Bill of Rights
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Bill of Rights. The first Ten Amendments. Bill of Rights =. Protect our individual freedoms or privileges.

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Bill of Rights

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Bill of Rights

The first Ten Amendments

Bill of Rights =

  • Protect our individual freedoms or privileges

Madison had originally opposed a Bill of Rights but hoped to pre-empt a second Constitutional Convention that might have undone the difficult compromises of 1787: a second convention would open the entire Constitution to reconsideration and could undermine the work he and so many others had done in establishing the structure of the United States Government.

Madison based much of the Bill of Rights on George Mason's Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776),

Amendment- Protection

FREEDOMS !! (religion, speech,

press, assembly)


Amendment- Protection

#2 -

Right to Bear Arms (state, individual)

Amendment- Protection


NO Quartering Troops!! (home privacy)

- result of the quartering acts

Amendment- Protection


Search and Seizure!!! (Warrant) (Probable Cause)

result of the writs of assistance

  • - Rights of the Accused

  • cannot be forced to incriminate yourself

Amendment- Protection


- cannot be tried more than once for the same crime

Benedict Arnold

Amendment- Protection

Right to a SPEEDY / FAIR trial !!!!!!!


must be opened to the public; jury must hear both sides; must be provided legal council!

Amendment- Protection

Civil Suits of Common Law


- common law = established by previous decision

- $20 means a trial by jury provided (federal courts $$$$$$)

Amendment- Protection

#8 Bail and Punishment (fair and fitting of the crime)


Amendment- Protection


Powers reserved to the People

Just because only these rights are listed in the Constitution doesn't mean that you don't have other rights too.

Amendment- Protection

#10 Powers reserved to the State

- The States retain all powers except those specifically granted to the federal government.

- Reserved power !! Checks the “necessary and proper fed govt”

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