Policies and procedures ped 545
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Policies and Procedures – PED 545 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Policies and Procedures – PED 545. You are responsible for reading and understanding the content of this slide show Failure to do so may have a negative impact on your grade in this course. Policies & Procedures: First Order of Business. You must: Purchase a CPS responder, and

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Policies and Procedures – PED 545

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Policies and Procedures – PED 545

You are responsible for reading and understanding the content of this slide show

Failure to do so may have a negative impact on your grade in this course

Policies & Procedures:First Order of Business

  • You must:

    • Purchase a CPS responder, and

    • Enroll it on the eInstruction Web Site

      • You have 1 week from the first class meeting to enroll in Einstruction

      • You will not receive credit for any assignment up to the date that you enroll in and utilize this technology in class


  • Directions will be provided for enrollment on the eInstruction web-site so you will able to enroll and activate your CPS responder

  • DO NOT lose your user id and password; you will need these to access your in-class grades

Policies 

  • Attendance*** (Class)

    • Attendance will be taken in each class

    • If you miss class, you should access the appropriate PowerPoint lecture on Blackboard

    • Do Not call or e-mail and ask me to call you back and go over what you missed in class – First - check the Sequence of Events handout the information is on the PowerPoint lecture under course documents on blackboard – other pertinent information will be listed under blackboard announcements

    • In class credit bearing assignments are completed in class

Attendance (continued)

  • In order to receive credit for in class points, you are required to be in class during the activity

    • You will be allowed one free absence (evening section – 301/302) ORtwo free absences (day section – 01) and still be eligible to receive points for that absence

    • There are no make-ups for additional absences

Policies 

  • Attendance (practicum)

    • Attendance at practicum is mandatory

      • If you cannot attend practicum:

        • Call the parent and the instructor

          • If the instructor visits your practicum at any time and you are not in attendance without an excused absence, 50% of you practicum grade is forfeited

          • If the parent brings the child and you are not in attendance and did not call the parent to indicate so, 50% of your practicum grade is forfeited

          • If both of the above occur on any given day you will forfeit 100% of your practicum grade

Policies - continued

  • If you lose all of your practicum points due to absence, you will be withdrawn from your placement AND YOU WILL FORFEIT ALL PRACTICUM RELATED POINTS!

    • This means:

      • 0/50 for your practicum

      • o/75 for the modified iep

      • 0/50 for your parent/teacher conference

      • 0/50 for your end of term report to parent/teacher

      • 0/25 for your lesson plans

      • 0/250 total of practicum related points

Policies continued

  • Observations

    • There will be at least one formal observation of each student’s practicum

    • Informal drop-in visits by the instructor are frequent

    • There is a grading rubric for the practicum visit; it is stored on the Blackboard site under assessments  although the visits are informational and instructional in nature, there are expectations that will be discussed in class

    • After the formal observation the student and instructor will discuss (1) the placement (2) the observation and (3) any questions or issues the student has pertaining to the placement.

Policies – observations (continued)

  • I have approximately 44 one hour observations to complete each term

  • Your will be notified by MSU E-mail one week in advance as to when your observation will take place

    • I you are off campus, notify your supervisor of the visit beforehand

  • If I arrive and you are not there, and I have not been forewarned, you will be removed from your practicum, not re-assigned, and, will lose all practicum related points.

  • I will also notify the Chair of your department of this disposition

Policies - continued

  • Examinations

    • One open note mid-term exam

    • One take home final exam available in two parts

      • Part I will be disseminated around mid-term, after the mid-term

      • Part II will be disseminated after the return of Part I

        • Due dates - TBA


  • An in class motor skill group presentation designed to prepare you for your parent-teacher conference

  • A staggered assignment (6 questions) on motor skills

  • A modified IEP created for the student you are working with in the practicum

  • An end of term parent or teacher conference that serves as a progress report for the child

  • An end of term letter sent to the parent or teacher reflective of the parent conference

Assignments (continued)

  • The due dates for all assignments are listed on the Sequence of Events handout provided to you at the first class meeting

  • Unless extraordinary circumstances occur, you will have one week off from class at the end of the term to facilitate completion of your assignments

Policies - Continued



Procedures/Policies (continued)

  • All students must submit all assignments, including the take-home final in person on the due date

  • I will not accept any E-mailed assignments unless there is an extenuating circumstance, and I am aware of it well in advance of the due date

    • Corroboration must be presented for extenuating circumstances

Policies  continued

  • Practicum

    • Be on time  preferably be early

    • Establish a rapport with the parent/teacher and child from day one

      • Try to always discuss things that have transpired in practicum, especially positive outcomes, both before (at pick up) and after (during drop-off) with the parent/teacher and the child, if appropriate.

Policies  continued

  • Practicum

    • Course is designated as (2-2) in your catalog

      • 2-2 indicates 2 hours lecture per week and 30 hours of laboratory

      • Laboratory hours should be scheduled as soon as possible

      • Laboratory hours continue until the last day of regular classes

      • Scheduling disparities may occur but …

Policies - continued

  • Practicum

    • Schedule your laboratory hours as soon as possible

    • With the exception of your examinations, all of your assignments revolve around your one-on-one practicum

Policies - continued

  • You will have one week from the day that you are assigned a practicum to begin your laboratory program!!!!


  • If you do not feel that you will be able to adhere to these policies and procedures, it would be in your best interest to drop this course and re-take it in a subsequent semester.

Policies - continued

  • Practicum Parking

    • Parking on campus is always a problem

    • Parking passes are available for parents

      • Instructions for parking will be provided

      • Be sure to remind parents of their parking privileges

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