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Presented by: Carol Yang( 楊思屏 ) Phone: 02-2522-5915 Email: [email protected] PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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eBooks on SciVerse ScienceDirect Powered by Elsevier. Presented by: Carol Yang( 楊思屏 ) Phone: 02-2522-5915 Email: [email protected] 大綱. 資源內容的特色 操作特色與模式 個人化服務和訊息管道 未來趨勢與策略. ELSEVIER :資源內容特色. SciVerse ScienceDirect :不僅有電子書的全文資料庫. Elsevier , 全世界最大 STM 學術期刊出版機構

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Presented by: Carol Yang( 楊思屏 ) Phone: 02-2522-5915 Email: [email protected]

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eBooks on SciVerse ScienceDirect

Powered by Elsevier

Presented by: Carol Yang(楊思屏)

Phone: 02-2522-5915

Email: [email protected]

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  • 資源內容的特色

  • 操作特色與模式

  • 個人化服務和訊息管道

  • 未來趨勢與策略

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SciVerse ScienceDirect:不僅有電子書的全文資料庫

  • Elsevier, 全世界最大STM學術期刊出版機構

  • SciVerse ScienceDirect

    • 全文資料庫包含:電子書、手冊、叢書、參考工具書、期刊

    • 單一平台上超過 2,500 種期刊(含現刊、已停刊、移出資料庫)並擁有10,182,938篇全文

    • 體貼方便服務:Alerts 新知通報(1)Volume/Issue Alert 期刊卷期(2)SearchAlert 檢索策略(3)Topic Alert 主題(4)Top 25 Articles 全球熱門下載25大

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  • 10 M Articles

  • 15 K Books

  • 15 K Vedios

  • 41 M Records

  • Smart tools to track and analyze research

  • Patents

  • Institutional Repositories

  • Societies

  • A knowledge sharing community of experts in various fields

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Books書籍: 72%

Books書籍: 58%

Books書籍: 32%

Books書籍: 55%

Books Backlist





Book Frontlist新書

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Niels Bohr Physics

Louis Pasteur(Chemistry)

Alexander Fleming


Albert Einstein Physics

George F. Smoot Physics

John C. Mather Physics

Roger D. Kornberg Chemistry

Craig C Mello Medicine

Elsevier: 領導電子書出版的世代傳承

The Publishing House of Elzevir was first established in 1580 by Lowys Elzevir. Jacobus George Robbers established the modern Elsevier Company in 1880

Galileo published his “Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche, intoro a due nuoue scienze”—his last work with Elzevir despite being banned by the Inquisition. Recognized as the 1st important work of modern physics.

Sir Alexander Fleming edited a book about a revolutionary new antibiotic:

“Penicillin: Its Practical Application” in 1946.`

Anatomy” in 1858 was a landmark for the study of the human anatomy and in many

The publication of “Gray’s Anatomy” in 1858 was a landmark for the study of the human anatomy and in many ways for the whole of medicine.

Nobel Prize winners published with Elsevier

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Renowned Authors & Editors—and Imprints

A comparison between 900 book authors who published with Elsevier vs. another major publisher

Highly acclaimed imprints

  • Academic Press

  • Butterworth-Heinemann (business, technology)

  • Syngress and Digital Press (computing)

  • Elsevier Science

  • Gulf Professional Publishing (petroleum / petrochemical processing)

  • Morgan Kaufmann (computer science)

  • Newnes (electrical / electronic engineering)

  • North-Holland (mathematics)

  • Pergamon

  • William Andrews

More Established

More Cited

Better Rated

Elsevier Authors

Other Major Publisher Authors

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更容易取得 & 更大彈性


  • 共享性:無限制使用者

  • 靈活性:無使用限制,可供下載及列印

  • 可得性:無數位版權限制

Anywhere… 隨地

Source: University of Tennessee eBooks study, Nov. 2007

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Cited By Counts for Advances in Cancer Research


Encyclopedia of Neurosciences

H-index of Gerry T.M Altmann

Cancer Cell

Current Biology


Learning & Memory

Advances in Cancer Research

H-index of Paul W. Glimcher

Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience



Signal Processing for Neuroscientists

Citation Database

Integrated book and journal content—and citation tools across a diverse range of subjects


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Powerful and integrated search l.jpg


Powerful and integrated search

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分章閱讀, 易於使用

  • Favorites:可加入至線上書櫃,方便日後使用

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提供 PDF 等全文內容

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工具箱: 提供多樣功能, 方便進階使用或分享

1. Download PDF :下載全文2.Export Citation: 轉出書目資料至書目管理軟體3. E-mail Article: Email 全文連結, 分享同儕



(Digital Object Identifier)

取得更多SciVerse ScienceDirect 資料庫中相關聯的文章

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Live Chat 線上即時互動 - 專人指導

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  • 註冊帳號密碼

    • 合法IP內,隨時可註冊;與Scopus共用帳號密碼

    • 使用完整的個人化功能


First Name + Family Name = Username例: C.H. + Tsai = chtsai

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Quick Link :首頁


不論是SD 的功能或常用的任何外部網頁皆可

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自學輔助工具: Elsevier台灣官網

  • 造訪我們網站

    點選 => 線上產品 => ScienceDirect => 研究推廣輔助資源

  • 可自行下載:中文教育訓練PPT & 快速參考指南 & 影音教育訓練教材

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Exponential Growth in number of titles on ScienceDirect since 2006 launch

