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Avoid Office Politics..!
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Avoid Office Politics..!. Sushma K. Flow Chart. Definition of What is Office Politics ?. What creates Office Politics ?. How to avoid Office Politics ?. Conclusion. Effects of Politics on Organization & Employees. What is Office Politics?.

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Avoid Office Politics..!

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Avoid office politics

Avoid Office Politics..!

Sushma K.

Flow chart

Flow Chart

Definition of What is Office Politics ?

What creates Office Politics ?

How to avoid Office Politics ?


Effects of Politics on Organization & Employees

What is office politics

What is Office Politics?

It is the use of one's individual or assigned power within an employing organization for the purpose of obtaining advantages beyond one's legitimate authority.

What creates office politics

What creates Office Politics?



How to avoid office politics

How to avoid Office Politics ?

  • Be Yourself

  • Many people tend to wear a false mask…

  • Show people your real self…

  • Do not pretend to be master…

  • Learn about your duties and responsibilities..

Avoid office politics

  • Leave at peace with others

  • Get along with people.

  • You can be pleasant and professional

  • Be careful

Avoid office politics

  • Don’t spread out information

  • Keep company matters to yourself

  • Talking to outsiders

Avoid office politics

  • Stay out of those talk-down-the-boss session

Avoid office politics

  • Avoid gossip and backbiting

    Discussions about the -

  • Behaviors

  • Habits

  • Weaknesses

  • Appearance of others

    This all can backfire or constitute a waste of time…

Avoid office politics

  • Observe the behaviors of others.

  • Focus on the goals of the business or organization

  • Disclose Minimum Personal Information

  • Be Observant

Effects of politics on organization and employees

Effects of politics on organization and employees

  • Decrease in overall productivity

  • Wrong Information

  • Changes the Attitude of employees

  • Increases Stress

  • Affects Concentration



Office politics, or how power and influence are managed in your organization, will be a part of your career whether you choose to participate in them or not, but AVOID politics.

Lets create a competitive and challenging workplace environment by working together.

Avoid office politics

Thank You…

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