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Be An Administrative Whiz

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Be An Administrative Whiz. Make it seem like magic . Amanda Zoellner [email protected] This is not rocket science, but it does require some effort and organization. Review camper and staff lists regularly.

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be an administrative whiz

Be An Administrative Whiz

Make it seem like magic.

Amanda Zoellner [email protected]

this is not rocket science but it does require some effort and organization
This is not rocket science, but it does require some effort and organization.
  • Review camper and staff lists regularly.
  • Talk about your program with your colleagues, and make sure you know about any program changes or highlights.
  • Challenge yourself to remember things. Get people to test you.
  • Organize your workspace and information.
information is everywhere
Information is Everywhere!
  • What do you know already?
  • Database
  • Caller ID
  • Membership records
  • Mailing lists
  • Read everything at least once, and make note of details that could be important.
memorize the basics
Memorize the Basics

There are a few kinds of information that should stick in your head easily with repetition.

  • Program dates and prices
  • General camp information and policies
  • Contact information that you need often
  • Telephone area codes and exchanges
  • Zip codes for common cities and towns
use reference material
Use Reference Material

There’s plenty of information that it’s unnecessary to memorize, because you can find it so easily.

  • Camp brochures, registration forms, handbook, medical forms
  • Listing of available spaces (because it changes)
  • Phone numbers that you need regularly
  • A web browser window open to your camp’s homepage
  • Google, if all else fails
memorizing advanced
Memorizing – Advanced
  • Parents love it when you can say “Of course I remember you” and mean it.
  • Know the names of kids and their friends, if that’s important at your camp.
  • Pay particular attention to details about kids with special needs.
  • If your brain allows, know who’s going to which session.
the reply
The Reply
  • Be fast! Get back to people as soon as you can, and make sure people know when that will be.
  • Do some research before you return a call or e-mail.
  • If the answer you have to give is not the one a parent wants to hear, have some other options ready.
  • If you have to follow up, let people know when they can expect to hear from you again.
on the phone
On the Phone
  • Let parents talk, and don’t interrupt…
  • But, make sure you tell them what they need to know.
  • Ask simple questions to make sure you understand what they want, if there’s any doubt.
  • Learn to talk and type (or write) at the same time. Get a headset if that will help you.
when you re away
When You’re Away
  • Always leave an out-of-office message, and make sure it’s accurate
  • Anticipate questions
  • Leave clear instructions
  • Have a back-up person for urgent questions
  • My workflow is best described as “do it now”.
  • You have to find a workflow that works for you and for your camp.
  • When are you freshest?
  • When (and how) do people want to reach you?
  • What’s your camp culture?
  • How does your workflow mesh with others who work at your camp?
organizing your stuff
Organizing Your Stuff
  • Create a system that works for you
  • Learn to use your e-mail system and calendar
  • Keep the stuff you need near your desk
  • Think about what’s on/in your desk
  • Clean your office
the fun stuff
The Fun Stuff
  • Adopt a “camp costume”
  • Use clues that will allow you to greet campers by name, if possible
  • Practice the hand-off. Help families get ready to stop relying on you, and start relying on the staff at camp.
your to do list
Your To Do List
  • Figure out what information is most important at your camp, and learn it or make it easy to find.
  • Create an office environment that supports your job. Don’t be afraid to rearrange.
  • Extend your effort where it’s most needed. If you already have a process that works just fine, don’t break it.
  • Practice!