful moment of devotees to see the lotus feet of Holiness in that blessed paduka. Flowers were offered at the lotus feet of Gurudev with mantras on the back ground. Vohraji offered a beautiful garland to Holiness . Vohraji always use to take the most loving care of Holiness with special sweets to offer holiness as a part of guru pooja. After the pooja, I was once again blessed to perform the aarathi of my beloved Holiness. When ever I perform this aarathi, it always comes in mind: am I fit for this work. Then I always use to thank Holiness for blessing this humble dasan for such divine act.

After the aarathi Holiness headed the divine dhyan and the holy blessing speech. It lasted for one hour. It is always memorable that the Holiness preaches very little, but that was the most, utmost cream of sweet nectar, that a humble devotee can easily drink and get merged with in themselves. Holiness always used very less words. But each word used to like a sword, I remember one time when Holiness said in traditional Hindi “ Batho bahut halke se kah rahi hum, lekin ise me gaharaee bahut he”. It means “words are said very easily and in simple words, but its meaning and purpose are very deep in side and for its own purpose”. The devotees who absorb these most precious jewels will surely get unlimited benefits and they can have a new life direction for the future. This today I am being experienced with the grace of my beloved Holiness and I am so happy and proud and utmost humbly sharing with the new loving devotees.

Once the holy vachan and dhyan was over Holiness started blessing devotees individually. Once again the devotees where in long line to get the blessing from Holiness. Some were offering garlands and some flowers. Some of the garland Holiness used to give some other devotees. Some devotees brought coconut to get is blessed by Gurudev. Some of the devotees were in hurry to talk to holiness about their problem. Most of the problems holiness used to solve immediately. To some he gave some solutions how to get solved.


When holiness used to sit for long for the blessings of his loving devotees, I always used to think, how much pain and difficulties he takes, how much sacrifice he do. In all I felt my Holiness always used to enjoy with love and happily. What lucky we are to have such a wonderful Holiness as our beloved Holiness . We must thank our ancestors, out father and mother, the creator, the nature for blessing each one of us to have a wonderful and modern Gurudev. Jai Gurudev!

After the entire program all devotees were offered “bhandar”. Traditional feast in leaf . All devotees used to always enjoy the feast, the feast itself is a blessings from Gurudev. The devotee who gulps it happily always used to remember Holiness and their Holiness and used to thank all.

September 23, 2006

Gurukripa : Today one more miracle happened. It was so unbelievable. I was on a mobile phone call while I was driving my 4-wheel. My attention was fully on the phone and I forgot that I am holding the steering by the other hand. I was crossing the signal; while at the crossing I realized that the signal is red I couldn’t either stop there. All of a sudden I had a shocking feel that the vehicles on all other three directions are in a stranding mode for a moment, it was a kind of experience, for eg. If the earth stops rotating for a moment, if the movement in our surroundings stops for seconds, it was complete ‘still’ all around. The moment I crossed every thing was alright and keep moving! It really touched my heart; it was only my loving Gurudev, who had taken me across the signal, across the bridge between death and life. Love you so much my dear Gurudev ! Love you so much !




Preparation of Holy Crown and Divine Throne – Gurupurnima Celebrations 2007

2007 celebrations were always extremely memorable and was a total glory as it resembled to the celebrations in Shirdi and Ganeshpuri. By the grace of Baghavan Nithyanand and Sai Nath Maharaj and with the blessings of our beloved Holiness, the celebrations were well organized.

