Speaking activity who wants to be a millionaire
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Speaking Activity : Who wants to be a millionaire ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Speaking Activity : Who wants to be a millionaire ? . NICOLAS Mathieu FELIX Claire. What does “ Talk the hind legs off a donkey” mean ?. To talk a lot. To be stubborn. To say stupid things. To take a risk. What does “ Raining cats and dogs” mean ?. T o i nvent stories.

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Speaking Activity : Who wants to be a millionaire ?

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SpeakingActivity :Whowants to be a millionaire ?


FELIX Claire

Whatdoes“Talk the hind legs off a donkey” mean ?

To talk a lot

To bestubborn

To saystupidthings

To take a risk

Whatdoes“Raining cats and dogs” mean ?

To invent stories


The weatherisvery dry

To have a lot of problems

Whatdoes“Let the cat out of the bag” mean ?


To confess to someone

To looseyour pet

To reveal a secret

Whatdoes“Smell a rat” mean ?

To smellbad

To bemiserly, mean

To feelsmall

To suspect somethingiswrong

Whatdoes“Pigs might fly” mean ?

Somethingthereis no chance of happening


There is a lot of wind

You are veryinattentive

Whatdoes“The early bird catches the worm” mean ?

If youwake up early, youwill


The strongestalwayswin

The story you’rebeeingtoldisboring

Never give up yourdreams

Whatdoes“To have a frog in one’s throat” mean ?

To snore

To surprised by something

To beunable to speakclearly

To have an enoyingvoice

Whatdoes“To have other fish to fry” mean ?

To have a lot of work

To be a seducer

To have otherthings to do

To be a hustler

Whatdoes“Got a tiger by the tail” mean ?

To taketo manyrisks

Somethingtoodifficult to manage

To win a price

To go huntingveryearly

Whatdoes“To bug someone” mean ?

To makesomeonefall in love withyou

To misleadsomeone

To benoisy

To irritatesomeone

Whatdoes“Like a bull in a china shop” mean ?

A clumsyperson

Like a friend

Like a stranger

Like a very virile chinese man

Whatdoes“As a duck takes to water” mean ?


To love swimming

To have nothing to do in a particular place

To bewet

Whatdoes“A cock and bull story” mean ?

An unfortunatelytrue story

A doubtful story

A false story

A gossip

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