Lesson 23: Words from French

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Voyage. voy

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Lesson 23: Words from French

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1. Lesson 23: Words from French Many Words from French end with -que, -gue, -et, or -age

2. Voyage voyage [voiij] n. a trip or journey, especially a long trip over water. My dream vacation would be an ocean voyage to Alaska.

3. Coupon coupon [k(y)oo pon] n. a ticket or advertisement that entitles the bearer to something. If you have a coupon, our supermarket gives you credit for twice the amount.

4. League league [l g] n. a group of people or organizations that join together for a common purpose. The Rams, Jets, and Titans are all members of the National Football League.

5. Prairie prairie [prr ] n. a large, open area of flat or hilly land that is covered with tall grasses. The prairie of the midwestern United States has been called a sea of grass.

6. Portrait portrait [prtrit or portr t] n. a rather formal painting or photograph of a person. An portrait usually shows the face and upper part of the body.

7. Buffet buffet [boo f ] n. a meal at which the a guests serve themselves from stationary platters of food. At a buffet, you can usually serve yourself as much and as often as you like.

8. Ballet ballet [bal or bal ] n. a kind of dance characterized by flowing, graceful movement. Dancers of ballet use formal steps and positions.

9. Bouquet bouquet [b ka or boo ka] n. a bunch of Flowers. We sent a bouquet of roses to Grandma on Mothers Day.

10. Dialogue dialogue [d lg or d log] n. a conversation between two or more people. How can we have a dialogue if you wont answer me?

11. Antique antique [an t k] n. something that was made very long ago, often especially valuable because of its age. That antique is from the late 1800s.

12. Unique unique [yoo n k] adj. like no other; being the only one of its kind: Hawaii is unique among the states of the United States because it is a group of volcanic islands located in the central Pacific Ocean.

13. Vague vague [v g] adj. not clear or definite. When the teacher asked where the state of Nevada is, Dave gave the vague answer, in the West.

14. Fatigue fatigue [f t g] n the condition of being very tired. The singer had to cancel his tour because he was suffering from extreme fatigue.

15. Technique technique [tekn k] n. a particular way of doing something or dealing with a problem. The difficulty of her program showed the pianists mastery of technique.

16. Plaque plaque [plak] n. a flat piece of wood or metal with an inscription on it. After ten years of service, an employee at our company receives a bonus and a plaque.

17. Camouflage camouflage [kam flzh] n. certain materials used to change the appearance of something in order to hide or protect it. The soldiers wore camouflage to protect themselves in the jungle.

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