On every celebration there is always one close devotee of Holiness, who used to stand all alone and being a back born do the arrangements. Surely it is with blessings of Holiness , and his kindness a devotee get such rare opportunity. She is Ms.Sheethal (Sheethalji) who used put up all her efforts and to do the arrangements in a well organized manner. Once the preparations are ready and when the celebration is on, she used to stand aside, as if she had not done any thing. That humbleness always used to amaze us. It is always Holiness who makes the devotees to do such style and I strongly believe every moment of celebrations has a lot more to highlight and I am sure divine souls who may blessed to read this small works can drink, lot of nectar of love and bhakthi on our beloved Holiness and Baghavan Nithyanand

This time it was Vohraji, who was blessed by Holiness to prepare the Throne made in Silver. Vohraji lovingly and humbly indicated his wish to Holiness and Gurudev gladly accepted it. I helped Vohraji to prepare the Throne to get it specially prepared in Jodhpur . . Vohraji gave me the opportunity to select the design. By praying to the Holiness I communicated with Silver crafts Company owned by Mr.Ravi Agarwal, who is a Sai Devotee. Even though it was a paid service, I strongly believe that he had added his whole hearted faith and art in preparing the Throne. With out the blessings of Holy Gurudev, none of the work gets completed with perfection.

Even though the Gurupurnima was on 29th July the Throne reached well ahead on 15th July. Holiness also blessed us as he awaited Vohraji and this dasan to open the parcel to share those happy moments. What a splendid love the holiness shared with us.


Meanwhile by the grace of Holiness I had a taken a vow to get blessed in preparing a Holy Crown of our loving Holiness to humbly place during Gurupurnima Day. Till one month before the preparation I was worried due to sudden financial difficulties. I was totally puzzled. However I was thrilled and confident that the holy job will go well off by the grace of Holiness as he had already blessed this humble attempt. Finally the divine Crown was ready in Bahrain itself. The blessed Crown was prepared at the Gold Work Shop of Hirabhai who is also close devotee of Holiness. I had featured the design to him and he added his taste and finally the most spectacular design has come out.

Other Preparations

When the arrangements for the Throne and Crown were undergoing, Vohraji set an idea if installing a Silver Umbrella on the Throne during the Gurupurnima Day. I had started working on it I assured Vohraji the umbrella will be arranged as per his wish from Kerala itself. That time I was remembering the typical divine umbrellas which are widely being used during Temple Festivals.


While arranging for the Umbrella and an intuition occurred in mind and that was only due to blessings of our beloved Holiness. It was to prepare a Traditional flag with Silver Thrishul in it. By the blessing of the Holiness two flag got prepared in Bahrain with a wonderful design and that too locally from the Country where they follow different traditions and culture.

By humbly bowing at the holy lotus feet my Gurudev: I suggested Vohraji to use a different material while carrying out the holy padapooja during Gurupurnima Celebrations. Past couple of years we felt very sad, as the holy padapooja used to last three house, and through out the pooja, Holiness lotus feet used to immense in the holy theerth, Holiness was so kind and his feet was always in the theerth and as he only stand for his loving children.

We had come out with a conclusion to use a large vessel and to use a “Peed” inside . A specially designed plate will be placed on top of the “Peed” and with this humble attempt the Holiness lotus feet will not immense in the holy theerth. We got greatly relived with this humble blessing .

One thing I always love to narrate here : If a devotee wishes any thing with a true heart to place at the holy lotus feet of the Holiness, it always comes out with a finest creativity . The cost of those beautiful and divine materials always used to come lower than what we expect initially. This blissful thing happens always with a true devotee with a true love and devotion with their Holiness. Infact such works are always known to Holiness even with out any verbal or written communication. At that occasion the Holiness blesses his children by working internally with them. He help those devotees by blessing them as those works comes out as per their dream and with out getting in to any difficulties or burden. “ Victory to our holiness ! Victory to his loving children ( as holiness always live in their children )




Kerala – Karnadaka – Holy Visit – July 2007

Past two years close to Gurupurnima Celebrations holiness used to Visit Mookambila Temple, Kollur & Nithyanand Baghavan’s ashram in Kanchangad and a short visit to Kannur.

