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Virtua Health Profile. Largest Healthcare Provider in Southern NJ7000 Employees4 Acute Care Hospitals - 900 beds5 Emergency CentersVirtua Dupont Children's Health ProgramDeliver over 7000 Babies a year2 Long-term comprehensive care facilities2 Outpatient Surgery CentersState of the art Healt

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Virtua Health Journey to Best Practices

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1. Virtua Health – Journey to Best Practices Carolyn Ensminger Virtua I.S. Customer Support Manager Notes:Notes:

2. Virtua Health Profile Largest Healthcare Provider in Southern NJ 7000 Employees 4 Acute Care Hospitals - 900 beds 5 Emergency Centers Virtua Dupont Children’s Health Program Deliver over 7000 Babies a year 2 Long-term comprehensive care facilities 2 Outpatient Surgery Centers State of the art Health fitness Center Home Health Care Agency Notes:Notes:

3. Virtua STAR Initiative Notes:Notes:

4. Virtua Health - Information Services 1st Runner Up for HDI’s 2001 Team Excellence Award 140 Employees Support 200+ Applications, Hardware, Pagers and Telecommunications Customer Support Center - 9 CS Analysts Handle 4800 calls per month Raised our FCR from 35% to 65% in 8 months Achieved 96% Customer Satisfaction rating Notes: Notes:

5. Virtua Health - Information Services Notes: Notes:

6. Virtua Health Journey to Best Practices Business Practices Departmental Ownership Hiring Practices Knowledge Improvement Team Communication Technology Six Sigma Process Improvement Tools Notes: Notes:

7. IS Business Practices Foundations For Success Change Management - Control system changes to maximize system availability Problem Management - Expedite and communicate problem resolution Request Management - Consistent and timely request fulfillment Project Methodology - Successful project implementations via a standard, structured, comprehensive approach Standards & Scripts IS Communication Guidelines Work Order Closure Standard Customer Acknowledgement Notes:Notes:

8. IS Business Practices Change Management Ensures Changes to Production are: Thoroughly Planned Documented Tested Reviewed & Approved by committee Scheduled Communicated within IS & to Customers Notes:Notes:

9. IS Business Practices Change Management Benefits Centralizes changes Provides communication with IS and customers Creates a usable audit trail of changes Enhance communication within IS and customers Maximizes system availability Protects data integrity Facilitates problem resolution and department’s cross training Expedites timely resolution of problems Heightens awareness of changes Decreases on-call support calls Notes:Notes:

10. IS Business Practices Problem Management Standard Method Identification Prioritization Documentation Resolution Follow Up Production System Problems Notes:Notes:

11. IS Business Practices Problem Management Benefits Ensure Maximum System Availability Expedite Problem Resolution Centralize Problem Reporting Communicate Effectively to Customers Provide Problem Escalation Track & Trend Problems Improve Customer Service Notes:Notes:

12. IS Business Practices Request Management Process that Establishes Request Standards For: Receipt and Logging Acknowledgement Follow Up Turnaround Standards Lead Time Standards Reports Notes:Notes:

13. IS Business Practices Request Management Benefits Standard protocol for work orders Centralized mechanism to request IS services Effective communication to our customers Audit trail of customer requests Improves customer service Provides high quality and responsive service Notes:Notes:

14. IS Business Practices Project Methodology Three Committees Steering, Project Team, IS Coordination Team Core Team for Smaller Projects Multiple Project Phases Deliverables for each phase Approval and signoff for key phases Project Status Standards Issues Lists, Workplan, Monthly Status Report Notes:Notes:

15. IS Business Practices Project Methodology Phases Organization Analysis & Design Build & Unit Test Integrated Test Training Implementation Post Implementation Short term Long term Notes:Notes:

16. IS Business Practices Project Methodology Benefits Standardized Process Improves Communication Clarifies Roles and Responsibilities Lessens Impact of Turnover Professional Approach Reduces Post-Project Cleanup Smoothes Transition to Support Notes:Notes:

17. Departmental Ownership We’re in this together Don’t try to do this alone! IS Management Team Shared Goals Tied to annual evaluation Set departmental goals & celebrated success Collaborative effort between teams Focus on the Win/Win Formed Knowledge Improvement Team Other teams provide coverage for CSC Notes:Notes:

18. Departmental Ownership CSC Team Building STAR Recognition Kudos e-mails from customers shared Treat the team to lunch Technician rotations Guest Speakers at monthly team meetings Sharing weekly performance metrics HDI Local chapter meetings Training opportunities Notes:Notes:

19. Hiring Practices Revamped interview/selection process Developed behavioral interview questions Required writing sample Developed ‘Day in the Life’ document Conduct Window/MS Office assessments Team interviews Pre-screening by HR Recruiter Increases morale of current employees Notes:Notes:

20. Hiring Practices Behavioral Interview Questions: Tell me about a time that you had to gather detailed information to complete an assignment? How did you approach it? Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer. What did you do to yield a positive outcome? Give me some examples of procedural documentation that you have developed? Notes:Notes:

21. Hiring Practices Writing Sample Draft a customer communication to notify them of the following: Internet Browsing is not working. Internet E-mail is. The fix is expected in one hour Write an e-mail informing customers of a system problem that will prevent them from accessing the Health Information System (a critical patient management application) Notes:Notes:

22. Hiring Practices Determine ‘Must Have’ skills Customer Service - Positive, caring Common Courtesy Excellent Writing skills Basic technical skills Mentor & Support new employees Train, train, train Technical training Cross training ‘Soft skills’ training Notes:Notes:

23. Knowledge Improvement Team Service Improvement Engine Co-facilitated by Managers of Customer Support, Applications & Technology Representation from all IS teams Focused on improving service & knowledge sharing Established in March 2000 Bi-weekly meetings Sub-teams work on separate initiatives Notes:Notes:

24. Knowledge Improvement Team Initiatives Develop a Knowledge Database Develop a web-based Point-of-Service survey process On-line Equipment Request process Rewards team Winning phrases Customer self service Notes:Notes:

25. Knowledge Improvement Team Knowledge Database Notes:Notes:

26. Knowledge Improvement Team Knowledge Database Notes:Notes:

27. Knowledge Improvement Team Knowledge Database Notes:Notes:

28. Knowledge Improvement Team Knowledge Database Notes:Notes:

29. Knowledge Improvement Team Knowledge Database Notes:Notes:

30. Knowledge Improvement Team Winning Phrases Sub-team updates Posters and generates reference cards quarterly Examples: DON’T Say: Wait a Minute, Just a Minute, Hold the line DO Say: May I put you on hold while I check for you? DON’T Say: Short of Staff, I’m busy, I’m alone DO Say: I apologize for the delay. How may I help you? Notes:Notes:

31. Knowledge Improvement Team Point of Service Survey Goals Listen to our customers Obtain real-time specific feedback Measure if we are doing it right the first time Identify IS processes that need improvement Improve customer satisfaction Improve customer service Deliver “very satisfied” service Notes:Notes:

32. Knowledge Improvement Team Point of Service Survey Process Web-based survey is sent within 2 days of problem/request resolution Sent to every 7th customer and by request Customer completes survey on-line Survey data is stored in a database IS management reviews survey results Manager involves staff in service improvement & recovery Action plans are put in place to improve service Notes:Notes:

33. Knowledge Improvement Team Point of Service Survey Notes:Notes:

34. Knowledge Improvement Team Point of Service Survey Report Notes:Notes:

35. Knowledge Improvement Team Point of Service Survey Results 50% Survey Response Rate 96% of customers are satisfied or very satisfied 70% - Very Satisfied, 26% - Satisfied, 3% Dissatisfied, 1% Very Dissatisfied In 2001 the percentage of very satisfied customers increased by 11%! Notes:Notes:

36. Communication is Key CSC sends daily statistics to IS CSC sends weekly aging ticket reports to IS Mgt. CIO publishes IS Accomplishments monthly IS Newsletter IS Manager liaison to each hospital Proactive communication to customers Collaborate with Internal Communications to advertise and market important changes Annual IS In-Services Notes:Notes:

37. Technology - Tools of the Trade NEC Global Navigator ACD System Magic Total Service Desk Remote Control Altiris Express web-admin for SMS Trusted Enterprise Manager - NT PW Resets E-mail Voice Mail Broadcasts Alpha & Numeric Paging Notes:Notes:

38. Notes: Notes:

39. Six Sigma Tools Project Definition – 15 Words Cause & Effect Diagram CAP O Gram Impact Effort Grid Notes:Notes:

40. Six Sigma Tools 15 Words Flip Charts (Project Definition – Alignment)   Tool: This tool allows individual team members or pairs to draft a simple 15-word statement of the project scope. Then, the team identifies key words or phrases they feel best about and uses these to write a final version of the Project Definition statement.   15 Words Flip Chart   Each team members is given a flip chart page and marker. They must write, in 15 words or less, the project definition. Post all and check for agreement. Double-check all fuzzy words by circling them and asking, “What does it look like?” or “How will we know it when we have it?”   Unclear Words Heartburn Key phrases or words (Circle) (Put a check) (Underline)   Example: The Star Initiative will focus Virtua on creating an outstanding patient experience and become the employer of choice. Notes:Notes:

41. Six Sigma Tools Notes:Notes:

42. Six Sigma Tools Notes:Notes:

43. Six Sigma Tools Notes:Notes:

44. Closing Thoughts Listen to your Customers More technology is not always the answer Get back to the basics Take care of your people Leverage your internal resources Define Goals & Measure Have Fun! Notes:Notes:

45. Reaching Out Carolyn Ensminger Virtua Information Services 6E Clementon Road, Suite A-4 Gibbsboro, NJ, 08026 [email protected] 856.248.6252 Notes:Notes:

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