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如何写好句子 提高作文档次 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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如何写好句子 提高作文档次. 阅卷者喜欢什么样的文章?. 1 、书写工整,卷面整洁 2 、紧扣主题,逻辑清晰 3 、语言简约,语法正确 4 、要点齐全,细节完整 5 、详略得当, 适当 发挥. 优秀作文的六个特性. 1 、条理性; 2 、准确性; 3 、流畅性; 4 、简洁多样性; 5 、思想性; 6 、美观性;. 提高作文档次五招. 1. 表达精练简洁。 2. 避免低级错误。 3. 保证赏心悦目。 4. 句子错落有致。 5. 句式多种多样。. Special Attention. 如书写较差,以致影响交际,将分数降低一个档次。.

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如何写好句子 提高作文档次

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Special Attention





I have no idea how I can get to the railway station.






So frightened was he that he did not dare to move an inch.


With the sun setting in the west, we had to wave goodbye to the workers.


Walking towards the cinema, he met a foreigner.


Time flies!


We all learn English.



We all eat and drink.


The children are playing.


Everybody laughed.


I succeeded.

+ +


This is an English dictionary.


The dinner smells good.

+ +

+ +

be ,

be, look, feel, smell, taste, sound

get, grow, become, turn, go

:stay, prove, remain, fall


He is tall and strong.


We feel very tired.


The weather is becoming warmer.


Her face turned red.


Who knows the answer?


We love our school.


+ +


We need more sleep.


He made some mistakes.


The teacher praised me.


We can speak English.


The teacher passed me a new book.


Her mother cooked her a delicious dinner.


give, ask, bring, offer, send, pay, lend, show, tell, buy, get, warm


The teacher showed us a map.


I gave him a hand.


I bought my mother a present.


My friend brought me some good news.


We keep our school clean.


We painted the door green.

+ + +


We found the test very easy.


My father asked me to come back soon.


What makes her so sad?


I found the classroom empty.


I met Jane. I met her husband.

I met Janeand her husband.

I metbothJaneandher husband.

It was cold. It was wet.

It wascold and wet.

I didnt meet Jane. I didnt meet her husband.

I didnt meet eitherJane orher husband.

I metneitherJanenorher husband.

We sang all night. We danced all night.

Wesang and dancedall night.

We fished all day; we didnt catch a thing.

We fished all day; however, we didnt catch a thing.


We fished all day, but (we) didnt catch a thing.

  • :

  • :

  • :

and, bothand, not onlybut also, neithernor, and then

but, however, while, yet

for, so

or, eitheror, neither nor

Jimmy fell offhis bike but (he)wasnt hurt.

Frank worked hard and (he ) became an architect.

I ve gota cold, so I m going to bed.

They madehimchairman, but (they) didnt increasehis salary.


1. He was tired. He went to bed.

He was tired, so he went to bed.

2. The child hid behind his mother's skirt. He was afraid of the dog.

The child hid behind his mother's skirt, for he was afraid of the dog.

3. He made a promise. He didnt keep it.

He made a promise, but He didnt keep it.




= +

1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.

= + +

whenhe was

leaving for Paris.

thatthe match had

been cancelled.

He told me

the news.

that I could have the

money without delay.

that his father

was working in

that school.

how much he was prepared

to pay for my car.

how muchhe was prepared to

pay for my car andthatI could

have the money without delay.

= + +

What he said

what he did


the people

in the room.


who were sitting in the room.

who were present.

whose sons were at war.

who had signed the contract.

Thathe didnt

know the answer

= + +



the fact.

whathe needs.

what he gave me.

whyhe was late.

becausehe was ill.

whathas happened.

= + +

I lived there.

He lived there

three years ago.

where I lived

He worked

in that factory

three years ago.

in that factory

where his

father worked

when he

lived there

His father worked there.

= + +

where it was.

Put the book

on the desk.

whereyou found it.

where you took it.

wherever you like.

You cant camp


where there are

a lot of trees.


  • I believe that everything is going on well.

  • She was reading a novel when I came in.

  • She is the girl who sings best in my class.


He has found out. She was late. (why)

He has found out why she was late.

I still remember the day. I first went to York on that day. (when)

I still remember the day when I first

went to York.

He didnt come yesterday. He was ill. ()

He didnt come yesterday because he was ill.

Ill give the letter to him. I see him.

It is such a big box. Nobody can move it.

Well go to the great wall. Its fine tomorrow. ()

We should not go there all the time. The place is quite pleasant.(

Ill give the letter to him when I see him.

Ill give the letter to him as soon as I see him.

Ill give the letter to him the moment I see him.

It is such a big box that nobody can move it.

Well go to the great wall if its fine tomorrow.

Although the place is quite pleasant, we should not go there all the time.


I went home and she stayed at the school.

She plays not only the piano, but (also) the guitar.