This time the program was not confirmed by Holiness due to a very busy schedule . I was feeling little sad as it used to be a great opportunity to be along the Holiness during his holy trip. Finally with the request of Vohraji Holiness agreed the visit and it was set on 24 to 27 of July and to be back in Pune just one day before the Gurupurnima (29th July 2007)

With the permission of Holiness I reached Kerala on 04th July . I had done the arrangement to welcome Holiness on 24th at the Mangalore Airport. Meanwhile with the blessing of Holiness I was quite lucky to arrange a Silver Umbrella from our home town in Kannur. The umbrella was well matching to the Silver Throne and perfectly designed as we dreamt earlier.

On 24th July holiness left from Mumbai to Mangalore . Vohraji was blessed to join Holiness as he reached from Bahrain during the early morning flight. This time, last moment I was allowed and was able to reach inside the airport custom area and I was so delighted to see and welcome Holiness inside the airport.. The flight landed at 02.05pm instead of the scheduled time of 01.10pm. I had offered beautiful garland to Holiness and a beautiful rose. Then we had proceeded to Mookambika, on the way we had a stop over for refreshments. By 6pm we had reached the Temple Guest House in Kollur.

By 7pm we were at the temple, for the “Deeparathana” . Holiness was at the Sree Kovil of Deity Maa Mookambika. The temple priest welcomed Holiness traditionally, a beautiful garland which was initially placed on Maa Mookamika was placed around the Gurudev’s neck. At the temple holiness spend around 1 hour and then the holiness was welcomed at the Divine Shankaracharya Peed. Holiness performed divine dhyan inside the “Peed”. After the divine dhyan, Temple Administrator had offered feast to Holiness on behalf of the temple. We were blessed by Holiness to take part in that feast.


Next day morning we were at the holy Sree Kovil of Maa Mookambika at 5.30 am to have their divine darshan . Holiness was offered the first darashan of Maa and Holiness performed special prayers for his sweet children across the world. Holiness spend around 1 hour at the Sree Kovil of Maa Mokambika . By 6 .30 Holiness entered the Peed of Sree Shankaracharya once again. Gurudev placed his assan just front of the beautiful divine statue of Sree Shankaracharya, Vorhaji and this humble dasan was blessed and lucky to be close with the Holiness. Holiness dhyan lasted more than one hour. By the grace of Holiness we also enjoyed the divine dhyan. I felt that we are swimming in the vast knowledge of Sree Shankaracharya and he is pouring knowledge to us along with the blessings of our Holiness. One thing I would like to underline, when ever any children blessed to perform the divine dhyan in presence of Holiness, the dhyan is always is many folds powerful than our regular one. So we should never loose such opportunity . In my mind I expressed my sincere thanks and gratitude to my Holiness for such blessing us with such wonder opportunity.

By 8.30 we were back to our Guest House , after an hour of refreshment Vohraji made a proposal of visiting the Holy Murudeswar Temple approximately 60 kilometer from Kollur. Holiness gave the green signal and we proceeded to Murudeswar.


Holiness was pleased to see the charming beauty of Murudeswar , the small island falling in to sea. On the entrance of the temple there is a rectangular pyramid shape dome which shows one of the greatest architectural skills of Hinduism. Behind the dome features one of the tallest ever built moorthi of Lord Siva in the world. The bluish black in color moorthi will spark extreme love with in your quenching heart for Lord Siva. Any one who is visiting the premise will see many real look a like ‘yogis’ who performs dhyan next to Lord Shiva

After having refreshment by the grace of holiness we proceeded to Nithyanand Baghavan’s Ashram in Kanchangad, North Kerala . There the ashrams administrator Mr.Krishnan and others received Holiness.

By the grace of Holiness, I wish to mention two lines about Mr.Krishnan, he is in his late sixties, a retired teacher, used to take care of the ashram . He also takes special care of Holiness, while Holiness spends his time in Baghavan’s ashram. Some time I feel it may be Baghavan their self directed Mr.Krishan for such traditional service.

