Calling to be a father of the nations once more a great missionary nation
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Calling to be a ‘Father of the Nations’ Once more a great missionary nation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Destiny of Great Britain. Calling to be a ‘Father of the Nations’ Once more a great missionary nation. Britain’s Calling. ‘to arise again as a great missionary nation to Europe and the world’ Peter Bos ( 2002) The Nations Called. Sovereign World

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Calling to be a ‘Father of the Nations’ Once more a great missionary nation

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The Destiny of Great Britain

Calling to be a ‘Father of the Nations’Once more a great missionary nation

Britain’s Calling

‘to arise again as a great missionary nation to Europe and the world’

Peter Bos ( 2002) The Nations Called. Sovereign World

1950’s Jean Darnell’s prophetic picture of

spiritual lights burning across the nation.

1990’s John Mulinde of Uganda’s prophecy

Light piercing the dark cloud over Europe as we pray.

(‘Light or Darkness over Europe.’ Pillars of Fire Trust.)

Britain’s Rise and Fall

Qualities which are redeemable

  • Leadership

  • Paternal caring

  • Social concern

  • Creativity

Fallen characteristics /nature

  • Misogyny:

    abuse of power

  • Privilege of hierarchical leadership

  • Arrogant empire building

  • Empty ritual and tradition

Britain’s Christian Heritage

Britain was once a great Christian nation

The Union Jack

Cross of St George (England)

Cross of St Andrew (Scotland)

The CROSS OF JESUS at the centre!

Britain’s Christian Heritage 1

  • Early Celtic Saints and Missionaries-

  • e.g. Patrick, Columba, Aidan, Cuthbert

  • King Alfred acknowledged God as Sovereign over the nation

  • Edward the Confessor - Westminster Parliament, also Oliver Cromwell

Christian foundations were laid by the Celtic Saints

Patrick, Columba ,Aidan, Cuthbert

Ireland, Iona, Holy Island

King Alfred the Great (871-899)The first true British monarch, the only one to be called ‘Great’He realised the value of diplomacy and ruled with Godly wisdom.

statue at Wantage

Alfred defeated the Vikings, threating them with kindness and Christian love. (King Guthrum was converted and baptised.)

Social reformer, belief in education -translation from Latin to English. Established code of law based on Book of Exodus.

Edward the Confessor (Bayeux tapestry)

Anglo Saxon King and founder of Parliament at Westminster

The Monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II

Coronation Oath : to uphold Christian Faith 1953

The Legal System

The framework of Britain’s legal system is completely Christian

Great Fire of London 1666

Judgement on pride, decadence, immorality, falling away . Prophets warnings fell on deaf ears.

Britain’s Christian Heritage 2

  • Henry II- English Common Law :

  • Christian legal system based on the Bible.

  • Protestant Reformation: break with Rome - Henry VIII

  • Bible in English e.g. Tyndale

  • Book of Common Prayer

  • Martyrs of the faith e.g. Latimer, Ridley and Latimer

Henry VIII

Protestant Reformation : Break with the Pope (Rome)

Establishment of the Church of England

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I - The Coronation Oath: to defend the faith D.G.REG.F.D. on coins = Deo gratia (by the grace of God)

Reg.= Regina Queen) F.D. = defender of the faith

William Tyndale

First Translator of the Bible into English


Martyrs of the Reformation

Latimer and Ridley- burned at the stake in Oxford in 1555.

Latimer declared as he was burning : ‘We shall by God’s grace light up such a candle in England, and I trust, will never be put out’

Britain’s Christian Heritage 3

  • Preachers and evangelists: George Whitefield, John Wesley.

  • Sunday School Movement : Robert Raikes

  • Christian education system based on biblical teaching.

  • Christian input into the arts, music, medicine etc

  • Literature e.g. John Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’

  • Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’

John Wesley

Evangelist and preacher

Britain’s Christian Heritage 4

  • Evangelical social reformers-

  • e.g. Wilberforce (abolition of the slave trade)

  • Shaftesbury (factory reform). Florence Nightingale (hospitals)

  • Elizabeth Fry (prisons)

  • Zionism- CMJ (Christian Mission to the Jews)

  • Christ Church, Jerusalem

  • Christian missionaries sent out all over the world -

  • e.g. Livingstone (Africa), William Carey (India) Hudson Taylor (China)

Wilberforce: social reformer

Abolition of the Slave Trade 1807

Lord Shaftesbury- Victorian social reformer: factories, asylums

Attack on a workhouse

Florence Nightingale : ‘’The lady with the lamp’

Hospital reformer and nurse during the Crimean War

Elizabeth Fry (Quaker) : Prison reform

Robert Raikes: Ragged Schools

The Clapham Sect: Vision for Jewish Homeland andFoundation Christian Mission to the Jews( CMJ)

Christ Church, Jerusalem

The first Anglican Church in the Middle East

Stanley finding Livingstone: ‘ Mr Livingstone, I presume’

Livingstone: African explorer and missionary

William Carey

Bible translator and missionary to India

Hudson Taylor

Missionary to China

Queen Victoria and the Empire

‘The sun never sets on the British Empire’

The De-Christianising of Britain - in the last 40 years 1

  • Christian festivals have been replaced by secular holidays.

  • Christian Broadcasting has diminished.

  • Christian acts of worship in schools have been replaced by multi-faith

  • Christian moral standards have been over thrown and ridiculed by the media.

  • Christian teaching on sexuality has been discarded.

The De-Christianising of Britain in the last 40 years 2

  • The Christian concept of marriage as a life-long relationship between a man and woman has been rejected.

  • The Christian Sabbath has been eroded by Sunday Trading.

  • There has been an explosion of occult activity.

  • Reverence for life has been rejected. e.g. abortion

  • Church attendance has rapidly declined.

The Broken Covenant with IsraelBetween 1922 and 1946 a large part of the land promised to the Jews under the Balfour Declaration was given away by Britain to the Arabs.Jewish survivors of the Holocaust were prevented from entering Israel.The loss of the Empire was probably a result of this mistaken policy.

  • Unrighteous Laws passed in Britain

  • ‘I am bringing disaster on this people, the fruit of their schemes, because they have not listened to my words and have rejected my law.’ (Jeremiah 6:19)

  • 1951 Abolition of the law prohibiting witchcraft Deut.18:10-13a

  • 1959 Obscene Publications Act Mark 7:21-23, Eph.4:18-19

    • Abolition of the death penalty for murder Lev.24:17, 1Tim.1:8-9

  • 1967 The Abortion ActGen.4:10, Job 10:8

    • The Sexual Offences ActLev.18:22, Romans 1:24-27 1967 The Obscene Publications Act Col.3:5-7, Romans 1:21 Amendment

  • 1968 The Theatre Act Prov.15:26, 1 Thess. 4:7

    • The Divorce LawMark 10:2-9, Matt. 5:31-32

  • 1989 The Children Act – taking power away from parents

  • 1998 Amendment to the Abortion Act Prov.24:11-12 Jer:13:15

  • 1994 Sunday Trading ActExodus 20:8-10

‘If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.’(1 Chronicles 7:14)

‘Righteousness exalts a Nation’

(Proverbs 14:34)

Ref: Babatunde W. (2002) Great Britain has Fallen. New Wine Press. Chichester. UK

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