Hinari research4life eligibility and registration module 3
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HINARI (Research4Life) Eligibility and Registration (module 3) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HINARI (Research4Life) Eligibility and Registration (module 3). Table of Contents. R4L background Eligibility Group A & Group B Registration process Step by step guide Registration form Key points. Background. Research4Life includes four programmes:

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HINARI (Research4Life) Eligibility and Registration (module 3)

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HINARI (Research4Life) Eligibility and Registration(module 3)

Table of Contents

  • R4L background

  • Eligibility

    • Group A & Group B

  • Registration process

    • Step by step guide

    • Registration form

    • Key points


  • Research4Life includes four programmes:

    • HINARI (Health Access to Research programme)

    • AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture)

    • OARE (Online Access to Research in the Environment)

    • ARDI (Access to Research for Development and Innovation)

  • If the institution’s activities include the AGORA, OARE or ARDI subjects, the organization can register for these other programs.

  • See http://www.research4life.org/for more information

Eligibility (01 2014)

  • Countries, areas, or territories with a total GNI above US$ 1 trillion are not eligible for HINARI regardless of other factors

    2. Core Offer Group A - Free Access All countries, areas, or territories fulfilling any of the below criteria:

    a. UN Least Developed Country List and/or

    b. Human Development Index (HDI) is at or less than 0.50 and/or

    c. Total Gross National Income (GNI) is at or less than US$ 150 billion where:HDI is at or less than 0.63 and/orGross National Income per capita (GNIpc) is at or less than US$ 1600

3. Core Offer Group B - Fee access with $1000 annual fee per institution:

  a. Total GNI is at or less than US$ 1 billion and/or

b. Total GNI is at or less than US$ 20 billion where GNIpc is at or less than US$10,000 and/or

c. Total GNI is at or less than US$ 180 billion where: HDI is at or less than 0.67 and/or GNIpc is at or less than US$ 5000

R4L Group A & B Countries

We will open the Eligibility page from the HINARI website. All the programs have similar links to Eligibility pages.

TheEligibility page contains the descriptions of the Group A (free access) and Group B (low-cost access). The countries, areas and territories in each group are listed at the bottom of this page.

This is a partial listing of the Group A (free access) and Group B (low-cost access) countries.

This page lists the publishers who have made some resources available to Group B institutions that cannot or choose not to pay the annual fee.

Your institution must be registered for you to gain access to the full-text electronic resources.

Click on the Register for HINARI link to access the step-by-step guide – to see if your institution is registered or must complete the process.

Note: the Register for HINARI link is located on the Access the content page of HINARI, AGORA and OARE.

A similar Register for AGORA link can be found on the AGORA Access the content page and ditto for OARE.

This is the step-by-step guide to completing the Research4Life online registration process. First, you need to make sure your institution is not already registered. There is a link to check the Registered Universities and Professional Schools:http://www.who.int/hinari/faq/registration_and_eligibility_registered_universities/en/index.html

Displayed are some of the details of the step-by-step document. The Select a programme page contains links to Registered Universities and Professional Schools for HINARI, AGORA and OARE.

We have displayed the access page to the Registered Universities and Professional Schools by Countries, Areas and Territories PDF documents for HINARI, AGORA and OARE.

To download the PDF file, click on the specific list.

Note: These lists do not include all the registrations in each country.

Displayed is the part of the list of Registered Universities and Professional Schools for Ethiopia.

The following slides are a summary of the key points of the registration process located at:



From this page, institutions can register for 3 different Research4Life programmes*. Check eligibility of your institution.

*ARDI currently has a separate registration page: www.wipo.int/ardi/en/register_form.jsp

Note the detailed contact information that is required (Registrant, Librarian/Information Liaison, Director and Computer Support Officer). Please make sure you completely fill out the REQUIRED information or the registration cannot be properly processed.

Remember only one registration per institution is required. If not registered, complete form and click on Send Registration.Once the application is approved and processed, the library and director contacts will receive the welcome message. All members of the institution can use the institution’s User Name and Password.

Key Hints

  • Telephone and Fax fields are numeric. No blank spaces, nor symbols should be used.

  • Comments and Activities fields have a maximum number of characters. If you want to provide any explanation, please send by email to the HINARI HelpDeskhinari@who.int  Include in the email your country and full institution name - in order to identify the application.

  • If possible, include an ‘institutional’ email address (e.g. smith@kemri.org or smitha@who.int not alan.smith@gmail.com )

  • If you have registered for one previously and want to register for the other two, add a note in the comments field with your institution and username. This will speed up the registration process for a 2nd or 3rd program.

  • Lastly, the whole validation and processing may take from four to six weeks. Currently (October 2013) we have a huge backlog caused by the ‘Already Registered’ applications.

    updated: 2014 01

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