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The Poker Game in Jadex - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Poker Game in Jadex. by Group 1 Mohammed Musavi (Ashkan) Xavi Dolcet Enric Tejedor. Texas Hold’em Poker. Scenario Agent design Jadex implementation detail Demo . Texas Hold’em Poker. Community card type poker Typical full table has nine or ten player

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Presentation Transcript

The Poker Gamein Jadex


Group 1

Mohammed Musavi (Ashkan)

Xavi Dolcet

Enric Tejedor

Texas Hold’em Poker

  • Scenario

  • Agent design

  • Jadex implementation detail

  • Demo

Texas Hold’em Poker

  • Community card type poker

  • Typical full table has nine or ten player

  • Dealer position identifies with Button

  • At the casino a Croupier controls the rounds

  • Identifying the winner at the Showdown or when player Bluffs

  • Awarding the pot to the winner

Texas Hold’em Poker

  • Betting rounds

  • Pre-Flop (little & big blind, dealing cards - players actions: Call, Raise, Check and Fold)

  • Flop (dealer burns a card – face up 3 cards)

  • Turn (dealing fourth community card)

  • River (dealing fifth community card)

  • Showdown if necessary

Texas hold em poker
Texas Hold’em Poker

Poker Hand


Texas hold em poker1
Texas Hold’em Poker

  • 3 Strategies are implemented:

  • Conservative gaming: ONLY high hands

  • Aggressive gaming: medium/high hands

  • Bluffer: all type of hands

Texas hold em poker2
Texas Hold’em Poker

Issues to consider

Game management:

Register/unregister players

Managing hand (i.e. card dealing, players turn, …)

Showdown (identifying the winner)

Texas hold em poker3
Texas Hold’em Poker

Game rounds (pre-flop, flop, turn & river)

Betting process (call, raise, check, fold…)

Available roles in the game process (i.e. joining players or winner checking)

Game rules ( i.e. one dealer but several players, …)

Meta-level reasoning

<metagoal name="choose_bet">

<parameterset name="applicables" .../>

<parameterset name="result" ... direction="out"/>

<trigger> <messageevent ref="bet_start"/> </trigger>



<plan name="choose_betting_plan">

<parameterset name="applicables" ...>

<goalmapping ref="choose_bet.applicables"/>


<parameterset name="result" ... direction="out">

<goalmapping ref="choose_bet.result"/>


<body>new ChooseBettingPlanPlan()</body>

<trigger> <goal ref="choose_bet"/> </trigger>


OQL syntax

<plan name="notify_result">

<parameter name="loser" class="AgentId">


select AgentId $player from $beliefbase.table.getPlayers()

where !$goal.game_result.getWinners().contains($player)



<parameter name="game_result" class="GameResult">



<body>new NotifyGameResultPlan()</body>


<goal ref="notify_result"/>



Poker ontology

  • Agents can’t acces others’ beliefs!

  • Messages are used to exchange knowledge

  • Content Language: NuggetsXML

  • Ontology: Protégé + Beanynizer

Plan triggers

A plan can be activated by the following elements:

- Events

- Goals

- Beliefs

- Facts

- Conditions


  • Fast learning curve (Java / XML)

  • Meta-level reasoning

  • Richness, expressivity, dinamicity

    • Goal-orientedness

    • Plan triggers

    • OQL Syntax

  • Good set of tools

    • Ontologies

  • Standalone /JADE


  • No CASE tool to assist development

    • XML ADF files

  • Tedious coding of message events

  • Stability issues

  • Scheduling mechanism


  • Jadex is a recommendable BDI reasoning engine

  • Good features, and some lacks that could be fixed

  • Open source counterpart to JACK