Holiness first performed dhyan at Janardhana Swamiji\'s Samadhi Mandir, as soon dhyan was over , aarathi at Baghavan’s mandir started. Holiness attended the aarathi and thereafter holiness performed special aarathi of Baghavan in northern tradition. That time we had the real experience of the divine presence of Baghavan Nithyanand. All of a sudden wind started blowing, it blowed three times circling round the Temple of Baghavan Nithyanand. Our sense and body was completely filled with his divine vibration. We thanked Holiness and Baghavan for blessing us with such divine and rare opportunity

While holiness was massaging Baghavan\'s lotus feet, we all watched happily with love . Normally at the Temple, other than the priest no one else is able to touch Baghavan\'s lotus feet , Holiness was always welcomed to hug the Baghavan’s feet. Along with Holiness, by the grace of Baghavan, by the kindness of Holiness, we also were allowed to touch Baghavan’s feet. I always wish thank Baghavan and Holiness for their kindness to ‘we dasans’.

From Kanchangad then we proceeded to Kannur. We reached there by 10pm. For a third time Holiness was so kind and blessed this dasan by residing our home town of Kannur called ‘Chovva’. Upon arrival Holiness was welcomed by mother , grandmother, my wife and other devotees with a traditional aarathi.


Morning we drove to one of the ancient and powerful temple of Maha Kali at Valiapattam, 10km from our residence. Holiness performed divine dhyan inside the temple. Holiness very much moved by the divinity of the temple . We thanked Holiness for blessing us with an opportunity of escorting his holy lotus feet.

Then the Holiness headed the blessing classes ‘diksha’ for selected devotees. After the classes, traditional feast was organized. The food in several varieties was served in banana leaf . In the evening Holiness blessed us and we drove to the nearby beach . Young children were next to Holiness holding his hands. Myself and Vohraji explained the area and facilities in and around the beach to Holiness.

27th Friday we left Kannur proceeded to Mangalore to take the flight for Mumbai. When we reached 4 kilometer, we realized that we forgot to take the divine umbrella specially brought for Gurupurnima Celebrations. Initially holiness didn’t wish to go back to pick up. After a minute silent with a smile he said let’s go as my mother is waiting to see holiness again. That was a total happy moment, and when we drove back, we so my mother holding the divine umbrella and standing out side the gate. What a joy was when my mother told her wish to meet holiness again . Holiness and mother laughed . That was one of the ever happiest loving moment that I had seen my life so far. Thanks to holiness. Gurudev, we love you so much.

On the way we stopped at Baghavan\'s ashram in Kanchangad. We took the divine umbrella and placed at the lotus feet of Janardana Swamiji as instructed by holiness. After the aarathi there we took the divine umbrella to Nithyanand Baghavan\'s moorthi and got blessed at the lotus feet of Baghavan. After the aarathi Holiness offered traditional breakfast of “Idaly , Sambar & Chutney’. Infact I was so happy as the moment felt as Baghavan had arranged it for the holiness. The whole arrangements felt like ‘when a mother expects her son at home”. Such a wonderful is the concept of love. In every lesson that Gurudev teaches he always focus on love and now only I am realizing the power of love with the nature.

By 12.30pm we were in Mangalore airport . This dasan’s wife and son were with us as they are on their maiden visit to holiness ashram in Pune. Evening 5.30pm we landed in Mumbai. One of the close devotees of Holiness welcomed us at the airport. Holiness instructed us to proceed to his ashram directly as it was raining heavily. Holiness stayed in Mumbai at their divine mothers’ residence in Andheri.


By the time we reached ashram it was 12.30. As instructed by holiness some children were waiting for us by preparing dinner for us. That time I once again realized the divine power of love showering on us by our divine holiness. Even thought we had some refreshments on our way; we ensured that we had our dinner delight at the holy ashram. Infact we gulped it with love and our whole hearted gratitude at the holy lotus feet our dearest Gurudev.




