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Eye Injuries. WELCOME. Anatomy of the Eye:. Parts of the Eye:. Conjunctiva: Thin membrane covering the eye Sclera: The whites of the eye Cornea: The fixed focus lens Aqueous Lens: The fluid that fills a small chamber behind the cornea The Iris: The coloured part of the eye

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Parts of the eye
Parts of the Eye:

  • Conjunctiva:

    Thin membrane covering the eye

  • Sclera:

    The whites of the eye

  • Cornea:

    The fixed focus lens

  • Aqueous Lens:

    The fluid that fills a small chamber behind the cornea

  • The Iris:

    The coloured part of the eye

  • The Pupil:

    The hole inside the iris ring

Parts of the eye1
Parts of the Eye:

  • The Vitreous Humour:

    Thick jelly like fluid that fills the eyeball and keeps it firm

  • Retina:

    The curved back layer of the eye covered in light sensitive cells ( roots & cones) that can see shapes, colours & patterns

  • Optic Nerve:

    Sends info from the retina to the brain.


Casualty Sheet:

  • Mechanism of injury – How did it happen, safety glasses, time frame, welding?

  • Were they wearing contacts?

  • Was it a projectile object?

  • Was force involved?

  • Was the pt working with metal or in an environment where there may be metal debris?

Eye injuries1
Eye Injuries:

  • Flying Particles

  • Foreign Bodies

  • Welding flashes

  • Chemicals

  • Sharp tools or objects

  • Blunt tools or objects

Foreign body
Foreign Body:

  • Depending on what it is and how the injury happened, a FB may pierce the eye and cause serious injury or may simply go away with nil long term problems.

    Symptoms Include:

  • Sharp pain in your eye – followed by burning, irritation tearing and redness

  • Feeling that something is moving around the eye when it is closed

  • Scratching sensation over your eye when blinking

  • Blurred vision or loss of vision in the affected eye

  • Bleeding into the white part of the eye OR the coloured area – this indicates a significant injury.

  • Can’t stand the light

Foreign body eye
Foreign Body Eye:

Examine the eye:

  • Ask the pt where they feel the irritation or scratching is?

  • Irrigate with normal saline

  • Invert the upper eyelid with cotton bud - How?

  • If visible with the naked eye –can remove with wet cotton bud-gently swipe.

Foreign body1
Foreign Body:

  • Rubbing may scratch or push the FB in further (Corneal abrasion)

  • Eye wash in some cases may be enough

  • FB will often hide behind the upper eyelid

  • Will scratch if not removed

Rust ring to eye
Rust Ring to Eye:

  • URGENT : Vision can be effected

  • Note with metal rings can occur if not removed


  • Eye wash

  • Look at the pupil – are they equal

  • Always ask pt if improvement post eye wash

  • Always ask the pt to return 2 hours post wash - either to you or Medical centre

  • A FB Especially metal can cause blindness if not treated (rust rings start within 3 hours)

  • Corneal Abrasions have good outcome (Heal in 48hrs) if treated early with AB eye ointment


  • Despite irrigating the eye. There may be FB that cannot be seen with the naked eye and needs to be examined closer – contact the OHN

  • OHN -If needed during working Hours an Ophthalmologist App can be organised.

Chemical burns
Chemical Burns:

  • Wash immediately with copious amounts of water

  • Get MSDS

  • Treatment essential OHN

  • Usually treated 2-3L N/Saline.

  • Sent off for further treatment

  • Lead to infection, scarring, loss of sight

Penetrating eye injuries
Penetrating Eye Injuries:

  • Sharp or blunt injuries

  • Medical Emergency

  • Potentially cause blindness

  • Preventable


  • Infection Eye

  • General Health Issue

  • Watery

  • Redness

  • Itchy

  • Irritation

Flash burns
Flash Burns:

  • Welding without safety shield or standing close to someone welding

  • Usually occurs 6-12 hours after event

  • Inflammation of the cornea (the clear tissue that covers the front of the eye)

  • Like sunburn in the eye

  • Usually heals in 1 – 2 days without leaving a scar

  • If not treated can lead to infection


  • Pain mild or severe

  • Bloodshot eyes

  • Light sensitivity

  • Watery eyes

  • Blurred vision

  • The feeling of having something in your eye


  • Examination of the eye – stain eye

  • Phenylepherine drops ( FB must be excluded prior to use)

  • May require panadiene forte

  • Antibiotics

  • Review by ophthalmologist