5 Signs You Have a Drainage Problem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

5 signs you have a drainage problem
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Here are a few signs of bad drainage that can help you tackle the problem before it becomes bigger..

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5 Signs You Have a Drainage Problem

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5 signs you have a drainage problem

5 Signs You Have a Drainage Problem


1 water stains on the floor or basement

1. Water stains on the floor or basement

  • Water stains can show up anywhere depending on where the problem is located.

  • If you notice water stains in the basement, or have a puddle every time you water the lawn, you have a drain problem.

2 cracks in your home s foundation

2. Cracks in your home’s foundation

  • Most of the small cracks that appear on houses happen due to natural settlement of the structure and are harmless, but bigger cracks are worth a second look.

3 flaking on walls

3. Flaking on walls

  • If you notice some areas of your walls are flaking off in chunks, you may have a long time problem with your drainage that hasn’t yet been fixed.

4 mildew on walls or roofs

4. Mildew on walls or roofs

  • Having a white or grayish layer of mildew on your walls or roof can be the sign of a serious problem with your drains and can represent a real hazard to your family’s health.

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