Next day , 28th July 2007

Preparation was on for the next day Gurupurnima celebration. Holiness arrived from Mumbai around lunch time. Holiness called and we started unpacking the Holy Simhasan which had reached ashram two weeks ahead . Holiness was waiting for our arrival at the Ashram to open to pack. That was a glorious moment, when they saw the Silver Throne every one was rejoiced. Holiness was quite happy. We thanks to our holiness for giving us such a wonderful seva. With out the divine blessing of holiness no work can be either created nor completed.

Holiness instructed us to carry out special pooja for the Silver Throne and the Crown on the night it self and to place Baghavan Sai & Baghavan Nithyanand ( Beloved Gurudev of our holiness )

Vohraji and my self had headed the Guru Samaghruha Pooja and it went for an hour. Loving Gurumai also attended the eve and we expressed our deepest gratitude at their divine feet. We love the divine mother so much as she had given birth to such wonderful and divine holiness. Our royal salute once again at their divine feet. Gurumai was so kind to perform the aarathi . Once the pooja was completed holiness visited and was kind to accept the prasadam.

Gurupurnima Day 29th July 2007

Much awaited day has arrived. We all woke up early. Last night we didn’t sleep much as we were dreaming about the Gurupurnima Day celebration.

Holiness was ready to perform the Maha Abhishekh Pooja and Satya Narayan Pooja. Holiness accompanied by many devotees headed to the Hanuman Mandir which is next to the ashram. When ever any special occasion arrives holiness always used to visit the mandir and perform Hanuman Pooja at the temple. Holiness went inside the mandir, first holiness cleaned the entire area with water, then holiness did performed the abhishka by water and then by oil. Hanumanji was decorated fully, Hanumanji was offered food, the place was lightened up and the hole place was felt deep holy. Gurudev performed the aarathi and then holiness came back to the ashram to perform the maha abhishekh pooja .


Maha Abhishek Pooja and Satya Narayana Pooja

Maha Abhishek Pooja started at 7.30am. Holiness with Holy Mother was at the Pooja hall to perform the Holy Pooja. First the Abhishek on beautiful Shiva Lingh was performed by Holiness. Initially abhishek was done with holy water and then with cow milk.

Then the abhishek on Nithyananda Bhaghavan was peformed. Holiness massaged the divine moorthi with lot of love, which was a great loving moments for each devotees to watch with utmost love. Then the abhishek was performed with milk. Gurudev was so kind to give all the loving children an opportunity to perform abhishek on Bhaghavan’s moorthi. Then the moorthi was placed on a specially prepared throne. Previous night the Holiness divine children had beautifully decorated the throne. Baba was well placed on the throne. Special shall was placed and beautiful garland was offered. Baba was looking very glorious with shining all around.

Then the abhishek on Sainath Maharaj moorthi was performed with water and milk. Thereafter all the divine god and goddesses were offered ‘tilak” by Holiness.

Then the aarathi started . Gurudev headed the aarathi of Bhaghavan Nithyanand . Traditional instruments were on the back ground. The aarathi created spiritual waves all around. Any devotees with a love in their heart for their beloved Bhaghavan, they must have really experienced the spiritual presence of Bhaghvan Nithyanand over there. Close to end of aarathi, by the grace of Bhaghavan and by the kindness of Holiness this dasan also was blessed with the rare experience of divine presence of Bhaghavan .

Once the aarathi was over, before starting the Satya Narayana Pooja, some of the divine children started decorating the passage and area outside the gate by using many wonderful coloring materials, flowers etc. The design was in different shape of flowers. By having a look at those divine work any one can easily see the love in those children towards their Holy Gurudev and Bhaghavan Nithyanand.

Then the Sathya Narayana Pooja was started. A special priest was there to head the pooja and to perform the auspicious Sathya Narayana Katha (storey of Lord Satya Narayan). The priest made Holiness to perform the Pooja. After the pooja, aarathi was performed by Holiness.


