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Learning to Program with Python. Sec 9-1 Web Design. Objectives for the Rest of the Year. To understand the basic concepts of computer programming in a high-level language (Python) To understand and use functions and modularity.

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Objectives for the rest of the year
Objectives for the Rest of the Year

  • To understand the basic concepts of computer programming in a high-level language (Python)

  • To understand and use functions and modularity.

  • To be able to use control flow constructs to form useful programs.

  • To understand simple data structures.

  • To be able to solve problems in relation to writing programs.

  • To be able to test and debug programs.


  • For the remainder of the year we will be using the book “Learning Computing with Robots”

  • Text is on the website in today’s homework section

  • You will need to read!

Materials continued
Materials- continued

  • Scribbler Robots

    • The Scribbler is a fully programmable, intelligent robot with multiple sensor systems that let it interact with people and objects.

    • It navigates on its own as it explores its surroundings, and then reports back about what it senses using light and sound.

  • Fluke Card

  • Bluetooth adaptor


  • Create a “myPython” folder either on your desktop or in “My Docs”

  • Download “Start Python” from today’s homework and place it your myPython folder.

  • On your PC you will find

    • Bluetooth Manager in your taskbar.

Final project
Final Project

  • Your robot will be placed in a an area

  • Somewhere in the area will be:

    • Solid Colored Object

      • Assume Yellow, Orange, Red or Green

  • Your robot will need find and run into the object and stop.

What do you need to know
What do you need to know?

  • Given the Robot, Fluke, Bluetooth adaptor, IDLE software and Bluetooth Manager…

    • What do you need to know to complete the final project?


  • We have nine robots to use for this class.

  • You will need to divide into teams of 3-4.

  • I expect every member of the team to contribute.

  • I will require each member to show me their contributions and be able to explain them to me.

  • Success of your team will depend on your work

Rest of today
Rest of Today

  • Download the book from the Web. This may take a while.

  • Form teams – We will start using the robots tomorrow.

    • Once you have a team you can pick a robot. That robot will your team’s robot for the rest of the year.

      • Don’t break your robot!

      • Don’t lose your Bluetooth dongle.

      • I don’t have spares!