It is morning, for the birds are singing in the trees.

  • and furthermore besides in addition moreover also likewise not onlybut also

  • But yet however nevertheless still

  • in contrast while

  • for as since because

  • Or otherwise

  • So consequently therefore thus accordingly thenas a result

  • nor neither


  • 1. Mr. Smith is an English teacher ______ he teaches us English.

  • 2. When you are learning English, use it as often as possible, ______ you might drop it.

  • 3. Its a long story, ______ there are few new words in it, ______ it will be easy for children.





  • 4. I dont agree with you, ______does my partner.

  • 5. He broke the rules of the school; ______he had to leave.

  • 6. I dont know anything against the man; ______I trust him.

nor /neither



  • 7. Ill buy a new suit when I get the cheque for the work I did; ______, Im afraid this old one will have to do a bit longer.

  • 8. ______is your answer wrong _______mine is.

  • 9. You must work harder; _______you will be put into another class.

  • and 2or 3butso 4. nor/neither 5.therefore 6. however 7. nevertheless 8. not onlybut also 9.otherwise


Not only

but also





1. Because the weather was good, our journey was comfortable.

2.We all think he is a great man.

3.Suddenly I thought out a good idea.

4.The students there neednt pay for their books.

5. As a result the plan was a failure.

Thanks to the good weather,our journey was comfortable.

We all think highly of him .

A good idea occurred to me.

/ A good idea suddenly struck me.

Books are free for the students there.

The plan turned out to be a failure.

6. When she heard he had died, she went pale with sorrow.

7. She went to Austria in order to study music.

8. When he spoke, he felt more and more excited.

9.In our school, there are twenty-six classrooms.

10.You can find my house easily.

At the news of his death,she went pale with sorrow.

She went to Austriafor the purpose of studying music.

The more he spoke, the more excited he felt.

Our school is made up of twentysix classrooms.

Youll have no trouble finding my house.

1 When he arrives, please give me an e-mail.V-ing.

2. To his surprise, the little girl knows so many things.

3. Though Im weak, Ill make the effort. ()

4. He did not know what had happened until he had read the news in the newspaper.()

On his arriving, please give me an e-mail.

What surprises him is thatthe little girl knows so many things.

Weak as I am, Ill make the effort.

It was not until he had read the news in the newspaper that he knew what had happened.

  • Suddenly I had an idea that someone had broken into my house.

  • An idea occurred to me that someone had broken into my house.

  • It occurred to me that someone had broken into my house.

  • He spends all his spare time in reading.

  • He devotes all his spare time to reading.

  • Thank you very much for you help.

  • We appreciate your help very much.

  • Your help is much appreciated.

  • Plenty of memory work is undoubtedly helpful to English study.

  • Plenty of memory work will undoubtedly contribute to English study.

  • As soon as he arrived, he began his research.

  • On his arrival, he began his research.

  • The film we saw last night was very interesting.

  • The film we saw last night was nothing but interesting.






  • You willfind my house easily.





S+Will +V

1You willfind my house easily.

have no difficulty in doing sth

Youllhave no trouble/difficulty (in) finding

my house.

1.Be fond of 2.be into 3.be interested in 4.enjoy

She likes sports very much.







  • She is fond of sports.

  • She is into sports.

  • She is interested in sports.

  • She enjoys sports.

Try to do sth

Well try to learn English well.

do everything sb can to do sth

Try to do sth

1.I hope to receive your letter soon.

2.Because the weather was good,our

journey was comfortable.

Im looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Because of/Thanks to/Owing to the good

weather,our journey was comfortable.


1.He learns English well,he learns maths well ,too.

2.An earthquake happened in Wenchuan. It happenedon May 12th.

do well in

be good at

take place

come about

  • 1.Hewas very tired. He couldnt walk any farther.


He was too tired to walk any farther.


doing/done/adj/to do/adv

Because people communicate in English every day,it will become more and more important to have a good knowledge of English.

  • With so many people communicatingin English every day,it will become more and more important to have a good knowledge of English.

With++doing/done/adj/to do/adv

With a lot of homework to do,

1.Because he has a lot of homework to do, he doesnt watch TV.

2.Mr.li came into the classroom, he has a book in his hand.

3.The farmer sleeps, and his window is open.

with a book in his hand

with his window open.

2.If you study hard, you will make great progress.

Study hard and youll make rapid progress.


I was late for school because I got up late.

The reason whyis that

The reason why I was late for school was that I got up late.

I am seventeen years old this year,that is to say,Ill be eighteen years old in 2011.

Ill be eighteen years old in 2011.

The school is surrounded by many green trees.It looks very beautiful.

The school looks very beautifulwith many green trees surrounding it.

The school surrounded by many green trees looks very beautiful.

