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Lunch learn tenure and promotion
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Lunch & Learn: Tenure and Promotion. Kim Gingerich, Assistant to V-P, Academic & Provost Lisa Weber, Administrative Secretary, Dean of Science Marie Armstrong, Associate University Secretary Katrina Di Gravio, Director, OHD. September 2008. Agenda. Welcome & Introductions

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Lunch & Learn: Tenure and Promotion

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Lunch learn tenure and promotion

Lunch & Learn:Tenure and Promotion

Kim Gingerich, Assistant to V-P, Academic & Provost

Lisa Weber, Administrative Secretary, Dean of Science

Marie Armstrong, Associate University Secretary

Katrina Di Gravio, Director, OHD

September 2008



  • Welcome & Introductions

  • Timing of the Tenure Clock

  • Suggested Check List - Tenure & Promotion

  • Deadline Dates

  • Significant Reservations

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Important Web Addresses

  • Feedback & Future Sessions

Lunch learn tenure and promotion

Tenure Clock

July 1, 2008

(beginning of 1st probationary term)

July 1, 2009

July 1, 2013

6th Year

1st Year

June 1st, 2013, faculty members must go forward if they deferred.

2nd Year

5th Year

Just prior to the 3rd year (June 1st, 2010), notification is given to faculty members re 2nd probationary term.

4th Year

3rd Year

July 1, 2012 July 1, 2010

Faculty members must inform Chairs by June 1st, 2012 if they are planning to go forward for T&P. (See Policy #77 IV. Timing & Criteria)

July 1, 2011

(beginning of 2nd probationary term)

Suggested candidates check list tenure and promotion considerations

Suggested Candidates Check ListTenure And Promotion Considerations

Please refer to Faculty Guidelines as well as Policy 77, Tenure and Promotion of Faculty Members.

Candidate’s CVCompleted

Personal Data _____

Research and Scholarship _____


Graduate Supervision _____

Service Record _____

Professional Activities_____

Scholarly Work _____

Candidate’s Statement (maximum three pages) _____

External Referees ____

(Candidate should suggest at least three potential referees

and provide a completed External Referee Information Sheet.)

Dtpc tenure promotion checklist

DTPC Tenure & Promotion Checklist

Please refer to Faculty Guidelines as well as Policy 77, Tenure and Promotion of Faculty Members.


  • Summary Sheet_____

  • Chair’s Statement including Merit Table_____ 

  • Teaching Evaluation Summary Table/Peer Evaluations_____ 

  • External Referee Information Sheets (including fax number _____

    and Email contact information)

    One sheet per person including referees who do not submit

    Letters – indicate their reason for not submitting if known.

Dean s office checklist before it goes to utpc tenure and or promotion considerations

Dean’s Office Checklist(Before it goes to UTPC)Tenure and/or Promotion Considerations

  • Please refer to Faculty Guidelines as well as Policy 77, Tenure and Promotion of Faculty Members.


  • Front Page – list of Candidates with Departments_____ 

  • List of FTPC Members_____

  • List of DTPC Members_____

  •  Summary of Deliberations_____ 

  • Dean’s Recommendations_____

  • FTPC Vote recorded on Section A – Summary of Promotion and Tenure Data_____

  • Unnecessary information removed – i.e. copy of Policy 77, student

  • Teaching evaluations, etc._____

Tenure promotion deadline dates

Tenure & PromotionDeadline Dates

  • Candidates for tenure and promotion must apply to the department Chair not later than June 1st in order that their applications can be considered by the DTPC and FTPC during the fall term (see Policy #77, section IV. Timing and Criteria).

  • DTPC Meeting dates – mid to late November

  • FTPC Meeting date – mid to late December

  • UTPC Meeting date – February 27, 2008 (this was the 2008 date)

  • Deadline for all material to arrive in the Secretariat’s Office is two weeks + prior to the meeting date. This allows time to sort the binders and have them to committee members for reviewing

  • Decisions sent to all faculty members via a letter from the President the day following the UTPC meeting.

  • For faculty who have been granted tenure, a letter is also sent by Lois Claxton, University Secretary, following the April Board meeting.

Significant reservations

Significant Reservations

  • If DTPC or FTPC has significant reservations that could result in a negative recommendation, the Chair shall provide to the candidate:

    • a complete copy of the file; and

    • a written explanation of the nature of the reservations.

Lunch learn tenure and promotion

The file consists of:

all evidence considered by the committee;

the DTPC assessment; the outcome of deliberations at the previous levels;

numerical record of votes taken; and

any written statements, including reasons, by committee members who do not agree with the majority recommendation.

Lunch learn tenure and promotion

  • Sanitize the referees’ letters, memos of committee chairs and any written statements. The candidate should not be able to figure out who wrote the letter or statement or the identity of any referee who is being quoted.

  • Remove any identifying references such as names, location where met, conferences attended, etc. Assign numbers to the referees and use in place of names.

  • If material was provided to the candidate for DTPC meeting and the candidate is appearing at FTPC, use the sanitized material used at FTPC (and the same numbering system).

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does “arm’s length” mean when choosing a referee?“Arm’s length” reviewers should not be co-authors, former colleagues, thesis supervisor or adjunct professors in the department. If a reviewer is chosen who is not deemed to be “arm’s length” an explanation should be provided.

  • How many copies of the dossier are needed – at the Faculty level; at the University level?The Faculty copies will differ from Faculty office to Faculty office so please check with your own representative. The University T&P Committee requires 13 copies.

  • How many publications should a candidate submit?Typically 3-5 publications should be submitted.

  • How many copies of the publications and cv are needed to send to referees?The Dean in consultation with the DTPC will decide how many referees are to be contacted, but it will be at least five.

Lunch learn tenure and promotion

  • Should we enclose teaching evaluations?No, the UTPC wants as concise a package as possible. If teaching evaluations are included at the Department or Faculty level they are to be removed prior to be sent to UTPC.

  • Should student letters on teaching be included?No, unless they offer value to the dossier they should not be included.

  • Should peer reviews on a candidate’s teaching be included?No, peer reviews should be summarized, but lengthy reviews should be excluded from the dossier.

  • Should staples be used?No staples should be used. Dossiers should be 3-hole punched.

  • Should dividers be used?Please check with your Faculty office for this information.

  • Should the dossiers be bound before they are sent to the Faculty T&P Committee?No. The complete faculty dossier will be bound prior to going forward to UTPC, but they should not be bound prior to that time.

  • Can the dossiers be printed double-sided?Yes.

Important website addresses

Important Website Addresses

Policy 77 – Tenure & Promotion

Policy 76 – Faculty Appointments

Feedback future topics

Feedback & Future Topics

Remember, these are your Lunch & Learns.

We value your input. Please complete the feedback form provided.

What topics would you like to see discussed at future Lunch and Learns?

i.e. Faculty Appointments



Thanks for coming

Thanks For Coming

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