Over view on Good Governance, progress and challenges in Rwanda  .  Presentation meant for Development Partners meetin

Over view on Good Governance, progress and challenges in Rwanda . Presentation meant for Development Partners meetin PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2. Good Governance definition. Governance is as old as Society.It has many varying definitions. Its main mission is the well being of society.Underlying principles of governance are universalInstitutional frameworks and processes for governance differ across societies-respond to different histor

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Over view on Good Governance, progress and challenges in Rwanda . Presentation meant for Development Partners meetin

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1. 1 ’’Over view on Good Governance, progress and challenges in Rwanda’’. Presentation meant for Development Partners meeting; Kigali, Rwanda. 21-23/11/ 2006 Hon.MUSONI Protais Ministry of Local Government, Good Governance, Community Development and Social Affairs

2. 2 Good Governance definition Governance is as old as Society. It has many varying definitions. Its main mission is the well being of society. Underlying principles of governance are universal Institutional frameworks and processes for governance differ across societies-respond to different historical realities Governance must be legitimate through National ownership.

3. 3 Governance a pillar of vision vision 2020. United and prosperous nation founded on the positive values of its culture. Openness to the world and Diaspora. Committed to being a capable state, characterised by the rule of law that supports and protects all its citizens without discrimination. Social and economic transformation towards rapid development. Ensure good governance, which can be understood as accountability, transparency and efficiency in deploying scarce resources. People’s participation at the grassroots level promoted through the decentralisation process.

4. 4 Universal Elements of good Good Governance Participation Representativeness Transparency and accountability Efficiency and effectiveness Equity Respect for human rights Rule of law Separation of powers Visionary leadership and enlightened citizenry are fundamental to the realisation of these principles

5. 5 Good governance programs. Institutional strengthening and co-ordination Unity and reconciliation, Peace and Security. Social welfare of the population Private sector and civil society Economic planning and management

6. 6 Actors in Good Governance

7. 7 Achievements National reconstitution Restoration of relative peace and security of person and property: National reconciliation, resettlement and re-integration of the population Participative constitutional making process Constitutionalising and guaranteeing political and civic liberties (articles 33 – 39) National and local democratic elections Strengthening legislative authority and parliamentary control: Promoting and encouraging respect for Human Rights: Administering justice, law, and order

8. 8 Constitutional basis for political reconstitution (article 9) Fighting the ideology of genocide and all its manifestations Eradication of ethnic, regional and other divisions, and promotion of national unity Equitable sharing of power Building a state governed by the rule of law, a pluralistic democratic government, equality of Rwandans and between women and men reflected by ensuring that women are granted at least 30% of posts in the decision making organs Building a state committed to promoting social welfare and establishing appropriate mechanisms for ensuring social justice The constant quest for solutions through dialogue and consensus

9. 9 Achievements cont’d Promotion of gender equality and women empowerment Protecting and managing the environment Combating HIV/AIDS Reforming and strengthening the Civil service Promotion of media and right to information INVOLVEMENT OF CIVIL SOCIETY IN POLICY DIALOGUE AND IMPLEMENTATION

10. 10 Achievements cont’d Fostering transparent and accountable management of Public Affairs Developing the Human resources and capacity building

11. 11 Transparency and accountability Institutions created NTB, Ombudsman (2557/3056 ), NEC, AGO,RNEC, Anti Corruption Steering Committee, NHRC, JAF Programmes Public accountability day Performance contracts (IMIHIGO) CRC, CSC Monthly meeting at UMUDUGUDU level Oversight of institutions and programmes of Parliament and councils


13. 13 Challenges Poverty Diminished self esteem/confidence):- people's voice and pro-poor programs slowly changing the mindset. Insufficient Capacities :- (financial and human resources, infrastructure and operating environment ) Entrenched Culture of Centralism; Not enough community spirit, transparency and accountability cultural values;

14. 14 challenges Some degree of lack of Legal and policy framework due to reforms process Need for robust coordination of Local and National Planning processes Need to match resources to responsibilities at all levels

15. 15 Challenges cont’d The continued presence of both mind sets and activities of those who contributed to the genocide, deliberately undermining efforts of GoR Inability of codifying best practices and important National processes eg constitution making. Adequate communication on development consensus, priorities and achievements. Globalisation which has led to expectations of conformity to one global system or another (depending on who is funding you at the time)rather than support for emerging national models

16. 16 Future Priorities Carry out assessments and evaluations of existing governance programs to inform policy and program revision. Continued promotion of meaningful citizen participation through civic education, participatory planning and budgeting, CRC, democratisation etc Strenthening the processes and institutions of transparency, accountability, monitoring and evaluations Strenthening leadership capacity at all levels including change of mindsets Support good governance research institutions like GAC, OSSREA Deepen, integrate, support decentralisation program through RDSF

17. 17 Articulate in writing experiences gained in all good governance programs Continuation of National building, justice and reconciliation programs Continued improvement of partnership arrangements and consensus building. Create Clear framework and mechanism for extension of ICT facilities up to the sector level; Protect Rwanda’s most vulnerable citizens & enhance their lives and productivity

18. 18 Conclusion Since 1994 Rwanda has gone through stabilisation, recovery& reconstruction, institutional development to lay foundation for sustainable development. Basis of success has been dialogue consensus building and genuine partnership Can we now have open dialogue to build consensus on GOVRNANCE in RWANDA in this PARTNERSHIP forum?

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