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Massage Therapy: Choosing The Right Massage Oil

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Massage Therapy: Choosing The Right Massage Oil - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Massage therapy is a natural way to recover from a sore body. Massage helps in relaxing the muscles and improving the blood flow, which assists in feeling rejuvenated.

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Massage Therapy: Choosing The Right Massage Oil

Massage therapy is a natural way to recover from a sore body. Massage helps in relaxing the muscles

and improving the blood flow, which assists in feeling rejuvenated. If you live a life where making

time for exercise is impossible, consider enrolling with a massage therapist to give your muscles the

necessary workout. When you go in for the massage, one important step would be to determine

which oil the therapist would be using. You generally get the option of selecting the oil of your

preference for the massage. Here are a few pointers to guide you on how to select your massage oil.

What type of a massage do you want?

There are two types of massages – low-friction and high-friction. Low friction massages are used for

muscle relaxation purposes, and require heavier, slipper oils which do not absorb quickly into the

skin. This enables the therapist to glide his hands easily on your skin. Low-friction massages are used

for deep-tissue treatment and sports purposes. Lighter oils absorb easily, but still leave enough

slipperiness to help the massage therapist carry out his job well.

What would you be doing after your massage?

Some people live on the fly and jump from one activity to the next. For such people, lighter oils that

get absorbed easily are the best choice. This is because heavier oils remain sticking to the body even

after massages. You may not have access to a shower to wash it off. Select heavier oils only when

you know you can wash it off immediately after massage.

Do you like fragrances?

Massage therapies come with aroma benefits. There are a wide range of fragrances to choose from,

for example, rose, lavender, eucalyptus, etc. All these oils come with different benefits. You can

choose whichever fragrance pleases your senses the most. Some people do not like to step out

smelling like oils; if you happen to be one of them; scentless oils are the ones for you.

Are you allergic?

If you are allergic to nuts or flowers, checking out the composition of the oil is going to save you a lot

of trouble. Natural oils made from seed extracts or flowers may cause problems for you. There are a

wide range of oils available that you can choose which will not aggravate your allergies. Ask your

massage therapist for options.

What is the purpose of your massage?

If you suffer from inflammations or swellings, soreness in muscles or stiff joints, you can choose

therapeutic massage oils. These oils contain menthol, arnica and other healing ingredients which

bring the swelling down and help in improving blood circulation.

Use the guide above to select the oils that work the best for you while massages. For more

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