wild wombats
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Wild wombats

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Wild wombats - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wild wombats. Presented By Brandt. What are Wombats. wombats are shy marsupial that looks like small fluffy bears that has two arms and two legs. They weigh about 90 LB. What does wombats look like. Wombats look like small little bears.

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wild wombats

Wild wombats

Presented By Brandt

what are wombats
What are Wombats
  • wombats are shy marsupial that looks like small fluffy bears that has two arms and two legs.
  • They weigh about 90 LB.
what does wombats look like
What does wombats look like
  • Wombats look like small little bears.
  • They have a split top lip so they can tear and eat their food.

HI!! wombat rock

wombats have unusual features
wombats have unusual features
  • A female wombat has a pouch for their Joey.
  • Wombats have four legs and grow to be four 45 inches.
where do wombats live
Where do Wombats live

Wombats live in southeastern coastal region of Australia.

And it is so cute when it sleeps, they sleep on their back with their feet in the air.

wombats live
wombats live
  • Wombats live in Australia.
  • Wombats dig burrows that has two or more exits.
wombats eat weird things
Wombats eat weird things

Well you now what the split top lip is for to tear their food but do you now what they eat.

They eat plants not animals.

why eating my food!!!

what w ombats eat
What Wombats eat
  • they eat plants, roots and grass.
  • often when it is dark they go out of their brow and they try to get grass or plants rely close to their brow so they want get eaten.

stop eating my food!!!

now start loving me!!!

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