Gurupurnima Eve 2008

2007 Gurupurnima Eve was a wonderful feast to all the devotees of our beloved Gurudev, who were blessed to drink the ocean of love and kindness of our most loving Holiness. A spectacular welcome was arranged to welcome Holiness to the main stage. The possession started from the ashram hall of Holiness. At front one of the devotees was holding the divine flag with the divine “thrishul” embroided in silver thread. Then the divine moorthi of Sainath Maharaj and Nithyananda Maharaj, followed by children carrying the Holy Paduka of Gurudev and the Divine Crown which was specially designed; placed at the holy lotus feet of Holiness by a close devotee . Then Holiness along with their blessed Guru Mother and Holiness blessed Child. This dasan was blessed to hold the specially designed colorful umbrella escorting Holiness, as it was perfectly similar to those days of Sainath Maharaj, where their divine children was holding the umbrella during any festival procession. Holiness entered the Ashram hall downstairs and offered their divine prayers and accepting the blessings of all divine god and goddesses. From there Holiness escorted by all the divine children entered the proceeded to the main stage. Devotees all gathered close to Holiness, for a close look on their beloved Gurudev, they all clapped their hands welcoming Holiness to the stage.

Meanwhile Vohraji had done all the arrangements at the stage to perform the divine pada pooja. When Holiness stepped on the stage, the divine umbrella was fitted on the holy throne, which was specially placed at the lotus feet of Holiness by their close devotee Vohraji.

Special children of Holiness were on the stage to perform the sacred Bhajan, which was their humble offering to their beloved Holiness and Bhaghavan. A close devotee of Holiness performed a special dance called “turia” on the stage. The dance was a semi classical style, which has a certain resemblance to the Lord Shiva dance.

Once the Dance was over Holiness blessed the divine child. While Bhajan was on the background pada pooja started, many devotees where in long queue. It was performed in the traditional style, each devotee after performing the pooja, took the blessing of Holiness by holding Holiness divine lotus feet and placing that hand on their head. Only the pada pooja it self continued for more than 3 hours.

All of a sudden Holiness got up from their throne to perform the divine aarathi of Bhaghavan Nithyanand. Holiness was impatient, as they could wait no longer, as for Holiness their Master was first. The aarathi itself is a humble offering at Bhaghavan’s feet by Holiness. Holy Guru Mother headed the aarathi with traditional musical instruments on the background.


Immediately after the arrathi, last stage of pada pooja continued. Holiness feet was shampooed in sandal paste and decorated with Kukum. Then the holy feet was placed on the top of Silver Paduka, which was blessed by Holiness on the previous Gurupurnima eve. The rose flower was placed at the lotus feet of Holiness with lot of love. Guru mother placed Golden Crown on Holiness. All the divine children clapped their hands. Holiness was in total glory with shining like a sun , that was one of the most marvelous and joyful seen a devotee can be blessed to see, their master in full procession , sitting on the silver throne, with golden crown and silver paduka and the colorful umbrella , indeed it is the real joy that a real devotee can experience. Then the holy aarathi was offered to Holiness. This humble dasan was blessed to head the aarathi.

Once the aarathi was over Holiness started their divine speech, a real nectar of love, the amrithu vani, for devotees who were waiting like a chatak bird, it was a real ocean of love which will quench their divine thirsty. Holiness stared the speech, saying that “I am not a Baba nor I can be, nor I am a Maharaj. I am just a simple person like you; who loves to do selfless Seva and teaching of divine path to gain happiness in our life. So as a mark of respect you are allow to call me “Guruji”, but please don’t think me “Baba” or  “Maharaj”.

What a lovely and humble word from our Holiness. This is like an eye opener for all, who are filled with ego, selfishness etc. Even sitting at the utmost top divine spiritual throne , Holiness always used say in all the divine speech that I am simple person, as a to mark your respect , you can call me “Guruji”.

But for a devotee, who really had drunk the spiritual blessings from Holiness, for them Holiness is none other than a Sad Guru or divine God. Gurudev, who can take, who can lead a child to Moksh, who has the total control on natural elements, is none other than spiritual master. Even God has their Gurudev’s. Hence all Gurudev’s are always marked with extreme respect.

