Hydraulic pumps
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Hydraulic Pumps. Operation and Inspection. Gear Pumps. Designed using 2 gears Fluid is forced around the outside of the gears Positive displacement type Most inefficient Rugged design. Gear Pump Identification. Has 2 shafts, 1 exposed and the other hidden

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Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

Operation and Inspection

Gear pumps
Gear Pumps

  • Designed using 2 gears

  • Fluid is forced around the outside of the gears

  • Positive displacement type

  • Most inefficient

  • Rugged design

Gear pump identification
Gear Pump Identification

  • Has 2 shafts, 1 exposed and the other hidden

  • Drive shaft off center of the housing

Gear pump inspection
Gear Pump Inspection

  • Measure distance between end plates (wear plates) and gears

  • Measure distance between gears and housing

  • Measure distance between gear teeth (backlash)

  • Visual inspection of gears

Vane pump
Vane Pump

  • Uses a rotor with several sliding vanes inside to pressurize the fluid

  • Rides on a cam ring

  • Rotation can be reversed by flipping the cam ring over

  • Inlet and outlet in the rear housing

Vane pump identification
Vane Pump Identification

  • Is usually square housing

  • Shaft is in the center of the housing

Vane pump inspection
Vane Pump Inspection

  • Distance between rotor and end plate

  • Distance between rotor and front plate

  • Clearance of vanes in rotor

  • Wear patterns on cam ring

Piston pumps
Piston Pumps

  • Uses a round cylinder housing with cylinders in it to pressurize the fluid

  • Each cylinder has a piston

  • Each piston is connected to a swash plate

Piston pump operation1
Piston Pump Operation

  • Most piston pumps have a swash plate that can be moved, which varies the amount of fluid pumped each revolution

Piston pump identification
Piston Pump Identification

  • May be round or square

  • Can be determined by identification tag

  • Most piston pumps require 2 filters

  • Usually have a small line (case drain) attached to the outside of the pump

Piston pump inspection
Piston Pump Inspection

  • Piston to cylinder clearance is tight (.001 - .002) to increase efficiency

  • Scoring in the bore indicates the pump is ruined

  • Sealing surfaces on the rear of the rotating cylinder must seat properly with no scoring

Piston pump inspection1
Piston Pump Inspection

  • Shaft bearings can go bad and will ruin the shaft

  • Shaft seals need to be pliable

Other piston pumps
Other Piston Pumps

  • John Deere uses a radial piston pump where the cylinder housing does not move

  • Around the outside of the housing are pistons that are moved up by a cam

  • This type is used on a closed center system