Sales presentation frs customer service management
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Sales Presentation FRS Customer Service Management. Mike Heberling 11/17/2014. Overview. Introductions FrontRange Solutions Business Requirements Review FRS Customer Service Management Product Demonstration Q&A. FRS Corporate Template. 2. FrontRange At A Glance.

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Presentation Transcript
Sales presentation frs customer service management

Sales PresentationFRS Customer Service Management

Mike Heberling11/17/2014


  • Introductions

  • FrontRange Solutions

  • Business Requirements Review

  • FRS Customer Service Management

  • Product Demonstration

  • Q&A

FRS Corporate Template


Frontrange at a glance
FrontRange At A Glance

  • 20+ years as a market leader

  • Over 140,000 companies and 3 million users trust our products every day

  • Market leading financial performance

  • Partners and offices in over 40 countries

  • Unique global presence

  • Market leading R&D investment and product roadmap

  • 650 passionate employees

  • A culture focused on customer success

Frontrange solutions the right technology and products
FrontRange Solutions The Right Technology and Products

  • Advanced modern architecture

  • Modular solutions with embedded industry best practices

  • Flexible and highly configurable to meet your specific requirements

FrontRange delivers an Enterprise Workflow Platform to integrate IT and The Business and enable delivery of critical business solutions

Enterprise-class Functionality

Rapid Implementations & Time to Benefit

Quick Return on Investment

High Ease of Use for Fast User Adoption

Managing business cycles
Managing Business Cycles

Where are your customers in their business cycle?:

  • Less focus on being a partner in your success

  • Consider passing pain to their clients and partners

  • More focus on the short term at the exclusion of more long term success

  • Expect service levels to remain high at reduced compensation levels

  • Cross sell and up sell negotiated with more obligations for support and service

Can an adaptable Customer Service Strategy arrest this negative behavior?

Strategy adjustments
Strategy Adjustments

  • Poor Communication Channels

  • Poor Client visibility

  • Low Customer Service Representative Efficiency

  • Poor Reporting & Analysis

  • Cost Center vs. Profit Center

  • Difficult to adopt new workflows or change to market needs

The correct strategy the right tool
The Correct Strategy the Right Tool

  • Based on your strategy you should have the tools to:

  • Manage your Present

    • Provide the proper workflow and reporting to enhance sales, profits, and improved customer service today

  • Selectively Forget the Past

    • Measure what is happening in your present and report on what has happened in your past

  • Create your Future with Adjacent and Breakout Innovations

    • Change your processes and configure your workflow to meet your future needs

1Preparing for the Recovery, Dr. Vijay Govindarajan, Wall Street Journal June 22, 2009

Best practice solutions
Best Practice Solutions

  • Efficiencies;example WorkingRx Salt Lake City, UT

    • cost per call, cost per minute, revenue per call, revenue per minute, occupancy, adherence, staffing factors, call volumes, average talk time, average handle time…

  • Responsiveness; example Clear Channel San Diego, CA

    • can customers reach you how and when they want to? how fast do you respond to calls, e-mails, web contacts? how fast can callers in your IVR reach a live agent?

  • Quality; example Northrop Grumman Dallas, TX

    • first call resolution, error rates, customer retention, customer satisfaction, workflow management within case activities, regulatory adherence

  • Employee Satisfaction;example UAMS Little Rock, AR

    • employee turnover, employee vacancy rates, surveys, supervisor leadership and effectiveness

  • Visibility; External IT

    • Cases by account, interaction cost per account, calls by product line, lifetime client value

FRSCSM provides Strategy Optimization in…

Customer service workflow
Customer Service Workflow

Client Relationships


Channels / Case


Customer Service


Case Resolution

and Analysis

Workflow Activities

Knowledge Base


Sales & Marketing

Queues, Routing

& Assignment

Frs customer service management
FRS Customer Service Management

  • Relationship Management

    • Account

    • Contact

    • Calendar Activities & Email Management

  • Case Management

    • Case Status & Activities

    • Knowledge Management

    • Product Catalog (App)