On the auspicious occasion Holiness blessed all the divine children with “Guru Kavach” a special protection to all the children, the children who all were present at the divine occasion, whether they are dikshid’s or non-dikshid’s all were blessed. That was the most valued gift from a Gurudev to their divine children. This will protect all the children and it will stand as ‘kavach” in any difficult situation. A Special mantra was chanted by Holiness which was followed by all the divine children.

Then the Holiness headed the most divine dhyan, the spiritual mediation, the most powerful feast that a devotee can take part on Gurupurnima day. The dhyan lasted for 30 minutes. Then Holiness once again blessed all the children by personally attending to each devotee. Holiness kept on smiling to all the devotees. He loved all children equally, the color, rich, poor it never made any difference to Holiness. They only see Shradha and Bhakthi in all the children.


At the end of the program Holiness once again blessed all. All the children was offered special food called “bhandara” a holy divine food, a traditional feast from Holiness to all the loving children , devotees all gulped it tastefully thanking Holiness for their mercy and blessings.

In the evening Holiness headed to Ganesh Puri, the Samadhi place of their master Bhaghavan Nithyanand. Vohraji, this humble dasan, Nirmalaji from Goa and few other children were blessed by Holiness to take part in the divine journey. Holiness reached Ganesh Puri around 10pm, by the grace Bhaghavan we all were blessed to attend the divine aarathi of Bhaghavan. We all thanked Holiness for his kindness and blessings, as a humble servant we were most fortunate to be along with Holiness for their divine meeting with their beloved Master Bhaghavan Nithyanand. With the sweet memories at Ganesh Puri, we were back to Pune ashram by 2am.

Guru Jayanthi Celebration

Next day 30th July 2008 was anther celebration day being the holy birth day of our beloved Holiness. Every year it’s being celebrated as Guru Jayanthi.

By 10 am Holiness was ready at the Hall of his ashram. By 11 am we were blessed to perform the traditional pada pooja. Holiness feet was shampooed in sandal paste and once again decorated with Kukum. Rose flowers were offered at his lotus feet. Aarathi was also offered and then Holiness blessed the children with sweet. Poornimaji from Goa had offered a beautiful crown to Holiness, this was similar to ancient days Kings used to ware. Holiness was kind to place the crown and he smiled to all with lot of love. Holiness most loving child offered sweets to Holiness with lot of love.

Evening was the main program of Guru Jayanthi Celebration. Holiness with their blessed mother was at the main hall of ashram by 7pm. Bhajan was on the back ground offered by their divine children. Anithaji a close devotee of Holiness performed the traditional welcome. A beautiful garland was offered to Holiness. Holy Mother placed the Golden Crown and once again the devotees were blessed to see, their beloved Holiness in the traditional procession with the Silver Paduka and Golden Crown.

Holiness headed the divine dhyan. Holiness was kind to bless the devotees with divine mantra of Lord Siva. The powerful blessed mantra from Holiness is to protect the children by making them more positive, which will boost up their spiritual growth like a jet fire being used to launch a shuttle. The mantra here is a like a jet fire, and the shuttle here is the divine soul.


Then the divine dhyan was held which lasted for 45 minutes. After the dhyan, Holiness blessed some of the divine children who had given their heart and soul through out the year with out any expectation with utmost of love and their full faith. Holiness blessed those children with a Crystal garland and Shall. In fact that was a real gift from Holiness to their most loving children. There were around 15 divine children who were blessed by Holiness. Those children were in tears with full of love, when Holiness gave them special blessings.

Then the Holiness blessed the children by cutting the birth day cake brought by their divine children. There were total three cakes. Bhajan was on the full swing on the back ground. Holiness also joined the Bhajan, when the children were in the deep ocean of love towards their master, the master was kind and loving to those children by embracing them.

