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Today We Will…. “ Bellringer ” Hook – Sharing “ bellringer ” responses Review of today’s objective Minilesson – Examples of Point-of-View Modeling – Menu explanations Student Engagement – “Dining time” Closure/Reflection – On your menu product. “ BellRinger ”. The Scenario:

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Today we will
Today We Will…

  • “Bellringer”

  • Hook– Sharing “bellringer” responses

  • Review of today’s objective

  • Minilesson– Examples of Point-of-View

  • Modeling – Menu explanations

  • Student Engagement– “Dining time”

  • Closure/Reflection – On your menu product


  • The Scenario:

    • Your teacher walks into the room and finds that the computer screen is smashed. There have only been TWO students in the room – Student A, who is holding a broomstick, and Student B, who was overheard the day before ranting about the teacher because of a poor grade he/she received.

    • Now, left side, you are assuming the role of STUDENT A. Right side, you are STUDENT B.

    • What is YOUR side of the story?

Today s objective
Today’s objective

  • We are covering SC standard 1.2. That means that at the end of this lesson YOU will be able to determine the differences between the types of point-of-view. YOU will also be able to explain the effect of point-of-view on a story.

The omniscient narrator describes the inner thoughts of all the characters

I know what you are thinking!

The Omniscient narrator describes the inner thoughts of all the characters.

Rrrrrrr i can only see out one me eyes
Rrrrrrr! I can only see out one me eyes!

  • The Limited omniscient narrator describes the inner thoughts of ONLY ONE CHARACTER.

  • Get it? One eye? One character? 

I’m a character IN the book!

The appetizer
The Appetizer

  • Appetizer(everyone must complete this activity!): Using what you know about point-of-view, choose the type of point-of-view utilized in our read aloud(s).

  • First person (character)

  • Limited Omniscient (pirate)

  • Omniscient (mind-reader)

  • Now, defend your answer. How do you KNOW that your decision is correct?

The entree
The Entree

  • Write a journal entry from Camilla’s perspective.

  • Write a letter from Camilla’s teacher to Camilla’s parents explaining what happened in class (use your best “teacher voice”).

  • Imagine you are a news reporter camped on Camilla’s lawn, write out the broadcast you would deliver on TV (use your best “news reporter” voice).

  • Write a text message conversation between “the old woman” and Camilla (include at least 5 entries for EACH character).

A side dish
A Side Dish

Write the character’s name in YOUR chart and complete the remaining boxes. You may choose from the following characters:

  • Camilla’s mother

  • One of the doctors

  • A student in Camilla’s class

  • The school principal

  • The old woman

And dessert for those who finished their meal of course
And Dessert (for those who finished their meal, of course!)

  • Draw AND illustrate a picture of Camilla, and create a thought bubble that explains what she may be thinking (at least TWO sentences in the thought bubble!). EX.


  • How does POINT-OF-VIEW change or affect a story?