15 books

10,600 online books &

integrated journal articles in a diverse range of subjects

10,600 online books &

integrated journal articles in a diverse range of subjects

10,600 online books &

integrated journal articles in a diverse range of subjects

15 books

Online Books on ScienceDirect:

230 titles in 2006 – 10,600 in 2009

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收藏主題 包羅萬象

  • Agricultural and Biological Sciences

  • Biochemistry, Genetics & Molecular Biology

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Science

  • Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Energy

  • Engineering

  • Environmental Science

  • Finance

  • Forensics

  • Immunology and Microbiology

  • Material Sciences

  • Mathematics

  • Medicine and Dentistry

  • Neuroscience

  • Pharmacology, Toxicology & Pharmaceutical

  • Physics and Astronomy

  • Psychology

  • Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine

  • New Collection:

  • Business Management

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Media Technology

  • Clinical Medicine

  • Health Professions

  • Veterinary Medicine

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A ScienceDirect mobile website and a ScienceDirect application will launch this summer



  • Generic ScienceDirect App

  • 通用ScienceDirect應用服務

  • Provides the most important SD productivity tasks, any time and anywhere

  • 隨時隨地提供最重要的SD學術產出任務

  • Search, Browse, Article view, PDF view

  • 檢索、瀏覽、文章閱讀、PDF閱讀

  • Highly personalized with interactive features, alerts and journals

  • 以互動、快訊和期刊功能做到高度個人化

  • Article content delivered in html

  • 文章內容以html文件形式

  • Alerts, annotation and sharing

  • 快訊、註釋和共享

Recent articles based on personalized alert settings


Offline library of saved articles


SD Search

SD 檢索

Interactive article with quick access sections; images cover-flow; high-res zoom in/out


Co-Branding with library's mobile website link


Easy and offline access to favorite journals


iPhone app available to users at subscribing institutes only.iPhone應用服務只限於有訂閱的用戶。

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  • 85% 的研究者和83% 的館員傾向線上參考書

  • 依靠研究人員來獲得必要的跨學科背景和基礎知識,繼而在在自己的領域和各相關學科的角度進行比較

  • 連結至相關電子書、期刊和工具書 → 促進研究過程

  • 2009 Reference Works on ScienceDirect

  • Encyclopedia of Neuroscience (print)

  • Encyclopedia of Inland Waters

  • Encyclopedia of Microbiology 3e

  • Hormones, Brain and Behavior 2e

  • Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences (print)

  • Comprehensive Chemometrics

  • Encyclopedia of Electrochemical Power Sources

  • Encyclopedia of Basic Epilepsy Research

  • International Encyclopedia of Human Geography

  • Encyclopedia of Consciousness

  • Shrier's Corrosion

  • Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry, V. 7

  • Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology 3e

Top Cited Reference Work on ScienceDirect

Source: Survey responses from 300 librarians & 500 researchers, 2008


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  • 越來越多學術科學和技術電子書在SDOL上可供閱讀: Books that are geared to upper level graduates and above:

    • Monographs

    • Text reference

    • Professional reference

    • Closed or irregularly published series

  • 高品質的出版商:

    • Academic Press; Pergamon; Elsevier Science; North-Holland; Butterworth-Heineman

  • 2010年的回溯性文獻書單已在去年十月上網公布

  • Top Cited eBook on ScienceDirect

    Slide28 l.jpg



    Top Cited Series on ScienceDirect

    • 權威的評論和文章,以及時下熱門討論的研究

    • 藉由叢書的條理性來擴充各方主題的知識

    • 提供從圖書館到研究室中實用的文章

    • 提高上下相關的文獻摘要

    • 回溯性文獻: 更多內容,花更少的成本

    • 78% of Librarians surveyed said they would replace their printed Elsevier/Academic Press with online Books Series


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    手冊Handbook Series:


    • 具有長達多年的研究成果,並具有長遠、長足的發展

    • 在成熟的研究領域中具有權威性,且可完備的搜尋相關文獻

    • 各章節皆可獨立使用、搜尋

    • 由高引用度具權威性的作者撰寫

    • 定期更新

    • 六種手冊系列:

      • Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry; Handbook of Numerical Analysis; Handbook of Statistics; Handbook on Magnetic Materials; Handbooks in Economics Series; Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths

    “Online handbooks offer quick reference on a variety of topics—and a preferable way of keeping them available on a wider scale.”

    Najwa Hanel, Librarian, University of Southern California, USA


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    SciVerse 問答集

    • 平台是否另外收費?


    • 是否會整合所有 Elsevier 產品?

      →所有產品都會陸續整合進入 Sciverse (例:EV→2011)

    • 過去 SDOL 使用經驗是否能運用在 SciVerseScienceDirect?

      →仍保留 SDOL 過去的操作方式,但增加更多元的元素

    • SDOL URL 是否會改變?

      →不會改變,會自動轉址至 SciVerseScienceDirect資料庫

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    Thank You!

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    “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”


    -Charles Darwin on Evolution

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