8th Grade Science TAKS Test

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Seven Steps to Success. 1. Read the ENTIRE question. . The chart above shows the elevation of the high and low tides in June. What is the relationship between high and low tides on the chart above? . Seven Steps to Success. 2. Underline the important information. . The chart above shows the elevatio

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8th Grade Science TAKS Test

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1. 8th Grade Science TAKS Test Test Taking Strategies

2. Seven Steps to Success 1. Read the ENTIRE question.

3. Seven Steps to Success 2. Underline the important information.

4. Seven Steps to Success 3. Circle the actual question.

5. Seven Steps to Success 4. Observe any charts, graphs, data tables, or pictures.

6. Seven Steps to Success 5. Reread the question.

7. Seven Steps to Success 6. Choose the correct answer.

8. Seven Steps to Success 7. Rate it ?=positive, ?=pretty sure, or ?=unsure.

9. Finalize Your Answers Count your stars!

10. Finalize Your Answers Bubble

11. Finalize Your Answers 2 Finger Check

12. Practice Mary has two blocks. She wants to compare the mass and volume of both, so she places them in identical buckets filled with the same volume of water. Each block sinks slowly, and the picture below shows them as they are about to sink. She measures the change in water level with rulers.

13. Practice This demonstration was designed to show how environmental factors can affect the movement of water across a plant cell’s membrane. Water moving into the cell will increase the turgor pressure, while water moving out of the cell will decrease the turgor pressure. According to this information, which order of beakers will show the celery and potato slices from those with the MOST turgor pressure to those with the LEAST turgor pressure?

14. Other Useful Tips Red Flag Words

15. Other Useful Tips Beware of Distracters

16. Other Useful Tips Opposite Answers

17. Other Useful Tips Restate the Vocabulary

18. What is on the Test? Living Systems and the Environment

19. What is on the Test? Nature of Science

20. What is on the Test? Structures and Properties of Matter

21. What is on the Test? Earth and Space Systems

22. What is on the Test? Motion, Force, and Energy

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