Hungarian music and entertainment in 50s 60s
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HUNGARIAN MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT IN ’50s-’60s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HUNGARIAN MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT IN ’50s-’60s. FIFTIES- YEARS OF HARD DICTATURA. „Who is not with us, is against us” ( Rákosi Mátyás ). FIFTIES- YEARS OF HARD DICTATURAS. The typical music style of these years is labour movement songs sang in big official parades

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Fifties years of hard dictatura

„Who is not with

us, is against us”

( Rákosi Mátyás )

Fifties years of hard dictaturas

The typical music style of these years is labour movement songs sang in big official parades

( like on 1st of May or 4th of April- the day of expulsion of naci’s by Russian army)

Old movement songs, like „ Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

New hungarian songs, like: „Itt van május elseje” ( „It’s 1th of May”)

Russian labour movement and partisan songs like: Poljuska, Az amuri partizánok dala ( Partisan song from Amur- side), Bunkócska

And songs of „kuruc” / Rákóczi- rebellion age ( 1703-11) Csínom Palkó, Balogh Ádám nótája.

One of the Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”most popular song was

„ Sej, a mi lobogónkat” ( a text was written by Ferenc Jankovich in 1947, melody was an old „csángó” folk music ), it was official song of NÉKOSZ

Many short political songs / „csasztuska” was written at that age.

Films Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

Three film types with their typical and famous songs:

1) a Hungarian freedom fighter, revolutionary history, pathetic and romantic films

Like: 1953: „ Rákóczi- hadnagya”

( Lieutenantof Rákóczi , Director: Bán Frigyes) or „ Feltámadott atenger” ( „Risen the sea”, directed by Kalman Nadasdy, Ranódy László )

Many parts of Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

Rákóczi hadnagya

can be found


Youtube. com

Films like d ryn directed by m rton keleti mrs d ry she was famous actress in xix century
Films, like „ Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Déryné” (directed by Márton Keleti, „Mrs. Déry”, she was famous actress in XIX. Century)

  • 2) Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”happy, musical comedies and operettes:


    „ Dalolva szép az élet” ( „ With singing life becomes beautiful ” directed by Keleti Márton)


    „ Mágnás Miska” („ Magnate Mick” )

1950 directed by keleti m rton dalolva sz p az let actors latab r k lm n tompa s ndor g zon gyula
1950 directed by Keleti Márton  - Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Dalolva szép az élet (actors: Latabár Kálmán, Tompa Sándor,  Gózon Gyula)

M gn s miska
Mágnás Miska Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”


As stupid aristocrats

Miklós GÁBOR

As Mágnás Miska


Songs of Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

Mágnás Miska

can be found


Youtube. com

Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Liliomfi” ( „Mr. Lilly jr.” historical

comedy, 1954 directed by Makk Károly – actors: Dajka Margit, Balázs Samu, Krencsey Marianne, Darvas Iván)

Can be found


Youtube. Com


3) Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Sportsfilm


  • Civil a pályán ( „ Civil on the football field” with famous sportspeakers: Szepesi György and Gulyás Gyula )

  • Kétszer kettő néha öt ( „ Two times two is sometimes five”, about sport gliders, 1954, with many popular songs, it’s on You tube too!!!!)

In cities
In cities… Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

Couples were rarely dancing in public, public halls were closed.

Hungarian Radio ( Magyar Rádió) boadcasting classical, labour movement and rarely „ esztrád”/ dancing songs…

Famous esztr d dance singers
Famous „esztrád” / dance-singers Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

Hollós Ilona ( 1920-98 )

Zsolnai Hédi ( 1924- 2004)

Ákos Stefi ( 1919-2005)

At countriside
At countriside…. Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

Till 1955 there was no radio- broadcasting and till 1957 there was no Tv- bradcasting for them …..

So young men and women dance and sing old fashioned songs …meet in barn-balls and in weddings..

Sixties years of soft dictatura
Sixties Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”: years of soft dictatura

„ Who is not

against us, is

with us”

( Kádár János)

Was supported
Was supported….. Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

- Classical music

  • Folk ( and Roma) music

  • labour movement songs

  • esztrád

Many previously banned musical styles Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”are allowed, like


- rock-and-roll

( American music style)

And there was no requirement to play sowiet music and style everywhere.

But hardrock and metal was prohibited

Many posibilities of entertainment were opened
Many posibilities of entertainment were opened Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

  • New caféhouses



    - Community centers

  • Táncdalfesztivál /dance song festival

    ( old got talented festival)

    for young performers

And fashionable dresses hair were allowed
And fashionable dresses, hair were allowed. Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

Famous dance singers
Famous dance-singers.. Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

Mikes Éva ( 1938-86)

Kovács Erzsi

( 1928-) on youtube!

Toldy Mária ( 1938-) on youtube too!

Mother of Andrea Malek

Sárosi Katalin Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

( 1930-2000)

Vámosi János and

Záray Márta ( duet)

Poór Péter


Aradszky László and Korda György are active singers now!

Handsome singers like ko s j nos
Handsome singers like Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Koós János

N meth lehel
Németh Lehel Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”


and lyric

Songs find


Youtube. com

For home parties
For Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”home parties…..

  • New musical radio -( later TV-) broadcasting ( model was Radio Luxemburg)

  • New edited Hungarian music albums and imported „western” albums

  • Many purchaseble tape recorder

WOW! Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

New style pop singers
New-style pop singers Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

  • Koncz Zsuzsa

  • Zalatnay Sarolta

  • Harangozó Teri

  • Komár László

  • Bródy János

  • Sztevanovity


New style pop bands
New-style Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”pop-bands

  • Illés zenekar / band

  • Express ( with Solymosi Tóni)

  • Metro

Famous m t p ter
Famous: Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Máté Péter

Singer, composer….

On youtube:

Egyszer véget ér..

( It will be finished

one day) Most élsz

( You live now)

Ez itt az én hazám

( This is my country)


Famous kov cs kati
Famous: Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Kovács Kati




And now kov cs kati
And now Kovács Kati Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

Famous zalatnay sarolta
Famous: Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Zalatnay Sarolta

On youtube:

Hosszú forró nyár

( Long hot summer)

Hol jár az eszem?

(What am I doing?)

Then and now
Then and now… Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

Famous koncz zsuzsa
Famous: Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Koncz Zsuzsa

On youtube too!!!

29 album!!!!

Ha én rózsa volnék

( If I were a rose)

Sárga rózsa

( Yellow rose)

Ahogy lesz, úgy lesz

Then and now1
Then and now Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”

METRO Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”




Famous harangoz bim bam teri
Famous: Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Harangozó („Bim-bam”) Teri

On Youtube:

Mindenkinek van egy álma (Everyone has a dream)

Azok a szép napok (Those good days…)

Famous band omega
Famous band: Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Omega

Many songs

On youtube


Ha én szél lehetnék

( If I could be a wind)

Petróleum lámpa


Famous band ill s egy ttes
Famous band: Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”Illés együttes

Ill s
ILLÉS Internacionálé” , „Marseilles”