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Nothing but the truth
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Nothing But the Truth. Chapter 12 Questions. 1. The third time Philip sings the national anthem in Miss Narwin’s homeroom, he claims he has the right to do it. What does he mean?. He said he had the right to sing; he was being patriotic . Dramatic Irony-is he really being patriotic?.

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Nothing But the Truth

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Nothing but the truth

Nothing But the Truth

Chapter 12 Questions

Nothing but the truth

1. The third time Philip sings the national anthem in Miss Narwin’s homeroom, he claims he has the right to do it. What does he mean?

  • He said he had the right to sing; he was being patriotic.

  • Dramatic Irony-is he really being patriotic?

Nothing but the truth

2. What does Philip want Dr. Palleni to do? What does this reveal about Philip’s real motive for singing the national anthem?

  • Philip wants Dr. Palleni to change his English class.

  • This shows that Philip’s REAL motive is that he caused a disruption so that he could get his classes switched and then hopefully run track.

Nothing but the truth

3. What does Dr. Palleni suggest Philip do? What will happen if Philip doesn’t follow Dr. Palleni’s “advice”?

Dr. Palleni suggests that Philip apologizes to Miss Narwin, and if he doesn’t, he will be suspended.

Nothing but the truth

4. What does Miss Narwin think about Philip’s suspension from school? This shows her character is more attentive to…

  • Miss Narwin thought the suspension would be counterproductive.

  • This shows her character is more attentive to the needs of her students.

Nothing but the truth

5. What do you think Miss Narwin wanted to discuss with Dr. Palleni but he would NOT give her time to discuss?

  • Answers will vary

6 what rule does dr palleni think philip has broken when philip is suspended

6. What rule does Dr. Palleni think Philip has broken when Philip is suspended?

  • Dr. Palleni thinks Philip has caused a distraction in Miss Narwin’s homeroom, BUT he doesn’t know the full truth.

7 could dr palleni have handled this situatio n differently for a better outcome how

7. Could Dr. Palleni have handled this situation differently for a better outcome? How?

  • Answers will vary

8 what rule do philip s parents believe he has broken why is this a problem

8. What rule do Philip’s parents believe he has broken? Why is this a problem?

  • Mr. and Mrs. Malloy believe Philip was suspended for singing the national anthem without knowing the entire situation with Miss Narwin.

9 what are ted griffen s motives

9. What are Ted Griffen’s motives?

  • He wants to use the issue with Philip to further his campaign for school board. He wants to show how patriotic he is.

10 who is jennifer stewart how could her involvement add to the conflict

10. Who is Jennifer Stewart? How could her involvement add to the conflict?

  • She is a reporter for the Manchester Record.

  • Answers will vary

11 what is philip s internal conflict

11. What is Philip’s internal conflict?

  • Through his diary entry we can see that Philip understands that what he is doing is bad because he writes, “ Actually, I don’t feel so great. In a way, the whole thing is stupid.” But then he goes back to the thought that he was right because “ everybody says I was right. And I was.”

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