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Welcome!. Please read the board carefully! . Drought – the new normal?. 2011 – worst 12 month period of drought recorded in Texas history Agriculture - $5 billion lost Wildfires Reservoirs down to 60% of water storage levels

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Please read the board carefully! 

Drought the new normal
Drought – the new normal?

  • 2011 – worst 12 month period of drought recorded in Texas history

  • Agriculture - $5 billion lost

  • Wildfires

  • Reservoirs down to 60% of water storage levels

  • More than 900 of the state’s 4700 water supply systems had water restrictions

  • February 2014 – officially back in drought in Houston

  • -data from Lone Star Sierran Fall-Winter 2011

5 ways to increase water availability
5 Ways to increase water availability

  • Build more dams – use more surface water

  • Use more groundwater - aquifers

  • Transfer water from other places

  • Desalinate water

  • Conserve water

Desalination get the salt out
Desalination – get the salt out!

  • How it works – three systems

    • Reverse osmosis

    • Freezing salt water – ice will be fresh

    • Distillation – boiling, then trapping the fresh steam

California water transfer project
California Water Transfer project



Being smart with the water we already have.

Conservation success
Conservation success

  • San Antonio – pumps no more water today than it did 20 years ago, despite the dramatic population increase in its service area in that same period of time!

  • Thanks to conservation!

  • San Antonio reduced its per capita use by more than 70 gallons.

Agriculture other losses

Saving water in agriculture

Saving water in agriculture reaches plant roots

Water sensors tell farmers when to irrigate
Water reaches plant rootssensors tell farmers when to irrigate

Water sensor on plant
Water sensor on reaches plant rootsplant!

Drip irrigation
Drip irrigation reaches plant roots

What about recycling water grey water
What about recycling water reaches plant roots? “Grey water”

Industry and big buildings
Industry and big buildings reaches plant roots

Even the alamo uses grey water
Even the Alamo uses grey water! reaches plant roots

  • Grey water is being used more in:

    • Golf courses

    • Sweeping streets

    • Fighting fires

    • Parks

    • Amenity lakes

Current texas water reuse 2
Current Texas water reuse 2% reaches plant roots

  • New technology cleans water to almost distilled quality

  • Eventually, 10% of water demand will come from reuse in Texas

Tradeoffs! reaches plant roots

  • Reuse will divert more water from rivers.

  • Less water downstream for people and wildlife

  • Before:

    • River  home  river

  • After:

    • River  home  land

  • Saving water at home

    Saving water at home reaches plant roots

    What can you do directly?

    Two sides to conservation
    Two sides to conservation reaches plant roots

    • Equipment/Fixtures

    • Behaviors

    Water saving toilets
    Water saving toilets reaches plant roots

    Make your own
    Make your own! reaches plant roots

    Aerating showers and faucets
    Aerating showers and faucets reaches plant roots

    Watering the landscape
    Watering the landscape reaches plant roots

    Brainstorm! reaches plant roots

    • What kind of behaviors in the home can conserve water?

    Check for understanding
    Check for understanding reaches plant roots

    • Why is conservation considered the easiest way to increase the amount of water available for use?

    • What is the name of the wasteful agricultural irrigation system?

    • Name a way to save water in agriculture.

    • Name a way to save water at home.

    • How are YOU responsible for the amount of water used in industry?

    • What is grey water?