10 reasons to fall in love with the mainframe again
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10 Reasons to fall in love with The Mainframe again… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10 Reasons to fall in love with The Mainframe again…. Marcel den Hartog October 2007. Agenda. Long Live the Mainframe CA Today Nice… but how do we tell others? New Technology How to make the most of it “Old things” don’t go away…. Long live the mainframe.

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10 Reasons to fall in love with The Mainframe again…

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10 reasons to fall in love with the mainframe again

10 Reasons to fall in love with The Mainframe again…

Marcel den Hartog

October 2007



  • Long Live the Mainframe

  • CA Today

  • Nice… but how do we tell others?

  • New Technology

    • How to make the most of it

  • “Old things” don’t go away….

Long live the mainframe

Long live the mainframe

  • IBM’s MF revenue UP last 3 qtr

  • IBM spends > $ 100 mln to make Mainframe easier to use

    • Enhancements include security, systems and data management, and virtualization

  • Since 2000 > 23,000 students from 300 colleges in North America have been trained on MF

  • PHP 5.1.2 now available for z/OS

  • And much, much more…..

10 reasons to fall in love with the mainframe again


  • Illuminata Dec 2006

    • Title: “IBM System z TCO: Man Bites Dog”

  • Some highlights

    • It does not make sense to measure TCO strictly on a “one-application-per-server” basis

    • Measure with 10-50 applications on 1 Mainframe versus 10-20 blades or a grid of 50 distributed systems

    • MF TCO is 30-60% better than 30 Sun servers or 300 Linux Servers

Tco 2

TCO… 2

  • Some of the cost factors:

    • Air conditioning and electricity

    • People costs are a fraction of those required for distributed systems

    • Hardware costs have shrunk (from 65 to 20% of TCO)

    • “Software license costs now competitive with other platforms; especially zIIP, IFL and zAAP offer even lower HW/SW pricing”

    • “A new lease on life for the System/z”

The mainframe guru

The Mainframe Guru

Long live the hype

Long live the Hype

  • SOA will save us all

  • SOX & other regulations

  • Green is better…

  • Security is hot (again…)

Something to think about

Something to think about…

  • Sony’s Playstation 3 CELL microprocessor will be available in IBM Mainframes. Companies will use mainframes to run Virtual Worlds like Second Life

    • Press: “Mainframes are big computers commonly used for transaction processing and other centralized tasks”

  • We can finally walk around in our own mainframe in the future…

  • But it’s more serious than that…

10 reasons to fall in love with the mainframe again

Maybe Spiderman can protect us from evil programmers and we can speed up DB2 by using Sonic the Hedgehog??

Nice but how do we tell others

Nice, but how do we tell others?

  • Internal Marketing

This is all nice but

This is all nice but….

  • New applications are often NOT developed on Mainframe

  • Mainframe people are not replaced when they retire

  • We do more with less, and lessand less

  • So:

    • We must promote our box AND ourselves more and better

    • We must emphasize the good things and make sure the “bad” things are seen in context (expensive is not always expensive…)

    • We have to think like “them”….

New technology

New Technology

  • The mainframe is getting more complex

    • Java, Linux, Websphere, SOA etc…

  • “Old” technology requires new thinking

    • Open up legacy for SOA

    • Networking now integrated across all platforms

    • Databases have “relations” across networks

    • Applications cross borders

  • Complexity? What complexity?




















(Oracle, Tuxedo,














The 10 reasons i

The 10 reasons… I

  • Security

    • No external attacks, no malware

    • Access Control & Audit part of eco-system

  • Investment Protection

    • 20 year old apps run unmodified on latest hardware

    • The co-exist with Linux & Java on same box

    • Can me turned into SOA apps quite easy

The 10 reasons ii

The 10 reasons… II

  • High Availability

    • Do we need to explain???

  • Workload & Performance

    • 90% of worlds largest databases

    • Utilization close to 100%

    • zIIP & zAAP for even better “spread”

  • Efficient interoperability

    • Co-host multiple systems and workloads

    • Hypersockets between LPAR’s for sub second performance

The 10 reasons iii

The 10 reasons… III

  • Lower overall Operating Costs

    • Less systems, lower cost

    • Energy

    • Physical space

  • Emergency Management

    • Do I need to explain?

    • Think about the “complexity…”

The 10 reasons iv

The 10 reasons… IV

  • Scalability

    • Anywhere from 26 MIPS for an entry-level machine to 17,800 MIPS for a 54-way multiprocessor system

    • Parallel Sysplex can go to 500,000 MIPS

    • Scalable Linux??

  • Virtualization

    • It’s part of the architecture, not an afterthought

  • Centralized Management

    • Hmm, ever tried that? It seems to work…..

Linux on mainframe

Linux on Mainframe

  • Slowly winning ground

    • 30% year-on-year growth

    • 390 Business Partners now delivering > 1000 applications on Linux (100% growth)

    • 20% of IBM revenue & 30% of MIPS now from Linux

  • Red Hat & IBM agreed to join forces (May 10, 2007)

  • “Greener” than blade’s

  • Cost

    • Set-up & Operational costs lower

    • Initial costs higher

  • Mainly for Development

Usage trends

Usage Trends

  • Development Systems

    • Integrated Build/Test/QA/Production

    • Easy and quick to set-up

  • Specialized Applications

  • Security & Scalability are most important factors

  • “Why Choose Linux on the Mainframe," by Brad Day from Forrester

    • “potential cost savings, productivity gains and improved utilization rates through capabilities such as virtualization and security and systems management"

Application development

Application Development

  • Legacy Renewal

    • Import existing Cobol & Natural

    • Full documentation including In-depth analysis of code

    • Migrate to Java & .Net

    • Keep existing investments in Business Logic

Ca and the mainframe

CA and the Mainframe

We’re back….

Eitm transforming it management







EITM: Transforming IT Management

Is IT doing things right?

Is IT doing the right things?




Long live ca

Long live CA… 

  • CA trained > 60 people in Prague

  • Announcement for zIIP support for 8 existing products

  • New releases of over 16 products

  • More in Beta as we speak

  • New Mainframe Business Unit

  • New Mainframe Affiliate Program

Valued today essential tomorrow

Valued Today. Essential Tomorrow.

  • Our five year strategic commitment, we will:

    • Build best in class mainframe solution support, maintenance and optimization capabilities

    • Drive a systematic means of customer engagement and portfolio management

    • Developinnovative and business compelling mainframe software solutions

    • Increase CA’s leadership position as the #1 independent software provider in the mainframe software market

Ca the future of the mf

CA & the Future of the MF

  • EITM

  • Unify & Simplify

  • Govern, Manage & Secure

  • The Unified Service Model

    • More integration, more ease of use

  • A state-of-the-art SOA framework

  • A World Wide Mainframe BU with very strong people in the top

It s time to fall in love with the mainframe again marcel den hartog

It’s time to fall in love with the MainframeAgain….Marcel den Hartog

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