Ken Moule – Chief Technical Officer
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Ken Moule – Chief Technical Officer. Enterprise Mobility Planning for success by understanding the stakeholders. Ken Moule – Chief Technical Officer. Paper delivered at the Government Mobility and App Solution Conference Melbourne - May 21 to 22 nd 2014.

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Presentation Transcript

Enterprise Mobility

Planning for success by

understanding the stakeholders

Ken Moule – Chief Technical Officer

Paper delivered at the

Government Mobility and App Solution Conference

Melbourne - May 21 to 22nd 2014

The Changing face of Business Mobility

Spread sheets, word processors

Generally IT and application savvy

Small user numbers

Road warrior laptops



General Public

Managed information access

Limited functions

Very large user numbers

Web Sites Apps

Field Services


Structured work environment

Single focus systems

Large user numbers

Very mobile and remote

Tablets and phones

Field Services Crews

Application Areas

Asset Inspectors

Maintenance Workers

Legislative Compliance

Community Workers

Safety Inspectors

Contractor Audits

Typical Operations

Swimming Pool Fences

Environmental Inspections

Dog Licenses

Playground Equipment Safety Checks

Barbeque Maintenance

Tree Safety

Road Defects

Footpath Safety

Current State of Play

Electronic in the office

Paper in the field

The Changing World


Relentless march for cost savings and efficiency

We need to be seen as moving with the times

Game Changers

Mobile Device Savvy Public

Greater understanding of Maps and GPS

Wireless Services

New Devices


Resistance to hange

Older generation managers

IT department innovation fatigue

Sunk cost of Asset System Investments

Technology and work process understanding

Business Stakeholders

Who gives a damn and what do they care about

Mayors and Councillors

Keep the public happy

Chief Executive Officer

Best practice and get the job done

IT Manager

Keep it simple – keep it running

Business Unit Manager

Budgets and Outcomes


Deliver instructions – monitor works

Field Crews

Tell me what to do and help me get on with it

My Perfect World

Help Me With

Field Crews

Easily locate work sites

Clear instructions

Move on quickly

Map based tasking

Single focus IT systems

Simplified data entry

Get it done

Wireless data

Automated data updates


Simplified Dispatch

Timely updates

Herd the Cats

Business Unit


Streamlined Operations


Electronic Records

Simplified Reporting




Satisfy the Bosses

Electronic Data

On the spot validation

Common software across departments

Reliable managed service

Configurable off-the-shelf

Clean Data



IT Manager

Keep it Running

Customer Ride Along Log

Business Case

Time saving per crew day

x crew cost per day

x no of crews

= $ Per annum saving

- Project costs


Time is money – what it really costs



  • Field Crew

  • Download electronic instructions

    • Drive straight to first work site

      • Do and document the works

    • Drive straight to next work site

      • Do and document the works

      • ..

      • ..

      • ..

  • Field Crew

  • Arrive at Depot

    • Go to office and pick up instructions

    • Locate the first worksite

      • Do the work

    • Locate the second worksite

      • Do the work

    • Return to depot

    • Fill out the paper work

    • Deliver paper work to office

  • Go Home

  • Support Staff

    • Pick up paper work

    • Enter into computer

    • Check details with field crew


Time sapping manual workflows

Field Crew


Navigate to the worksite

Positively identify worksite


Street Addresses are not enough - many trees and facilities share the same address (the address of the park)

Field Crew

Electronic Forms

Read paper form

Mark site on UBD



Fill out paper work

Call work crew to correct errors and omissions

Enter details at field site

On-the-spot data validation

Stakeholder Benefit

Map linked forms get the job done more easily

Field Crew

Drive to depot

Go to office and pick up paper work

(have coffee, chat to co-workers)

Return to vehicle



Return to depot

Fill out paper

Take to office

Wireless Data

(sometimes connected)

Download instructions



Auto upload completion details

Stakeholder Benefit

Wireless data saves visits to the office

Field Crew

Wireless data black spots near Melbourne

Sometimes Connected

Resilience to ensure robust service delivery in the face of intermittent connectivity

Stakeholder Benefit

On line-off line capability with maps and data held on the device lets crews can work outside mobile coverage

Field Crew

Assign tasks

Print work orders

Track assignment

Paperless Tasking

Electronic assignment and dispatch

Automated record keeping

Stakeholder Benefit

No more lost paper forms. A central registry of who is doing what…


Status updates

Service status queries

Sort through papers

Phone to re-assign

Fully informed

Speed of Command

Stakeholder Benefit

Continually updated registry of work status to respond to queries



Network Centric Management

Stakeholder Benefit

Empower sympathetic local decision making by keeping everyone updated on what is going on


Electronic Records

Budget Worries

Reporting Overhead

Quality Control Concerns

Work Progress Documentation

Automated KPI tracking

Productivity and Accountability

Stakeholder Benefit

Let it all happen with a minimum of fuss…

Business Unit Manager

Standardised Operation

Too much Software

Confused Processes

Security Concerns

Dirty Data

Corporate Implementation

Standard Operating Environment

Robust COTS with SaaS Data Services

Validated Electronic Data

Standard Interfaces

Stakeholder Benefit

Standardisation and automation reduce the work load

IT Manager

Keys to a Successful Project

Business Outcomes

Politicians and Managers

Citizens and Customers

Shareholders and Voters


Field Staff

Back-end services

Whole of Business Approach

Empowering Business Outcomes

Keys to a Successful Project

  • Understanding stakeholder needs

  • Understanding the working environment

  • Addressing the main pain points

  • Structurally correct business workflow

  • Project Evangelist

  • Management Support

  • Stay the course



Business Case