  • Reporting & Analysis

    • Case Dashboards

    • Case Searches

  • Communication Channels

    • Voice enabled Customer Service

    • Web to Case

    • Email to Case

  • Business Process

    • Case Management Workflow

    • Case Quick Actions

    • Case Activities

    • Case Integrations

Case initiation multi channel queuing

E-mail Phone Web


Verify Contract





Verifies Contract


Creates Case


Connects Agent

Case Initiation - Multi-Channel Queuing

FRCSM – Account, Contact, Voice

Case creation workflow


Verify Contract





Verifies Contract

Makes Call

Creates Case


Connects Agent

Case Creation – Workflow

FRSCM - Case

Case research knowledge


Verify Contract





Researches Knowledgebase


Case Research - Knowledge

FRSCM - Knowledge

Case resolution business process engine


Verify Contract





Resolves Case

Makes Call


Case Resolution – Business Process Engine

FRSCM – Quick Actions, BPE

Case completion reporting dashboards


Verify Contract





Closes Case


Case Completion – Reporting & DashBoards

FRSCM - Case

Association of Village Council Presidents

Jeff Moloughney

North America


Customer Problem / Solution

The Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP) is a tribal, non-profit organization based in Bethel, Alaska. Provides human development, social services, and other culturally relevant programs for the people throughout the Yukon – Kuskokwim Delta.

Provides Social Services to tribes across Alaska. Needs a way to capture household details and provide a vast array of social services such as temporary aid to needy families, education services and general assistance programs. Had an existing system ‘Eagle Sun’ that was inflexible and would not allow them to easily change according to Federal / State changes in regulation. Current vendor was not responsive to AVCP’s need to change.

Competitive Environment

Key Themes

Incumbent: Eagle Sun

Existing FRS: HEAT

External CS: SFDC

Relationship Model


Adapt and Change

Flexible Solution

Why We Won

Solution: Flexible Relationship Model to match Household relationship needs, as well as, case management capabilities. Needed a system that would adapt and change as regulations changed. Our solution provided them the ability to capture 8 divisional processes and procedures within one framework.

Resources: GSO expertise and effort to manage first phase of implementation, and subsequent phases for remaining divisions.

FrontRange Product Families

FrontRange Customer Service Management


  • Configuration to drive user efficiency in the call/contact center

    • Searches

    • Screen Design

    • Application Layout and security

  • Integration to expose and access proper data for the CSR

    • Outlook integration

    • Expose correct, timely data to users

    • Report, analyze the entire customer record

  • Business Process to reduce errors and automate functions across the Customer Service teams

    • Complete CRM lifecycle management / proper data flow

    • Multiple levels of process management

  • Customer Interactions Channels to build customer loyalty and improved Customer Service teams interactions

    • Email, Web & Self Service, Phone

    • Work with clients how, when and where they wish

    • Voice Suite Capabilities

Improving customer service
Improving Customer Service

  • Single source of your specific customer data

  • Manage clients better for increase in revenue

  • Servicing clients through various communication channels, such as, voice, web and email

  • Integrating CRM business workflows with voice communication systems for better client interactions

  • Creating, tracking, escalating and resolving customer service request for healthier customer service workflow

  • Managing CRM activities across divisions for knowledge sharing

  • Cross-sell / Up-sell products and services to gain additional wallet share

  • Keeping cost and risk low through real-time CRM dashboards and analysis

Frontrange is unique
FrontRange Is Unique

  • Why

    • Industry leading products provide proven value

    • Global services team ready to deliverto customer needs

    • Support organization that is global & capable

  • Solutions for You

    • Rapidly configured to meet your needs

    • Delivered by industry experts

    • Aggressive roadmap protects customer investments

    • Over 20 years of experience ensure your success

  • We Appreciate Your Business!

Sales presentation frs customer service management1

Sales PresentationFRS Customer Service Management

Mike Heberling11/17/2014