Wannik mips program for year 8 and 9 koorie students
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Wannik MIPs program for Year 8 and 9 Koorie students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wannik MIPs program for Year 8 and 9 Koorie students. Deb Hull. What, when and how?. Wannik MIPs accountabilities. Extension of existing MIPs program Funding is provided on a per student basis, $200 per Koorie enrolment in Year 8 and 9 (as per CASES21) All Koorie students

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Wannik MIPs program for Year 8 and 9 Koorie students

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Wannik MIPs programfor Year 8 and 9 Koorie students

Deb Hull

What, when and how?

Wannik MIPs accountabilities

  • Extension of existing MIPs program

  • Funding is provided on a per student basis, $200 per Koorie enrolment in Year 8 and 9 (as per CASES21)

  • All Koorie students

  • Wannik Strategy: Raising expectations, raising aspirations

  • Need to promote the link between school retention/ achievement and choice of post school outcomes

  • Many Koorie students are not completing Year 9, need pathways support earlier

While the student is in Year 8 or 9

  • “All Koorie students in Years 8 and 9 in Government schools must have current individual pathway plans and associated support to enable a successful transition to the post-compulsory years and through these to further education, training or secure employment.”

MIPs 2010 – student-focused

“Career Action Plan”

  • Reviewed annually or more often

  • Explicitly linked to any other plans – ILPs, KELPs, etc.

    Careers counselling prior to subject or course selection

    Access to targeted student support programs, case management if required

MIPs 2010 – school-wide

  • “All Government secondary schools must...use the Student Mapping Tool to map the progress of Koorie students and the effectiveness of school-based interventions being used to support Koorie students at risk of early leaving.”

  • Planned and systematic system of support programs and interventions, using proven strategies

  • Work with YTSI, Regional Youth Commitments, LLENs and Youth Connections providers

If the student is leaving school

  • Obtain intended destinations of all Koorie students in Years 8 and 9 at time of exit

  • Obtain contact details (with student consent)

  • Conduct exit interview including

    • Counselling of options

    • Referral to other providers, support agencies, etc

    • Provision of all relevant documentation to support the student’s transition

  • Comply with Departmental policy re students under the school leaving age and must contact their regional office in all instances of this occurring

After the student has left school

  • Follow up all Year 8 and 9 Koorie students one month after exit

  • If student is disengaged, continue to offer MIPs support and liaison with other providers or services

  • Follow up monthly until six months after exit

  • Report those who remain disengaged after six months to the regional office

  • Comply with usual MIPs requirements re students who exit after commencing Year 10

Wannik MIPs reporting

  • Number of Koorie students in Year 8 & 9

  • Number of these students with a current MIPs plan

  • Number who exited the school in calendar year

  • Number followed up one month later (should be ALL)

    • Number in education

    • Number not engaged in education training or employment

  • Number followed up monthly for six months

    • Number referred by your school to a local provider or agency for assistance with re-engaging in education, training or full time employment

    • Number successfully re-engaged

Effective MIPs for Koorie students

  • Who is already out there providing effective transition support to Koorie young people? Help us find them

    • Schools

    • Employment agencies

    • Employers

    • LLENs

    • Other organisations or agencies

Workshop Questions

6.How do you manage, record and report the data associated with MIPs for Year 8 and 9 students?

7.How do you provide a meaningful Wannik MIPs program in a school with very few Koorie enrolments?

8.What are the key messages about Wannik MIPs that you want your non-Indigenous students to understand? How do you convey them?

9.How do you implement Wannik MIPs without conveying the expectation that Koorie students will be early school leavers?

10.What does a MIPs/Careers room that is welcoming to Koorie students look like?

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