I badaah pillars of salaah
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I’badaah Pillars of Salaah. The Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ) said, “Pray as you see me pray.”. Questions:. What is “ Arkanu Salaat ”? What is “ Wajibatu-Salaat ”? What is “ Sunnanu-Salaat ”?. Categories of the Acts of the Salaat. They are categorized as follows:

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I’badaah Pillars of Salaah

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I’badaahPillars of Salaah

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said,

“Pray as you see me pray.”


What is “ArkanuSalaat”?

What is “Wajibatu-Salaat”?

What is “Sunnanu-Salaat”?

Categories of the Acts of the Salaat

They are categorized as follows:

Pillars of the Salaat- (Arkanu-Salaat).

2. Necessary Duties of the Salaat(Wajibatu-Salaat).

3. Preferred Acts of the Salaat. (Sunnanu-Salaat).

We shall now discuss each of these categories in turn.


Activity: Draw this chart.



Pillars of the Salaat (Arkanu-S alaat)

  • The prayer has obligatory pillars, which must be fulfilled for it to be valid and these are as follows:

  • 1. " Al-Qiyaam " - prayer is to be performed in a standing position if a person is physically capable.

  • 2. " Takbiiratillhraam " that is saying "ALLAHU AKHAR" at the commencement of the prayer.

  • 3. " Al-Fatihah " - that is reciting the opening chapter of the Holy Qur'an in every Rakaat.

  • .

Pillars of the Salaat (Arkanu-S alaat)

  • 4. " Rukuu " - this is bowing posture whereby the head and the back are positioned on the same level and both hands are rested on the knees with the fingers spread apart.

  • 5. A requirement to raise the head up from the Rukuu position

  • 6. A requirement to stand up from the Rukuu position in such a way that the person feels that all his/her backbones are straightened.

Pillars of the Salaat (Arkanu-Salaat)

7. " Sujuud " that is prostrating oneself in such a way that the following seven parts of the body are firmly placed on the ground: the forehead together with the tip of the nose, both the palms, both the knees, the bottom surface of the toes of both feet.

8. A requirement to raise the head from the Sujuud position.

9. A requirement to sit upright during the pause between the two prostration.

10. A requirement to take a sitting position for the recitation of the " At-Tashahud " (words of witness).

Pillars of the Salaat (Arkanu-Salaat)

11. A requirement to recite the final " At-Tashahud ".

12. A requirement to recite the words of supplication for the Prophet (peace be upon him).

13. A requirement to conclude the prayer with the words of peace " Tasleem ", i.e. “AssalamuAleykumWaRahmatullaahiWaBarakatuh".

14. A requirement that in fulfilling the above pillars the person should be in a state of tranquility.

The above are the pillars of the prayer, wherein, if any of them is missed, it is required to repeat the whole Rakaat (Unit) in which the pillar is omitted, but if, the Takbiiratil - lhraam is omitted, it becomes necessary to repeat the whole Salaat.

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