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Ning network
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Ning network. Unity and Diversity with European Traditional Games. Le Loroux Bottereau (France) Isernia ( Italy ) Wschova ( Poland ) Boscoitos (Portugal) La Robla ( Spain ). MAIN PAGE. NETTIQUETTE FOR TRADIGAMES

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Ning network

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Ning network


Unity and DiversitywithEuropeanTraditionalGames

  • Le LorouxBottereau (France)

  • Isernia (Italy)

  • Wschova (Poland)

  • Boscoitos (Portugal)

  • La Robla (Spain)

Ning network



- Always use acceptable and politelanguage.- Makesurethatanypicturesor videos youupload are acceptable. - Thecommonlanguage in thisprojectisEnglish. Anyotherlanguageisforbidden.

- Be carefullaboutyour personal data: never show phonenumbers, addressesoranyother personal information.- Ifyoueverreceiveunpleasantoroffensivemessagesfromanyone, informyourteacherstraightaway. 

-  Show aninterest in theotherculture. Ask questions, findout, comment!

- The “Tradigames” networkis ONLY forthe use of students and teachersparticipating in theproject. Theaim of theprojectisto share yourexperiencesontraditionalgames and share yourculturebyusingEnglishlanguage. Thisisnot a private social networklikefacebookto chat withyourfriends!

Instructionforrecent and new members:

1. Whenyou are approved in thenetworkpleasejoinyourcorrespondentgroup so thatwe can distinguishstudentsfromteachers and nationalities.

2. Thenwrite a briefintroduction of yourself in your page (text box in "my page") and dragittothefirst place, as you can see in the "examplemember", student (hellokitty).

3. Uploadanimageforyourprofile. Itisnotnecessary a personal photo, justanimagetodistinguishmembers (likehellokitty).

4. Customize "MY PAGE" (usingthisbuttonontheleftuppercorneryou can changecolours, themes, fonts... tomakeyour page as youwhant)

How customize my page

Howcustomize “My page”


Write here an introduction about yourself and move the box to the first place.

You can add also more information, images, videos… links of interest…

Ning network

Howcustomize “My page”


ChangingappearancebyusingtheDesign Studio

Withoutchangingappearance, theme.

Ning network


My Page (introductions)

Blog (id cards of games and debates)

Forum(topics - discussions)

Chat (synchronouscomunication)

Private or public


  • PUBLIC = Anyone can seeit.

  • Post status (likethewall of facebook)

  • Commentson videos, photos….

  • Commentwall in “my page”

  • Chat in MainRoom

  • Blogs and Forum

  • PRIVATE = onlywhoyouwant can seeit

  • Messages (youchosefirstthepersonyouwanttosendthemessage)

  • Private Chat (byclickingfirstonthepersonyouwantto chat)

Posting photos


Bestway of postingphotos:

My page >> My photos >> +AddPhotos

Whenyouupload a photoyoushouldwrite a briefdescription and you can alsocreateanalbumifthey are goingtobe more photos of thesamesubject.

Ning network

Once youhavepostedyourphotoyou can modifyordeleteitbytheOptionsmenu (youclickfirstonthephotoyouwanttoeditordelete)

Ning network

posting videos

1. Upload video in youtubeor similar

2. Copythe link ortheembedcode

Ning network

posting files

Appartfromphotos and videos, you can alsoupload files byusingthisbutton

Then, we can upoload files in a blog post, in a box text… everywherewefindthisbutton. Thefilewillbeshown as a link and whenyouclickonityoudownloadthefile.

(I waswrongwhen I saiditwasnotpossible)

Ning network

Email Notifications

Ifyoudon’twanttoreceive emails fromthe Network you can customizewhatyouwanttoreciveoreventurn off allthe emails usingtheSettingsOptions.



Itis true thatsometimesthere are a lot of messages and can be a bit boringbutitisthebestwaytoknowwhatis happening in theplatform! Ifyouhaveproblem of space, justdeletethemessagewhenyoureadit!

Ning network

That’sall at themoment.

Ifyouhavedoubts and needtoclarifysomething, pleasecontactwith me usingtheplatformorby email.

Eva Moncalián

Thankyou !

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