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My culture
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My Culture. Mi'kmaq Aboriginal By: Joe Augustine . History Economy Government Belief and Values Technology Expressions of Culture. 6 elements of Culture. History is about what happened to people or objects in the past that might have changed the future.

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My Culture

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My culture

My Culture

Mi'kmaq Aboriginal

By: Joe Augustine

6 elements of culture

  • History

  • Economy

  • Government

  • Belief and Values

  • Technology

  • Expressions of Culture.

6 elements of Culture


  • History is about what happened to people or objects in the past that might have changed the future.

  • The History in Metepenagiag First Nation Reserve Goes back about 3000 years ago. When the Natives Hunted and Fished to survive. There would make spears, arrows and arrow heads.



  • One of the great leaders of Metepenagaig Noah Augustine was the Chief of Metepenagiag for 6 years.

    He was lost to Freeman Ward in the election in April 2010.

    He Passed away November 13 2010

    More history? The Augustine Mound was found in 1972.

    It was dug up in 1975

    The founder was Joe Mike Augustine my Great Grandfather.



  • Economy is the people who have jobs and make money of them. Economy is how people make a living.

  • There is not much economy in Metepenagiag only economy is Clouds and Fishing. So what I am saying is that Metepenagiagdoes not have much economy.



  • Clouds is has the largest economy in Metepenagiag.

  • Most of the native people of Metepenagaig go to clouds to get gas food and drinks.

  • Fishing is one of Metepenagiag favorite things to do.

  • The people will go out fishing to some times make money, to get food or just to have fun.



  • Government is the people that are in charge of the people. An example is the prime minister or governor of Canada. The Government in Metepenagiag is different than Canada because instead of a prime minister we have a chief and council.



  • The Office is where the council and the chief Freeman ward do their meetings.

  • They discuss land claim housing etc.

  • Their last election was April 2010 where Freeman Ward beat out Noah Augustine was the chief for 6 years running.

  • The next election is April 2012.


Beliefs and values

  • Beliefs is like what you and your family believe in such as Religion. Me and my family are Catholic and that’s what we believe in.

Beliefs and Values

Beliefs and values1

  • Most of Metepenagiag are Catholic and go to the ST Thomas Catholic church right beside the river and bridge. The priest of the church is Father Dan.

Beliefs and Values


  • Technology is devices like handheld, Computer, Cell phones, TVs and more. Also technology is often used as the generic term to encompass all the technologies people develop and use in their lives.



  • Technology in Metepenagiag is not much different than other cultures but their is some differences like people in Metepenagiag might not be as advanced as people in like Miramichi city but in general they have all the same kind of technology.


Expressions of culture

  • Expressions of Culture are how people express the culture in different ways like a festivals of celebrations.

Expressions of Culture

Expressions of culture1

  • The people of Metepenagaig have a Pow Wow festival each year to celebrate theirculture. Each year the Pow Wow is held at the heritage park in Metepenagaig. They show their culture by wearing different clothes, singing songs and by playing music.

Expressions of Culture


  • Well the people of Metepenagaig have different ways of expressing their culture than people who are Irish or Scottish.

  • Well there are different types of culture and I only showed you one type today so go check out on the Internet or ask your relatives about your culture.


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