  • Cellphone is popular among teenagers. Cellphone makes it possible for teenagers to talk with their family. Cellphone makes teenagers feel cool.

cellphone is popular among teenagers. cellphones make it possible for teenagers to talk with their family.

cellphones make teenagers feel cool.

As we all know,

On one hand,

On the other hand,

Practice Improve the passage

Use better phrases to replace the common ones.

I think the Internet is helpful not harmful as someone else thinks. We all know that the Internet is very important in our daily life. On the Internet, we can read news and get much information. We can send E-mails or make phone calls to our family.We can attend the net school, read many books and even teach ourselves English.

In my opinion

rather than

is playing

As we all know

a more and more important role

not only

but also

Besides we

()_____ his help, I finished the work at last.


Because of

As a result of

Thanks to

Due to

Owing to

  • 50

Spend on/in

It costs/takes to

Pay for

Charge sb for

I was charged $50 for the dictionary.

do/try my best

do everything I can

do all that I can

do what/whatever I can

to help him.

I will

I ll help him as much as possible.


1. Its years since I worked in Beijing.

2. It wont be long before you get well.

3.It was not until you told me that I realized my mistake.

4.Not until you told medidI realize my mistake.

5.It is said that a fire broke out last night.

6.There always exist big gaps between dreams

and realities.

7.She wasso excited that she burst into tears.

8.Work hard, and you are sure to win.

  • He sat there, ____________

  • ____________eyes/closed

  • ____________

  • ____________ nothing/to do)

Rewrite following sentences

  • There is a girl. She is sitting between us.

  • 2. This is a book.

  • The book was bought yesterday.

There is a girlwho is sitting between us.

This is a book which was bought yesterday.

3. .

Walking in the street

While he was walking in the street, he met an old friend.


_________________, the city looks beautiful.

Seen from the sky

When it is seen from the sky, the city looks beautiful.


Because I didnt know his telephone number,

I couldnt get in touch with Tom.

Not knowing his telephone number, he cant get in touch with Tom.

  • Rewrite the following passage

  • They went for a walk on the street. They saw the old man. He was knocked down by a car. The car was passing by.

  • Walking on the street, they saw the old man knocked down by a car that was then passing by.

1and, bothand, as well as, as well, neithernor, or eitheror,not onlybut also

He loved swimming when he was a small boy and at eight he became a member of the diving team in Guangdong Province.

I dont know about others, but I used to have to work even at weekends doing endless homework and attending classes as well.

2.but, yet, while, however, on the contrary, on the other hand, in spite of, nevertheless, although, otherwise

On the other hand, 40% think that fee should be charged because you need money to pay gardeners and other workers.

While they were working, my sister walked to a river nearby.

3.for, so, therefore, as a result, because of, due to, owing to, thanks to,

He stopped us about half an hour ago and made us catch the next offender. So come on, stand here. He didnt work hard, as a result, he failed in the exam.

4.at first, first, second, then, next, later, meanwhile, in the end, finally, after that, since then, for the first time, at last, eventually, as soon as, the next momentshortly after, for one thing, for another thing

After that I went to No.6 Middle School of Dalian and graduated this summer. .

The next moment the car hit the man while he was crossing the road.

5.on the right, to the left, on one side of,, on the other side of. At the foot\top\end\ of, in the middle\center of,

On one side of the road there is a new classroom building. On the other side, where the playground used to be now, stands another new buildingour library.

In it there are all kinds of books, newspapers and magazines.

6.that is (to say), in other words, such as, for example\instance, namely, actually, to tell you the truth according to this ,and so on

I can follow my own interests such as reading books, visiting museums and taking computer lessons.

In other words , I love my hometown and the people there.

7.whats more\worse\better, besides, in addition, worse still, to make things worse, moreover, furthermore, above all, not only but also

Whats more , it will become necessary to build gates and walls

In the evenings I can watch news on TV or read newspapers. Whats more ,I can go to bed earlier.

In addition to meeting the need of markets at home, its products are shipped to many countries.

8.in short, in brief, in a word, in general, as you know, as far as I know ,on the whole, to sum up

In short, things have begun to improve since schools were called on to reduce the learning load.

In a word, great changes have taken place in our village.


  • in a word () altogether()

  • Smoking costs us much money and it can easily cause a big fire. In a word, smoking can do us much harm.

  • She is kind; she is diligent; she is clever. Altogether, she is a good girl.


  • to ones joy()

  • to ones surprise () to ones disappointment ()

  • to ones pride ()

  • to ones satisfaction ()

  • to ones horror ()


  • generally speaking()

  • in general()

  • all in all()

  • Generally speaking, it is not so cold in February.

  • All in all, drinking isnt so good to us.

  • To my joy, my son passed the exam with a very high mark.

  • To my surprise, he dared to get angry with his teacher.

  • To my disappointment, the famous actress didnt attend the party.

  • To our pride, our country has set up another man-made satellite.

