10. Congress.
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10. Congress. The National Legislature. The House of Representatives. The Senate. 1. term. term. Each _______ lasts for two years. session. session. period of time during which, each year, Congress assembles and conducts business. adjourn. adjourn. suspends until the next session.

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Each _______ lasts for two years.


period of time during which, each year, Congress assembles and conducts business


suspends until the next session


end, discontinue

special session

special session

a meeting to deal with some emergency situation


distributed House of Representatives based on state populations


redistribute, the seats in the House after each decennial census

off-year election

off-year election

even years, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014 congressional elections that occur in the nonpresidential years

single-member district

single-member district

voters in each district elect one of the State’s representatives from among a field of candidates running for a Seat in the House from that district


elected from the State as a whole, rather than from a particular district


districts have been drawn to the advantage of the political party that controls the State legislature

continuous body

continuous body

the Senate never has all of its seats up for election at the same time; only a third of them 33 o34 terms expire every 2 years


people and interests the senators represent


see issues as they see them, regardless of the views held by their constituents or by any of the other group that seek to influence their decision


lawmakers who owe their first allegiance to their political party


attempt to combine the basic elements of the trustee, delegate, and partisan roles

oversight function

oversight function

process by which Congress, through its committees, checks to see the various agencies in the executive branch are working effectively and acting in line with the policies that Congress has set by law

franking privilege

franking privilege

well-known benefit that allows them to mail letters and other materials posting-free by substituting their signature (frank) for the postage

Profile of the 100th Congress.

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R, Florida).