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Colonial Instructional Technology Council. Tuesday, February 16, 2010. Agenda. Welcome – Networking News and Notes Bringing the H.E.A.T. Technology Sharing Wrap-up. District News and Notes. Karen Thorpe INTEGRATE Update

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Colonial instructional technology council

Colonial Instructional Technology Council

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Welcome – Networking

News and Notes

Bringing the H.E.A.T.

Technology Sharing


District news and notes
District News and Notes

Karen Thorpe


Newspapers in Education: Shirley Price

i-Safe Curriculum

Fasttmath and Success Tracker

School Information Sharing

LoTi Survey

Bringing the h e a t to delaware

BringingTheH.E.A.T. to Delaware

It s time
It’s Time!

Movie Link

Essential question
Essential Question

  • As Lead Technology Teachers and Administrators, how can we use elements of 21st century learning to turn up the H.E.A.T. for both staff and students?

Turning Up the H.E.A.T.

  • H– Higher Order Thinking

  • E – Engaged Learning

  • A – Authenticity of Activity

  • T – Technology Use

Does it matter how much H.E.A.T. is being generated in our classrooms?

Turning up the H.E.A.T. in the classroom can make a huge difference.

Even by one degree!

How do we turn up the h e a t
How do we turn up the H.E.A.T.?

The LoTi Project

  • Assess

  • Plan

  • Implement

  • Sustain

The evolution of loti

The Evolution of LoTi



The loti digital age survey


The LoTi Digital-Age Survey

  • 39 Question Survey

  • Aligns to the new NETS for Teachers

  • Incorporates digital-age technologies (e.g., interactive whiteboards and iPods)

  • Produces a LoTi Digital-Age Professional Development Priorities Profile to assist in decision making about needed professional development interventions

Loti framework
LoTi Framework

  • Level 0 - Nonuse

  • Level 1 - Awareness

  • Level 2 - Exploration

  • Level 3 - Infusion

  • Level 4a - Integration: Mechanical

  • Level 4b - Integration: Routine

  • Level 5 - Expansion

  • Level 6 - Refinement

LoTi Target - Level 3

LoTi 3 - Infusion

  • Focus on both content and the process

  • Emphasis on higher order thinking skills

  • Student products emphasize complex thinking strategies

How do we turn up the h e a t1
How do we turn up the H.E.A.T.?

  • LoTi (Levels of Teaching Innovation)Project

    • Assess

    • Plan

    • Implement

    • Sustain

Loti profiler
LoTi Profiler

LoTi Level 2

LoTi Profiler

LoTi Level 2: Exploration

At a Level 2 (Exploration) the instructional focus emphasizes content understanding and supports mastery learning and direct instruction. Teacher questioning and/or student learning focuses on LOWER LEVELS of student cognitive processing (e.g. knowledge and comprehension) using the available digital assets.

Cip and pcu

  • Current Instructional Practices

  • Personal Computer Use

Cip current instructional practices
CIP – Current Instructional Practices

CIP Intensity Level 4Instructional practices align with a subject-matter based approach to teaching and learning, but students are given expanded options with the content, process, and/or products.

Cip current instructional practices1
CIP – Current Instructional Practices

Pcu personal computer use
PCU – Personal Computer Use

PCU Intensity Level 2Little to moderate fluency with using digital tools and resources for student learning; teachers do not feel comfortable using digital tools or resources beyond classroom management.

LoTi Profiler

  • Analyze trends in the Professional Development needs of staff aligned to 21st Century Skills

  • Gauge the Levels of Teaching Innovation (LoTi) and Current Instructional Practices (CIP) of your entire school system in real-time

  • Track LoTi Digital-Age Survey participation

  • Aggregate group data includes selected demographic information in both graph and table formats

  • Create customized Digital-Age Profile reports and Technology Use Profile reports for your school building or district

  • Review LoTi Digital-Age Professional Development Priorities Profile for a school or district

What is our next step????

  • LoTi Digital-Age Survey to be released to teachers and administrators by end of school year

  • Once the LoTi results are generated, school and district administration will receive an Individual School Profiler Report

  • Based on those survey results, discussion and planning for teaching innovation professional development can begin…

In closing
In Closing…



What are YOUR students doing?

Technology sharing
Technology Sharing

  • Kristen Taggart

  • Joe Kempista

Future dates
Future Dates

  • April 15th –Math and Technology Integration

  • April 27, 2010 – CITC Meeting