  • To my satisfaction, he answered the question correctly.

  • To my horror, the baby fell out of the cradle.


  • however () nevertheless ()

  • This problem is very difficult; however it is very important.

  • There was no news; nevertheless, she went on hoping.


  • first (), second () then ()at last () in the end ()

  • You have many things to do. First, you should clean the room.

  • He stayed in Beijing for some time; then, he went to Shanghai.

  • At firstI thought it difficult to learn English, but in the end I changed my mnd.


  • 1.Generally speaking, men are much stronger than women.

  • ______ ________ , girl are much more gentle than boys.

Generally speaking

  • 2. All in all, your article is well-written.

  • ______ ____ _____, this story is very interesting.

All in all

  • 3. This film is wonderful. This film is instructive. In a word, it is a good film.

  • Your suggestion is thoughtful. Your suggestion if practical.

  • ____ ______ _____, it is a good suggestion.

In a word

  • 4.To my joy, she was admitted into a famous university.

  • ____ ____ _____, he managed to win the prize.

To my joy

  • 5. To my surprise, she refused his invitation to dance with him.

  • _____ ____ ______ he didnt carry out his promise to come to see me.

To my surprise

  • 6. The reality is cruel. However, you should face it.

  • This match was very important. _______, he lost it.


  • 7.You must get ready for this exam. First, you must go over all your notes.

  • You must listen to your parents. _______, you should have breakfast on time.


  • 8.At first, he tried to lift the stone. But at last he gave up.

  • At first, he didnt understand me. But ____ ____ he supported me strongly.

at last

  • 9.To my disappointment, he failed to pass the exam.

  • ___ ____ _________ , she didn't do anything for me.

To my disappointment

  • 10.In general, it is warm in April.

  • ____ ______, girls are more careful than boys.

In general


  • 1.

  • You gave me much help and encouragement. ___ ___ ____, I couldnt have succeeded without you.

In a word

  • 2.

  • ____ ____ _____, your answer is not so satifying.

  • 3.

  • _____ _______, physics is much more difficult than mathematics.

All in all

Generally speaking

To my satisfaction

  • 4.

  • ___ ____ _____, he got full marks in the mathematics exam.

  • 5.

  • ____ ____ ______, I saw him fall down from the tree.

  • 6.

  • This bike is really very beautiful. ______, I have no money to buy it.

To my horror


  • 7.

  • First, he went to France; _______ he went to America.

  • 8.

  • ____ _____ _____ . I finally persuaded her to change her mind.


To my joy

  • 9.

  • At firsthe was against my plan, but

  • ___ ______ _____ he was for it.

  • 10.

  • You should buy some living necessities. You should learn something about this country. ___ ___ _____, you must get everything ready for this journey.

In the end

In a word


first, whats worse,

in my opinion, besides,now


  • ___1___ many middle school students are fat and there are reasons for it. Some eat too much met and too many snacks. Some sit too long but seldom exercise.

  • Getting fat has quite a few disavantages. ____2_____, being fat makes it difficult for one to walk or move as others.


Whats more

  • ___3____, to be fat usually means to be weak, and it is easy for a fat person to suffer from many kinds of diseases. At the same time. A fat person gets tired easily, which decreases his study efficency.

  • ____4_____, to be fat is not a good thing for us middle students. We should try to eat less meat but more vegetables. _________ we should try our best to take part in all kinds of sports. If so, we are sure to lose weight and stay healthy.

In my opinion



  • 5






  • A. Some students are against the idea of keeping pets.

  • B. Some students think its a good idea to keep pets.

  • C.I think we can keep pets at home but we must prevent them from polluting our emvironment.

  • D. Recently we have had a heated discussion on whether people should keep pets or not at home in cities.

  • E. In general, opinions differ from people to people.

  • 5. An AnnouncementBoys and girls,May I have (take) your attention, please.Therewill be a lecture at half past three on Friday afternoon. Its about Information and English Study.And it will be given by Mr LiPingwhois a famous teacher from the English Department.Theres sure to be something instructive and interesting.We can get more information from it, I think.And it will improve our English studies to a new stage.Anyonewhowants to attend it can come to Room 206.Take notes and have a discussion after it.Please come here on time. Thats all.

  • 6. May I have your attention, please?Asyou know, our class will have a talk show on environment protection with Class One on May 4th.Before it takes place, we will invite Dr. Li from Qinghua University to give us a talk on the environment problem and he will also tell us about the improvement in environment protection in recent years in Beijing.

  • The report will begin at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, April 30th in the auditorium on the third floor in the classroom building. Im sure we can get enough information from his talk to make good preparations for the coming talk show. Everyone should be there on time, then listen to the report and make full notes at the same time.By the way, we will have a discussion after the report.Thats all. Thank you.





12 15


Rome isnt built in a day.

The more you readaccumulate and practisethe better your writing will be

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