Visitor Medical Insurance Is an Essential Purchase

Visitor Medical Insurance Is an Essential Purchase PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Visitor medical insurance is an essential purchase for those venturing abroad, especially when one considers the cost of receiving medical care in countries like the United States.

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Visitor Medical Insurance Is an Essential Purchase

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Slide 1:Visitor Medical Insurance Is an Essential Purchase

Slide 2:Visitor medical insurance is an essential purchase for those venturing abroad, especially when one considers the cost of receiving medical care in countries like the United States. This is why has introduced a range of medical and travel insurance packages to international travelers. Finding a quote is designed to be an easy process with no excess paperwork required.

Slide 3:It is a remarkable fact that a number of visitors to the shores of the United States fail to purchase adequate visitors health insurance before or even during their trip. For many, obtaining insurance seems rather unnecessary. However, because illness or injury is a possibility, health insurance is nothing but a good thing for travelers.

Slide 4:Medical expenses, when paid out of pocket, can be quite high in America. Should there be a need for lab tests or surgery, the cost could amount to thousands of dollars. This is why has designed packages with various coverage options.

Slide 5:The international travel insurance company’s recent announcement which stated that their visitor medical insurance packages can now be purchased easily online should come as a relief to travelers looking forward to seeing the sights of the U.S but worried about the issue of medical insurance.

Slide has developed their site to make it easy for tourists to purchase medical insurance from the comfort of home.

Slide 7:Instead of having to pore through hundreds of questions and fill in endless paperwork, those planning a trip to the United States must simply complete the form on the website which asks straightforward questions such as the visitor’s age, name, place of residence and amount of insurance required.

Slide 8: Once this information has been entered, the consumer just has to click the ‘quote’ button to be given a quote of their visitors medical insurance coverage.

Slide 9:To alleviate confusion, has also elected to explain the benefits of their insurance packages in plain language.

Slide 10:Possibly the best feature of their plans is the fact that a visitor to the United States can purchase travel insurance even after they have arrived in the States.

Slide 11:Therefore, stepping foot on U.S soil without coverage is not the problem it once was. Simply fill in the form as usual and the quotes will be supplied.

Slide 12:Features of the visitors medical insurance plans from include coverage ranging from $50,000 to $1 million.

Slide 13:Most travelers insurance covers costs such as emergency medical expenses including both inpatient and outpatient departments. Dental expenses and prescription drugs are also covered as are doctor’s office fees.

Slide 14: Customers can choose to pay no deductible for services (also known as payment required before the company starts the insurance process).

Slide 15:Plaudits for the company have come from far and wide with Aditya stating: “I purchased insurance from you and I am pleased to say that the customer service was excellent. The representative was very knowledgeable and guided me through the purchase. I would strong recommend you to my friends.”

Slide 16:The cost of visitor medical insurance is falling at a time when the cost of receiving medical treatment abroad is rising.

Slide 17:Therefore, it makes sense to purchase travel insurance to make sure that accidents do not result in the kind of expense that sends a student home without achieving their goal or sees a tourist become bankrupt after an innocuous fall turned their dream trip into a nightmare.

Slide 18: For more information about visitors health insurance and visitor medical insurance, please check out

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