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研究人员:彭丽垠 黄东龙 刘贵志 张泳坚 施宣景 李伟鸿 陈文章 颜家栋 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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研究人员:彭丽垠 黄东龙 刘贵志 张泳坚 施宣景 李伟鸿 陈文章 颜家栋. 课题研究:食品安全. 我国食品安全问题. 民以食为天,食以安为先。2011年我过食品安全乱象频出,从 “ 瘦肉精 ” 到 “ 染色馒头 ” ,从 “ 台湾塑化剂 ” 到 蒙牛牛奶被检测出 “ 致癌物 ” ,此起彼伏的食品安全事件刺痛我们的神经,拷问我国食品安全监管制度,更引起我们对我国食品的思考!

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研究人员:彭丽垠 黄东龙 刘贵志 张泳坚 施宣景 李伟鸿 陈文章 颜家栋

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  • 2011.3.15

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  • The Ministry of Agriculture dispatched an inspection group on Tuesday to look into the illegal use of clenbuterol, which is better known as "lean meat powder" in China. The powder is added to pig feed to lower the fat content.

  • lean meat powderpig feedspeed up muscle building fat burninglean-meat pigdizzinesscardiopalmusmalignant tumor

  • 2011.4

  • Food safety watchdog said Sunday the workshop in Wenzhou was suspected of producing thousands of steamed buns containing illegal yellow coloring every day for the past two months. Some of the tainted steamed buns were supplied to a local school.

  • tainted steamed bunsdyed steamed bunartificial coloringunlicensed steamed bun workshopcorn flour buns

  • 2011.5.24

  • DEHP

  • Taiwan island has been rocked by the scare, since industrial plasticizer was found in sports drinks.Investigators traced the chemical to an emulsifier produced by Yu Sheng Chemical, an additive company in Taiwan. It substituted palm oil with the plasticizer DEHP, which is known to cause cancer.Nearly two-hundred manufacturers have so far been found to have used the emulsifier. It's lead to nearly a million drinks being pulled from the shelves in Taiwan.

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  • plasticizerplasticizing agentpalm oilcut production costsendocrine disruptor substancesEDShormonemelamine

  • 2011.6

  • Recycled oil refers to edible oil of poor qualities, such as waste oil from restaurants, oil made from animal fats and oil used repeatedly

  • illegal cooking oilswill-cooked dirty oilkitchen wasteillegal cooking oilopen secret

  • The "illegal cooking oil" is usually made from discarded kitchen waste that has been refined, the report said, adding that the oil, which contains a highly toxic and carcinogenic substance called "aflatoxin", can cause cancer.

  • 2011.8

  • In a scandal that has rocked the soup-based food service industry , well-known noodle chain Ajisen Ramen has been accused of making their broths using soup concentrate and cheap flavoring powders. Known for a guarantee that all their soups come from a broth of pork bones simmered to perfection, Ajisen has been fumbling for an explanation to deflect these allegations of soup-based fraud.

  • soup concentrate

  • cheap flavoring powders

  • 2011.8.24

  • Ten Wal-Mart Stores in Chongqing municipality have been shut down after the retailers were charged with fraudulently selling ordinary pork as organic pork, according to the local administration of industry and commerce on Sunday.

  • organic pork

  • ordinary pork

  • 2011. 9.13

  • The use of essence in staple foods such as rice and buns is banned, according to China's food hygiene rules. Yet, the owner of a shop named Zhenggongfu in Beijing's Changping district said he adds the flavoring to meat to make it more appealing.

  • steamed stuffed buns with meat-flavor essenceimmune systemSwill-cooked dirty oilfood safetyunidentified additives

  • 20111224

  • A batch of Mengniu milk was found to contain excessive levels of flavacin M1 - a substance linked to liver cancer, the country's top quality watchdog said over the weekend. The batch did not reach the market, officials said.The Inner Mongolia-based Mengniu Dairy Group yesterday apologized to consumers and said the products involved have been destroyed. Flavacin M1 is found in food mold and can cause severe liver damage, including liver cancer. In 1998, the World Health Organization listed flavacin M1 as a Class A carcinogen. M1M11998M1

  • carcinogen flavacinmoldmoldliver infant formulamelamine

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