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The Cornerstones of Persuasion. Ethos . Logos. Pathos. Ethos The perceived personal character of the speaker. integrity. can be trusted. have goodwill toward us. know what they are talking about. committed to the topic.Includes showing enthusiasm and dynamism. Pathos Emotional Proofs or Reasons to Believe.

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Persuasive Speech

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1. Persuasive Speech

2. The Cornerstones of Persuasion

3. Ethos The perceived personal character of the speaker integrity. can be trusted. have goodwill toward us. know what they are talking about. committed to the topic. Includes showing enthusiasm and dynamism

4. Pathos Emotional Proofs or Reasons to Believe We are influenced by our feelings. Passions Personal values Perceptions Psychology

5. Logos Rational or Logical Proofs Inductive Reasoning begins with specific examples and uses them to draw a general conclusion. Deductive reasoning begins with a conclusion and then shows how it applies to specific examples.

6. Toulmin’s Model of Reasoning

7. Toulmin’s Model of Reasoning

8. Animal research is beneficial to humans. Animal research has increased the overall health of the human race because of new medicines and surgical procedures made possible through animal experimentation.

9. Animal experimentation has given us cures for polio and provided the necessary knowledge to treat diabetics with insulin.

10. Without animal testing we would not have chemotherapy for cancer patients and those suffering from HIV would not have medicine to help control the progression of the disease (from The Americans for Medical Progress.)

11. So, because of animal experimentation, we have invented medicines and surgeries that help polio, diabetes, cancer and HIV patients.

12. Obviously, animal experimentation has not cured these diseases, but it has provided us with medicines like insulin and procedures like chemotherapy that help the suffering of human beings.

13. There are those who say that animal testing is cruel and ethically wrong, but Americans for Medical Progress as well as a study in The New York Times stated that both human AND animal health has been helped through animal experimentation.

14. To get others to think, act, and feel differently, we must use all three forms of proof—ethos, logos, and pathos. We can use Toulmin’s Model to connect our claims with grounds and warrants. We may qualify our claims and anticipate their doubt with rebuttals.

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