Allana zuckerman august 22 2012
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PSYC 3530 Lab uLearn and APA Style Format - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Allana Zuckerman August 22, 2012. PSYC 3530 Lab uLearn and APA Style Format. What else do you need to know? . Two late passes Attendance Tutoring centers No bonus assignment No make-up exam; drop the lowest of the four Check uLearn for announcements Read syllabus for course schedule

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Allana zuckerman august 22 2012

Allana Zuckerman

August 22, 2012

PSYC 3530 LabuLearn and APA Style Format

What else do you need to know
What else do you need to know?

  • Two late passes

  • Attendance

  • Tutoring centers

  • No bonus assignment

  • No make-up exam; drop the lowest of the four

  • Check uLearn for announcements

  • Read syllabus for course schedule

  • Do not leave lab until you are dismissed

How to upload assignments on ulearn
How to Upload Assignments on uLearn


Where can i go to learn apa style
Where can I go to learn APA style?

  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

    (6th edition)

  • APA Tutorial




Although aggression has repeatedly been observed in mousetraps in the field, the variable controlling the aggression has not previously been identified. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether aggression in mouse traps could be induced by an intermittent schedule of reinforcement. The necessary condition for concluding that attack is schedule-induced is that more attack occurs during exposure to an intermittent schedule of reinforcement (e.g., food) than in its absence.

  • Use past tense when discussing studies already conducted.

  • Use future when talking about the study you are proposing.

Running Head

Schedule-Induced Attack 3



Schedule Induced Attack in Mouse Traps:

Behavior Modification of Inanimate Objects

The introduction begins on the page following the abstract. The introduction is never labeled. This is where you present the logic and background research that suggested this study. The general problem area is mentioned in the first paragraph, followed by a brief review of the relevant published findings.

There are specific ways to cite previously published works (Miller, 1941). When there are two or more authors, they are cited this way (Looney & Dove, 1978).

Schedule-Induced Attack 11 ReferencesCalvillo, D. (1999). The theoretical development of aggression. Retrieved August 21, 2002 from:, R. K. (1969a). Attack behavior as a function of minimum inter-food interval. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 12, 825-828. doi: 10.1901/jeabFlory, R. K. (1969b). Attack behavior in a multiple fixed-ratio schedule of reinforcement. Psychonomic Science, 16(3), 383-386.Gentry, W. D. (1968). Fixed-ratio schedule-induced aggression. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 11, 813-817. doi: 10.1901/jeab

General paper rules
General Paper Rules

  • Use 8 ½ by 11” white paper

  • margins of 1”

  • Double space EVERYTHING

  • Font should be Times Roman 12 inch font

  • Double spaces between sentences

  • Page numbers in upper right hand corners (in header!)

In text citations
In Text Citations

  • When to use them?

    • When drawing on idea or concept from another author

    • When you want to give readers additional source of information

  • Example

    • Parenting literature has shown that parent cognitions, particularly beliefs, practices and personalities of parents influence their parenting practices (Belsky, 1985; Delaney & Barends, 2002).


  • Must include every author you cited in your paper

  • Double spaced and APA formatted

Single authored article
Single-authored article

Lee, R. M. (2003). Do ethnic identity and other-group orientation protect against discrimination for Asian Americans. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 50, 133-141. doi: 10.1037/0022-0167.50.2.133

*Note: The first letter of every important word in the title of the journal is capitalized.

Two or more authors article
Two or more authors (article)

Okazaki, S., & Saw, A. (2011). Culture in Asian American community psychology: Beyond the east-west binary. American Journal of Community Psychology, 47, 144-156. doi: 10.1007/s10464-010-9368-z

In class exercise apa reference
In Class Exercise: APA Reference

  • Complete an APA formatted reference for this journal article

  • Single author example:

    Belsky, J. (1985). Exploring individual differences in marital change across the transition to parenthood: The role of violated expectations. Journal of Marriage and Family, 47(4), 1037-1044.