At the end of the program, aarathi was offered to Bhaghavan Nithyanand. Holiness blessed all children. Normally Holiness used to bless the children, as they come in queue to have a close darshan of Holiness. But this time Holiness said I will come to you. That was a wonderful feast to their loving children. Holiness was in the real love, Holiness kept on smiling, accepting flowers from the children and distributing some of them. That was a wonderful seen. For a devotee Holiness was like a Lord Krishna sharing the love and spiritual delight ness with their most loving children. Gurudev blessed the devotees more than an hour, Holiness waved their hands to all, the loving children waved their hands towards holiness with total joy.

Love you so much our dearest Gurudev !

Victory to our Gurudev !

Victory to our beloved Bhaghavan Nithayand!

Victory to our Sainath Maharaj!

Kodi Kodi Pranam at the most Holy Lotus Feet of My Gurudev

Your humble dasan!



Blessed by Holy Guru Mother on Holiness

26th August 2007. It was a much awaited day when I met the Holy Mother of our dearest Holiness. It took almost two years for this much awaited and blessed meeting. I remember as Gurudev blessed me to meet the holy mother during 2006 Gurupurnima, when I expressed my sincere desire to wish know on Holiness childhood days. But it took an year for the much awaited day. I reached Holiness mother’s residence in Mumbai at 1.30afternoon. Holy Mother was so loving , she fed me the traditional “poori and bhaji and also kachori”. My stomach was full, she was so loving and she made me to eat more and more. Each every bite of the food I gulped tastefully and with extreme greatfulness as that wonderful meeting happened only due to the kindness and blessings from my dearest Gurudev. Holy Mother blessed and showered on me many sweet memories of Gurudev during his childhood days. I had recorded all the conversation, but the end of the session , I realized the entire conversation was not saved to the memory. Hence I am featuring only those what was blessed and entered in my human brain memory.

While Gurudev was at the age of 2 , he was following Shirdibaba. Holy Mother said at that age Holiness used to very much keen in spiritual activities. When holiness was 10 years he was fat, handsome and was dear to all. Holiness father used to say not to the send holiness alone out side, as he was very active and to the things very fast. That time Holy Mother used to go and stand at the mandir where Holiness used to visit.

When the Holiness was 12 years he used to drive vehicles. He used to drive motor bike at that age. Gurudev drives quite speedy. Holiness father was very scared about it and Holy Father wishes to send Holiness to Pune, as driving in Mumbai was quite dangerous. Also Holiness Father didn’t like the climate in Mumbai. But Holy Father was doubting whether Holiness will stay in Pune ?

One time the bike got some problem, and holiness lifted the bike and came back. Holiness was well built and very strong.

During the childhood Gurudev was called as “RAMEE”. When the Holy Mother told about this , immediately I remembered the sweet memories of Baba Nithyanand, as he was called as “RAMA” during his child hood. What a wonderful coincidence? What a sweet and wonderful resemblance.


While at business holiness was always very professional and hardworking. At the company, on the ground floor Holiness was handling all the business. On the upper floor it used to be for the mediation. Holiness used to meditation quite often there.

When holiness sits for any meal, if the food is not his like, he will not comment any thing on the food. He only simply keeps the food little away.

I promise to all the loving devotees who are lucky to drink the nectar of love from this blessed edition that I pray to my Holiness to get more nectar on their childhood days with his kindness and blessings. With their grace this humble servant hopes to highlight those memories soon.

“Prem Karega! Pyare Karega !

He mere Deva ! Pyare Gurudeva !

Love u so much… our dearest Holy Mother and Our Holy Gurudev !

Kodi pranam!!!

I always pray to Holy River Ganga while taking bath !

“Ganga maiyya , dobao muje gurudev ki pyare me !”

The Holy River Ganga flows out of Himalaya, the sacred mountain, the Holy Ganga flows out from the Head of Supreme Lord Siva. Let the Holy Ganga may washes out our sins from our body, from our soul and from our surroundings. Lets be pure always to immerge ourselves in our immencive love to our beloved Gurudev.

To cont…