Successful approaches to marketing for mbes
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Successful Approaches to Marketing for MBEs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Successful Approaches to Marketing for MBEs. October 30, 2013 Margaret Klinsport, Supplier Diversity Director Allstate Insurance. Today’s Goals. The Basics. The Presentation. Networking. Maintaining Corporate Relationships. Ineffective Approaches. Statistics. Prepare. Be prepared

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Successful approaches to marketing for mbes
Successful Approaches to Marketing for MBEs

October 30, 2013

Margaret Klinsport, Supplier Diversity Director

Allstate Insurance

Today s goals
Today’s Goals

My Goal

Share the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of what will help get you in the door (or keep you out)

Develop potential partners who are able to compete and win business to help build and maintain the Allstate Brand

MBE Goal

Be remembered for the right reasons and make connections that will lead to potential business

The basics
The Basics

Are you the right fit?

Do you have products and services that benefit the corporation?

Strategize your approach

Research the company

Know your capabilities

Be ready to clearly articulate your value

Lead with your strengths—what uniquely qualifies you to compete for the corporation's business?

The presentation
The Presentation

Presenting your value

Here is how I will add value to your corporation...

Have a strong to-the-point pitch

Examples of past performance

Demonstrate you can compete at the corporate level

The Shark Tank Experience

Have a contemporary presentation and a professional website

Stay ahead of the technology curve


Sales Expertise


Develop a wide network

Diversity Organizations

Be an active member

Find a mentor

Be a mentor


Leverage Corporate Partners

Scholarships, mentoring and special events

Industry group contacts

Introduction to peers

Maintaining corporate relationships
Maintaining Corporate Relationships

After the initial contact

Stay current

Continue to learn about the corporation

Submit your information to the database

Polite persistence


Be thorough, careful and ask questions

If you win....

If you lose...

Ineffective approaches
Ineffective Approaches

Approaches to avoid

Blast e-mails

Scripted cold calls

Multiple calls to the same company

Presuming you are a good sales person

Styles to avoid

Demands based on diversity status


Blast e-mails

Scripted Cold calls

Multiple calls to the same department


Destroying the relationship


  • Be prepared

    • Do your homework and be prepared to have an educated conversation

    • Have a strong elevator speech; be able to clearly and concisely articulate your value proposition and what differentiates you from the competition

    • Know the company you are approaching and know how you can help them achieve their corporate goals

Follow up effectively
Follow Up Effectively

  • Create a follow-up plan

    • Confirm you have the correct contact information

    • Follow up as requested in a timely fashion —via email, phone, etc.

    • Make sure your website is current as companies will research you

    • Personalize any communications that you will send — don’t send out generic mass communications

    • Don’t abuse connections and “stalk” contacts

Final thoughts
Final Thoughts

  • Are you ready?

    • Be sure you’re ready to compete at the corporate level

    • Ensure your products and services are evolving with current technology and market needs

    • Understand that you’re not a fit for everyone

    • The timeline of winning business depends on corporate needs and direction

    • Keep your profile updated in databases

    • Be patient!